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what is the property tax rate in Bakersfield, CA. Also, how much do you pay on average for property
insurance. I am looking to buy a $120,000 house. Please help me on the average monthly payment with taxes and insurance included. thanks
1337 St Petersburg Ave Mizpah, NJ 08342
I was wondering how much is wrong with this home? I'm approved for a VA loan of 117k and its been hard to find a house.
I have no cosigner
Can I buy a 490000 home I make 52000 a year if I put 20% down the home is a 2 family my score is 645 I had a bankruptcy 4 years ago
Septic vs. sewer: municipal water vs. well??? Help!!
Planning a move to either mahopac or yorktown within the year from the Bronx. I am finding that I can get alot more for my money in Mahopac but most houses are well/ sewer. In Yorktown, taxes seem a bit…
Looking for guidance on getting into a home around Lufkin, Tx area.
Credit scores range from 637-643 for me and around 680 for my wife. I am interested in FHA, USDA, and Texas first time home buyer programs. Contact me if you can help! :) :) :)
new home construction
Hi all. I also posted this in the rockland county section but I would like to post here. How do i even begin to go about looking into new home construction?
PMI Amount Question
I am in the early stages of purchasing a home in FL. Sales price is 264,500 and I am putting only 5% down at 4.75 APR. My bank has approved loan and sent me the prospective monthly payment sheet with insurance…
Recent college grad looking to buy first home
My husband and I are recent college grads and we both just accepted our first teaching jobs. We have been romanticizing with the idea of buying our first home for some time now but don't know if we…
I would like to invest a condo in Westchester area, and rent it out with a good return on investment ratio,
my budget will be around 200k to 400k. I assume anywhere has easy access to Metro North train with reasonable commute time to the city would be good place to look? any towns or complexes could be recommended?…
Will relocate to this area soon and look for buy a house in T/E school area. What is the property tax rate for this area?
Also anyone can tell me by zip code or city the Conestogate High school cover, so I can do a search to capture all foe sale list in trulia. Thanks.
Dearborn Heights, Detroit
We are an Investment company purchasing Investment properties for our foreign investors. We are looking for a french speaking property manager. Most of our properties are located in Dearborn Heights. It…
which middle school and high school do you have to go if you live riverview terrace Riverdale nj?
thanks -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3053441502-91-Riverview-Ter-Riverdale-NJ-07457
i would be interested in looking at this place.Is it a bank owned house.?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3117883324-621-E-Rasor-Rd-Belfair-WA-98528?ecampaign=con_day_propertycomp_bk&eurl=www.trulia.com/property/3117883324-6…
I am looking for to purchase a rental house in Charlotte, and am looking for advise on which neighborhoods to focus on.
I am looking for to purchase a rental house in Charlotte, and am looking for advise on which neighborhoods to focus on. Here are my criteria- White collar neighborhood Newer property - 2000 or later Within…
Are their any realtors who can help me find a house while currently still living in japan?
My husband and I currently live in Japan. We are both service members and just received orders to beaufort sc. We are very interested in buying a house in the area but are having a hard time getting in…
Does it depend on the morgage loaner for first time buyer?
For a first time home buyer does it depend on what loan company you apply to get bigger mortgage
Hi! We are a military family PCSing to the area in December 2014 - when is best time to start home search (for purchase).
Hi! We are a military family PCSing to the area in December 2014. We very much would like to buy a home in Gulf Breeze/Navarre (expect to be there for 3 years), and are just not sure how to time househunting/purchase…
The lady who lives at 9118 is Barbara Combs, a customer of mine whose condo we clean monthly. In an attempt to contact her this morning for an appoint
ment, her phone is off the hook and has been all day. The police have been there and can't get her to the door. This is very abnormal and her physical condition is not the best. She has no family here…
Buying a second before selling the first one
Is there any options..Ex. If someone has a first home that is worth say 100k (paid off) and they buy another home say for 300k before the first sells. The person would have a loan for 300k. Once the first…
What is included in "closing costs"? Please specify the details which make up this sum.
For Example: "Closing Costs" include: Termite Inspection? Lawyer fees? Clerk fees? Taxes? Recording fees? Home inspection? Any others?
5841 Bronco Ln, Riverside, CA 92509,
I am wondering if anyone can tell me how can I find out if this property can be leased to owned,
I'm going through a short sale. Relocating and looking for financing.
My husband died earlier this year and I have decided to relocate to Texas to be closer to my family. For the last 3 years, I've been trying to get a modification from Bank of America without any luck.…
I'm a buyer and I didn't apply to the condo assn in time (unintentionally). Now the seller wants to keep my deposit?
So I got my offer accepted on a condo in Boca, but the inspection didn't turn out to well. So, while in my inspection period, I decided to cancel which I was perfectly within my right to do AND get my…
Can I get financing for a condo with 10% down?
My offer for a $90K condo in Tamarac (the newer condo development on Nob Hill Rd) was accepted. I have very good credit, good and steady income, and my lender (Fifth Third Bank) feels I will have no problem…
Why is a home that is showing as "For Sale" is showing up as "Not For Sale" on different real estate websites?
I found a great home for sale here in Studio City. I tried searching it up on different websites and google to find more photos and details, but on every website it says the home is listed as "Not For…
Are there condo's and houses for rent in this zip code?
3-4 bedrooms, 2 baths, attached garage
We're thinking of buying a single family home in San Remo at Palmira in Bonita Springs FL. Is this a reasonably stable community?
Does it look like values will go much lower? Any thoughts about this location on Bonita Beach Road?
How do you know what utility company you have in Winter Garden?
We are looking at buying a home in Fullers Cross and I want to know who supplies the water to that area
Do seller disclosures require notice to buyer the sale of a home in receivership is not final until the court confirms the sale at a hearing?
if yes, does that notice serve as a lis pendance and effect the buyers BFP status in relation to the sale?
we are purchasing a home in calif. and seller just disclosed that sprinklers don't work! we paid for an irrigation specialist to come out and do a
report. $3000.00 estimate . agent says that houses are sold as is... is this true or can we request sellers pay or we wont purchase home?
Apart from the shorter commute to Silicon valley, what are the other advantages of Warm Springs over Ardenwood?
Also, in the upcoming months what is the likelihood of finding a 4 BD, 3 Bath home for under 950000 in these areas?
Warm Springs purchase concern
Hi I am a first home buyer and am looking at warm springs as one of the affordable options with good schools. I have read online that some areas of warm springs/or almost all of it has a strong smell/odor…
Is it necessary for a buyer to actually have an agent to represent them or is it acceptable to let the sellers agent represent both parties?
For example if the buyer is not financing the home but paying in cash is he at risk by not having a separate agent.
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