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Why don't I get emails with homes tailored to my needs? Don't need to see those way over price I can pay!?
Also, the way you do lot sizes, square footage? Really? I need to see 'yyy by zzz', not 4006 sq. ft. Doesn't 'tell' me anything!
Spanish/Mediterranean Home in low crime, residential area in Orlando or Suburbs
We are looking for a spanish/mediterranean home (not medieval or over the top gold leaf inside) but red roof, arches and a classic chic inside. We are looking to start a family and will like to find a…
We are considering buying in Brunswick Forest but concerned about the high home prices and hoa fees, also long term it could be quite crowded there
In the future. Any suggestions of other similar home developments to consider in the wilmington area?
I am looking for a house in deltona florida
Im trying to find a 3 bed 2 bath home with a fenced backyard. Im trying to find a good price for a house like that
Short Sale Seller backing out won't move asking for money
I have been negotiating a short sale for almost 11 months. I recently was approved by the bank to close by Dec 8th, which is only 2 weeks away. The seller is now tryign to request a 30 day extention and…
Had a real estate agent lie to and manipulate a friend who has money. She used her body to get travel and vehicles paid for by him.
He started as her client. She used him to boost her career and save her money. She even aborted his child when she couldn't get more money out of him. Is there any way to have her license suspended? This…
What is the average cost per sf to build a home in Tampa?
We are looking to build 2500-3000sf home on our lot. Wondering what questions to ask potential builders and what to expect. Any red flags that we need to be aware of when choosing a builder? Thank…
Owners title insurance worth it?
Is owners title insurance really worth it? Very low probability will need, but potentially high severity if 'something happens'? Cost seems high in Massachusetts.
This has to do with purchasing an out of state home. This location is 9 hours drive time from my location.
I have an agent. She sends listings regularly and I review these. As soon as I find one I am interested in viewing, there is already a contract pending. This is the problem. What to do?
Where would I be able to find a little house in the country. My family is in Kansas City and I like to be close to them.
I can not afford more than $40.000.00. I am a single woman and am 59 years old. Thanks for your help.
New home being built and a question about commission.
We were prequalified for a new home to be built which will take 6 months. The loan is awaiting processing. They say we qualify for a usda loan. I am paid straight commission but with a guaranteed minimum.…
Should seller reimburse our money?
We have a current contract on a short sell in Riverview. Seller and bank excepted our offer. Inspection and appraisal completed. It's in a flood zone. Flood cert and survey completed. Date set to close…
Seller Breach of Inspection Resolution.
After living in my recently purchased remodeled home a couple of months, too many problems were occurring. I had the original home inspector return to re-inspect items on the signed Inspection Resolution.…
I called people's gas to set up the gas in my name for my basement but I was told they had nothing coming up for a garden unit. So I asked my
landlord to show me a 3rd gas meter and he did! I just don't understand how people's gas did not know about it. What does this mean?
I am looking to buy in the rose hill neighbourhood these days, however with all the development going on
further east, i.e redmond ridge etc I am having second thoughts if in the long term this is a good investment. Will i get a good price for a place I buy in Rose hill which i plan to sell 5 to 6 years down…
Good morning to all... I am the disabled mother of four children, 4 boys and 1 girl. I have consistently viewed Trulia to find rental properties
over the last couple of years, or so. I entered into the sweepstakes for the house in Las Vegas. This home would provide us a new start, in a new place, and take so much off of our plates to deal with.…
Are there any good RE deals within walking distance from Waikiki?
Looking to invest in a condo, town home, cottage or small home for vacation and rental. Would like to be within walking distance from good breaks.
I am moving to Oahu and want to find a home that is near a good elementary school based on schooldigger.com ratings (which are based on DOE test
scores). What is the best way to isolate the houses available to a particular school district?
Will we have a hard time acquiring approval for a home loan?
I'm a nanny, all on the books and taxes paid. I've been working this current job since June. My husband is a Physical Therapist Assistant and has been at his job since May but has been a PTA for 2yrs.…
What exactly the mixed property should be showed for listing agent, county, title company?
Property located at mixed use zoning. The A-ex owner got permit for commercial units but not completed project. The B ex owner got permit to improved for living and doing business. The Listing agent…
Does continue education is required if reffer only?
