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20 Rollingwood Dr. is the address of Mobile Home Park in Jackson CA 95642. I would like to know what the space rent or HOA fees in this park is.
One such listing is MLS ID 201112142 and since none of the realtors seem to be able or willing to answer interested buyers questions regarding mobile home space rental fees if you don't own the land.…
Mistake by Realtor
W found out today our Realtor did not read our signed contract properly. Our original offer had closing set for 2 weeks that would have put closing last week. As time was passing and no news on closing…
We are looking at Carolian Condotel but our concern is carrying costs - high HOA and Taxes.Hard time with paying cash and still having a high payment.
for a place we may only use April / September / October. Can the rental split for the rest of the time help to break even. What other hidden costs are we not seeing? Gary and Sherrie - Greensboro NC.
I see lots of properties for sale at ridiculously low prices in the areas I'm interested in.$1000 to $10000. Most are listed on Realty trac.
Are these real properties ? 2000, 3000,4000 sq ft homes. Do they exist ? Whats the catch. Are these properties with local agents also ?
Would you buy a condo in harbor lights condos, Kahului?
Would you buy a condo in harbor lights condos, Kahului?
How long you have to transfer the profit of selling the current house to a new house without paying capital gain taxes?
Hi all, I have a question about capital gain taxes on selling house. I bought my house back in Dec 2012. If I sell the house now, how long do I have to buy another house and roll over the gain on my…
how do i begin purchasing a home?
im 63, never had a home, and really need some peace and quiet. i haven't a clue how to begin the process. my credit rating is excellent and i am financially secure. the only thing holding me back…
New Construction: How to choose a good construction company and spot bad ones?
I've been searching for houses for a while, but none of them have what I want. I have a set amount that I cannot pass (140K) and I found two construction companies that offer construction of homes…
Should I buy a small house (and probably a fixer upper with 20% down) vs a move in ready that requires PMI?
It looks good on my budget under optimal circumstances that I pay a 20% down because my monthly payments would be much cheaper, but I wouldn't have any emergency fund left. On the other hand, my…
Is there really a difference in buying in Bloomington vs. in Ellettsville besides the commute time?
I've been looking for homes in Bloomington and Ellettsville. I somehow though that due to the commute time the houses would be cheaper in Ellettsville but the listings have proven me wrong. I though…
I recieved an offer on my home, i counter offered, then the inspector comes. Makes suggestions, which i think are law. My agent brings in his guy to
do the work. Without prior approval from me. 8000.00 later in repairs & 5800. In closing costs, days to close. Can i pull out???
Illegal garage conversions in Pasadena
I am interested in buying a house with an illegal garage conversion, which includes a bathroom. The house is not for sale but I've talked to the owner and she is open to selling to me, but does not have…
Extremely interested in purchasing a home in the historic Forest Hill District. Need lease purchase / 12 month prior to buying. Ideas?
*Need to see current home in East TN *Prefer home in $125,000-$150,000 range *Credit needs improving 25 points for loan *Previous military *Income $70,000 / yr
How do you go about finding a home with a "Lease with Option" to purchase?
I'm going through a divorce and currently have "marital bills" on my credit report making it less than desirable at this time. I need some time to get the process over and pay on the things…
I'm thinking of buying a second home ( condo) in Washington, D.C. Are the property taxes deductible?
Just getting into the condo market. Can you recommend a good resource guide to condo buying?
Am I correct to assume agents, brokers, etc. must pay to be listed on Trulia?
I seek a particular broker in a particular town. He's not listed on Trulia. I'd also like to write a review about him but can't because he's not on Trulia. Thanks.
I would really love to buy a house for my family (I have two children) but I have bad credit because of my ex husband and I'm also a first time
home buyer. What is the best route to take? Do I even have a chance at getting a decent loan for a good house?
My credit score is 608 and I've been on my job for 7 years. How hard would it be to get a home loan for $324k?
This would be our first home and are not putting money down and we want to get pre-approved.
Who should pay to fix a problem (mold) noted during appraisal and required to fix before closing? Buyer or seller?
During negotiation the price was reduced by $10,000 because of the mold problem, although the estimate was ~$20,000 prepared by professional mold removal company. We agreed to reduce the price of the fix…
How do I negoiate with a custom home builder?
We are planning to build a house on property that we already own. We have provided three prospective builders with our plans and received the initial quotes. We have reviewed the quotes and made some…
Short Sales, should I or not.
What is a short sale? and what are the pro's and con's in buying a house with a short sale?
Why don't I get emails with homes tailored to my needs? Don't need to see those way over price I can pay!?
Also, the way you do lot sizes, square footage? Really? I need to see 'yyy by zzz', not 4006 sq. ft. Doesn't 'tell' me anything!
Spanish/Mediterranean Home in low crime, residential area in Orlando or Suburbs
We are looking for a spanish/mediterranean home (not medieval or over the top gold leaf inside) but red roof, arches and a classic chic inside. We are looking to start a family and will like to find a…
We are considering buying in Brunswick Forest but concerned about the high home prices and hoa fees, also long term it could be quite crowded there
In the future. Any suggestions of other similar home developments to consider in the wilmington area?
I am looking for a house in deltona florida
Im trying to find a 3 bed 2 bath home with a fenced backyard. Im trying to find a good price for a house like that
Short Sale Seller backing out won't move asking for money
I have been negotiating a short sale for almost 11 months. I recently was approved by the bank to close by Dec 8th, which is only 2 weeks away. The seller is now tryign to request a 30 day extention and…
Had a real estate agent lie to and manipulate a friend who has money. She used her body to get travel and vehicles paid for by him.
He started as her client. She used him to boost her career and save her money. She even aborted his child when she couldn't get more money out of him. Is there any way to have her license suspended? This…
What is the average cost per sf to build a home in Tampa?
We are looking to build 2500-3000sf home on our lot. Wondering what questions to ask potential builders and what to expect. Any red flags that we need to be aware of when choosing a builder? Thank…
Owners title insurance worth it?
Is owners title insurance really worth it? Very low probability will need, but potentially high severity if 'something happens'? Cost seems high in Massachusetts.
This has to do with purchasing an out of state home. This location is 9 hours drive time from my location.
I have an agent. She sends listings regularly and I review these. As soon as I find one I am interested in viewing, there is already a contract pending. This is the problem. What to do?
Where would I be able to find a little house in the country. My family is in Kansas City and I like to be close to them.
I can not afford more than $40.000.00. I am a single woman and am 59 years old. Thanks for your help.
New home being built and a question about commission.
We were prequalified for a new home to be built which will take 6 months. The loan is awaiting processing. They say we qualify for a usda loan. I am paid straight commission but with a guaranteed minimum.…
Should seller reimburse our money?
We have a current contract on a short sell in Riverview. Seller and bank excepted our offer. Inspection and appraisal completed. It's in a flood zone. Flood cert and survey completed. Date set to close…
Seller Breach of Inspection Resolution.
After living in my recently purchased remodeled home a couple of months, too many problems were occurring. I had the original home inspector return to re-inspect items on the signed Inspection Resolution.…
I called people's gas to set up the gas in my name for my basement but I was told they had nothing coming up for a garden unit. So I asked my
landlord to show me a 3rd gas meter and he did! I just don't understand how people's gas did not know about it. What does this mean?
I am looking to buy in the rose hill neighbourhood these days, however with all the development going on
further east, i.e redmond ridge etc I am having second thoughts if in the long term this is a good investment. Will i get a good price for a place I buy in Rose hill which i plan to sell 5 to 6 years down…
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