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Demand to close escrow, can I loose my deposit because of this? 13k?
A little bit about my situation I was working with a loan officer and due to unforseen circumstances looked like we weren't going to close escrow on time. I therefore was referred to some one who…
Earnst money return policy?
Part of my contract was if the loan is denied my money would be returned. Is there a time period that it has to be returned by or am I just getting the run around. This is in central Illinois
Hoping to find a private investor to assist with home purchase, or one to buy the house, and lease it back to me.
First-time home buyer-I've found a house asking price $379K, though priced more than value/on sale for over 1yr)that I would like to purchase, but my credit rating isn't where it needs to be, at the present…
Has anybody else had a Poor Experience with the Keller Williams Mission Viejo Office?
We just purchased our tenth property in the past few years. This was our first experience with KW. We have never had such poor communication or lack of response from any real estate office. We closed…
does anyone have a list of nsp bank lenders in st.luice FL.
which lenders have the nsp program in st.luice fl.
House prices in East Stroudsburg, especially Blue Mountain Lake Reserve are going up quickly, but how about mortgage rates in that area? Low?
Interest rates depend on area too? Because area is considered VIP section of E. Stroudsburg.
Purchasing a car right before purchasing a home?
I have a quick question regarding obtaining an auto loan before a home purchase. We are hoping to purchase a home later this summer. We have been preapproved for higher than the price range we are looking…
Financing for foreign nationals
I am non resident foreign national who is looking to purchase a second residence in Florida. Any idea who provides finance for someone like me?
I think I read your dimag
https://support.nsidc.org/entries/41613134 https://www.zotero.org/groups/hbo.wiki.game.of.thrones.season.4.episode.8.megashare.watch.online https://support.blurb.com/entries/42048910 https://suppor…
Do realtors have to disclose a pipeline/easement/right of way? We found out on our own, earnest money already down. Cancelled contract, out money.
This seems very dishonest, as seller's agent billed property as "great development potential" however, we would have been restricted on well placement, home placement, tree placement, etc.
Home buying in New York
He see what they have so already holds its more extensive but again it's a way to be able to plan what you're going to have for that just curious have anyone in the cold have you going to Optimal…
Is there anyone willing to connect with me regarding Landon Homes in Richwoods in Frisco? Having a very difficult time with them.
We started building a few months ago. Service is absolutely horrible and making no progress. Makes me doubt the quality of their work as well.
We are looking into buying a new home that has a water sewage plant 1.3 miles away. Are we too close? Will the smell travel to us?
Can these smells be dangerous for us and our children? Where can I get more information? The sellers lived there for 23 yrs so I don't think its an issue
Any experience with First Horizon and short sale offers?
We offered full asking price on a short sale and the recorder of deeds in our county shows First Horizon as the lender. I have read a lot of negative about them overall, but particularly how long it takes…
Is Sachse a safe community? What cty is Sachse in, Collin?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1055834606-4702-Hunters-Ridge-Dr-Sachse-TX-75048
I'm looking to rent a house In Romeoville i n perhap a two to three month period.Hopefully two months.3 bedroom unless it has a finished basement
It must have air condition,two car garage and a deck.Can you keep me posted? My Son lives in Romeoville Thanks It must be a rental or could be ob to buy.
Does LLC originally registered in Atlanta GA need another registration in NY State in order to buy Investment Properties in NY???
Does Limited Liability Company ( LLC) which was originally registered in Atlanta GA need another registration in NY State in order to buy Investment Properties in NY???
Where can I find some creative financing options? I have decent credit rating, but banks won't touch me due to judgements against me. Options?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3095956393-4120-Mountain-Terrace-St-Memphis-TN-38127?ecampaign=con_day_propertycomp_bk
Usda loan times in South Carolina
We are supposed to.close June 20th our lender has told us recently she has had some files close in 3 days and some take 7 or more days! Has anyone closed on a USDA loan in South Carolina in the past few…
Whats the best restaurant in the Lower East Side?
I like Cafe Katja at 77 Orchard Street but I was wondering what other people like.
Is East Howard Ln area (Harris Ridge Blvd) considered a good investment area?
I'm wanting a second and third opinion. I'm interested in buying a condo in this area and could put down 20%. Anyone have any thoughts on this being a good investment for at least the next five years?…
Need Help/Advice about first time buyer in Denver - Downtown Area
Don't want to rent anymore. Want to be nearish or close to Downtown or near I-25 for easy commuting etc. Impossible feat in today's market to find a single fam house or condo in a price range of about…
Agent scoring websites?
I noticed that NeighborCity just launched a new agent search that scores agent by historical performance, etc. It's pretty cool, but are there any other sites doing this?
Buying a house in LA county (foreign national)
Hello, I've been to LA several times and now I want to buy a decent house in a lovely, family-oriented neighborhood: Rancho Park/Cheviot Hills (but depends on market, south of Encino and southwest…
I need someone to back me for a personal care home. The home at 1549 Roscoe Davis Road is perfect for what I need.
I want to open a personal care home. My only problem is that I don't have a down payment and my credit is not the greatest. I would like to know if you have any suggestions to help me get into the…
Does anyone believe that home prices will decline in the future?
I've been looking at home sales and in many area's they are slowing down greatly. I found an article by someone who seems knowledgeable and it makes sense. Just wondering what agents thoughts are on this…
Down Payment Assistance?
My husband and I want to purchase a home in Eagle as first time home buyers. We both have good credit, but we would need down payment assistance. We need help in understanding how it works..
Boyfriend and I are wanting to buy a 79.9k house just down the road from where we rent but don't know where to start. How can we build credit?
quickly To get pre approved/pre qualified for a mortgage? House has been on market for close to a year already and we are in LOVE with it and dont want to lose it to foreclosure (which will be within a…
Who can co sign on a loan?
Can you get a cosigner and still keep it a va loan?
Looking for a lender experienced with Community HomeChoice or MyCommunity mortgages for disabled homeowners.
Going through a divorce and need help keeping my home. I will be on a limited income with disability, child support & alimony. The house is essential to my continued good health & that of my children,…
If you haven't signed a contract with a realtor, but they showed you a house, can you get a different realtor and buy that house?
My husband and I are just beginning the process of buying our first home. We made an appointment to meet with a realtor to see if it was a good fit. She had unbeknownst to us scheduled 5 showings for us.…
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