Does real estate agent need to do continue education classes, if they transfer their license to "refferal only" with mean they only reffer to other real estate agents?
what should be my offer if the asking price is $780000. in Laguna Hills area?
about 2600sf ,8500sf lot in visatamar ,Laguna Hills ,built 1n 1989 4br 3bath very well maintained.
We are starting our search- what neighborhoods/developments in addition to San Joaquin Hills should we look into? Our priorities are:
1. Great neighborhood for a young family with kids (3yr old and newborn)/school district (LNES) 2. Backyard 3. Home size over 2000 sq ft. - range of 600k- 950k
Is there a way I can find out whether a listing is still for sale without my realtor calling.?
I've sent my realtor about 10 listings I was interested in but they were all already sold. She doesn't have time to check everything but I do. My goal is to see every house available in my price range…
4703 Murray drive Jacksonville , Florida.
How big is the house? Garage? How much?
We are trying to buy 7 acres with two homes on the property (2100 sq ft, and <800 sq ft). The current owners rent the smaller home. We want to
turn it into a storage building. SECU will only approve 90%of the loan stating it's a duplex because even if we cut the power and water, the smaller home would still be considered a "second…
In search of a home in Port Saint Lucie ~175k to 225k with ~20k down.
Would like to be close to I-95 and we definitely like the tradition area specifically townpark (Minto properties).
Last minute disclosure of counter offer?
I am a buyer and I've been working on a short sale for about 4 months now. About 4 weeks ago I received notification from the seller's attorney's office that both banks approved the short…
Single family developments with clubhouse/pools in northern NJ?
Are there any single-family home developments with community pools/clubhouses in Northern NJ? I work in NYC so nearby commuting options are desired.
trying to estimate what my house value will be after a large addition adding 2 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms ground floor will be a mother daughter,
upstairs will be a new master bedroom and master bath giving me a total of 6 bedrooms and 3 full and 2/12 baths
How much per year?
We're the lower income family ,if our child pass test ,how much I have to pay by every year?
Can a listing agent cancel our contract if he is upset with us?
The listing agent for a home we have a contract on is not good at returning calls to our from our Realtor. I have contacted him and he stated we needed to go through our Realtor. He was rather rude, and…
If property owner updates home details with public record such as tax assessor, how or when does Trulia update details?
My home property details were recently updated for additional sq. ft. & 0.5 bath with the county tax assessor. I can now see those changes on the assessor's website. Is this the primary source…
Where can I find an independent appraiser for a residential single family home in Chesterfield, MO?
trying to get an independent 3rd party opinion of a homes value. How much would something like this cost?
What makes a good agent?
I see a lot of agents offering their services here...my question to you, buyers, and sellers, is this: What attributes and skills are you looking for in a real estate agent? Do you see value in using…
Refund of earnest money for military
I am in the military and got orders to move to New Jersey. This was going to be my last tour of duty so we decided to buy a house. Long story short. My orders got changed at the last minute and I am now…
What type of home is the hottest selling trend for Chesterfield mo for 2010? Is it a Ranch Style Home? Is it a Story and a half? Is it a Two Story?
I am looking for active home buyers in the Chesterfield mo area. I want to help you find the perfect home for your needs. Let a market expert show you the area so you can make a good home buying decision.
Seller accepted a backup offer, but the Buyer does not want to purchase the house and no contract signed. Can Seller enforce the Buyer to close?
The Buyer send a backup offer, that was accepted by the Seller. The property is foreclosure sold "AS-IS". The Seller failed to disclose that property is completely vandalized and the Buyer does not have…
VA loan in Denver.
My husband and I both have a credit score of 642. He is in the army and will be leaving my n the next couple years. We want to use his va a loan to get a house. He will also have his GI bill that pays…
I don't see anyplace I can change my password
On the trulia site I can't find the place where I can change my password. How do I do this?
Is there a way to cash out on existing home equity to purchase new home without significant verifiable income?
Existing home has aprox. 185k in equity. Due to change in circumstances, looking to downsize and looking at homes worth $160k and under. It would be an easy all cash deal if current home closed first but…
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