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Considering purchasing a second home in the Riverbend Community of Lake Lure -
I've heard the 'rules' are not enforced but wondered if home values have decreased due to the lack of enforcement of HOA restrictions?
My realtor promised to help, but then went back on her word. What should I do?
I was going through the process of purchasing a home, but when I found out I needed to put 20% down (instead of the 10% which I thought initially), I asked my realtor for help with the closing costs.…
Riddle of the week: What is depreciation?
Riddle of the week: What is depreciation? 1.A sum of money given in advance of a larger amount being expected in the future. Often called in real estate as an "earnest money deposit." 2. an accounting…
Delete account, never authorized to create
Victim of violent crime. Must expunge full account details
Paying Closing costs
Why should I pay closing costs on top of purchase price?
Mortgage lender/broker specializing in non permanent resident loans?
Hi Looking for a lender/broker specializing in non permanent resident loans? On VISA, have excellent US credit history Any suggestions?
Hi i am in need of a two bedroom apartment for my son and I in or near saugerties area not more than ten miles we have cats and no one rents to
anyone with pets my pets are fixed and declawed I need someplace fast and not too expensive 700-850 a month I've been searching and need help my son and I need an apartment ASAP any suggestions would…
Hud Home Question
We just purchase a HUD home and there was a lot of shady stuff that took place, but is there anything I can do if there was damage done to the house from a Hail storm that was not disclosed to us while…
Made offer on bank owned property, was told it was declined & bank countered. I thought counter was too much so I didn't move forward. Is?
there documentation I should be provided to 1) Prove my offer was submitted by the REA & 2)Document showing banks counter offering? I recieved neither.
Prairie Star coming soon to North Berthoud! I have heard that Henry Walker homes and also Steve Feller will be building in that area - any others?
It has been incredible to see the new home closings consistently showing up in Berthoud. With Matthews Farm all but built out - Gateway close to being sold out and Collins Parkway putting up new homes…
Can I ask for a specific rent range?
I am on Section 8 rental assistance here in Springfield and qualify only for a 1 bedroom unit. The rent allowed for a one bedroom unit is $475 or LESS. I only wish to see properties in that rent range.
Any buyer brokers offer rebate in york area.?
Any buyer brokers offer rebate in york area? Im an investment buyer using 3.5 fha loan on a multi family home as primary residence. Using rebate twords closing and if leftover twords larger down payment.
Can I get a mortgage without ssn or itin in california?
I want to buy a condo in San Diego . I have a bank account (bofa) and credit card but I don't have a ssn or itin . Also I have a good income in my country. Can I get a mortgage? Could you please give…
I'm a single mother I have 1 child I would like to move some where nice quite
I'm a single mother I have 1 child I would like to move some where nice quit well not too many college kids my kid is in school so rest is a must low crime allows pets near the hospital and rent is adorable…
Family-friendly Community with great schools between Raleigh & Chapel Hill.
Hi. I will be applying to a graduate program at UNC-Chapel Hill this Fall and (if accepted) would be moving to the area next spring/summer. My husband and I have a 6 year old son. His work would most…
My husband and I are trying to relocate to Tennessee, but the problem is that we are a multi pet family and do not live in Tennessee. We are not able
to rent due to our pets and we could not bare to rehome them. We were thinking about trying to find a private lender. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Why can't I access the saved homes on my account?
I know that I have a lot of homes saved due to 3 budget changes. We plan on moving to Portland,OR in 2015 and it's important that I be able to use the " Saved Homes" function .
Can you use a "qualified" VA loan to take over payments?
Can you use a "qualified" VA loan to take over payments? I am looking in Santa Clara & Santa Cruz county, California. Is there a particular site for these? frankg40@comcast.net
Is it mandatory for Condo associations to have 10% in their reserve funds for future repairs in order for a banks to approve a buyers loan?
The reason I ask is because I just ran into this problem and have been told by the bank that they cannot move forward with my loan because after reviewing the associations questionnaire it was discovered…
People from different states have been calling me alllll day about a house I have for rent. I don't know what this is but my name and number
needs to Be removed from this website or I will go to headquarters with this. This is illegal
People from different states have been calling me alllll day for a house I supposedly have for rent. I don't know how this website got my name
and number but I need my number removed or else I will goto headquarters with this. I was told by a trulia agent that this is illegal.
Can my dad buy a home for me?
Unlike most people who lack sufficient funds, I actually have saved up about 15,000. The thing is I get paid in cash at my job and can't prove I am employed to get a mortgage loan. Now if I ask…
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