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I am interested in your properties Trulia and I am looking to move in two months are there any rent to own condos or townhouses 3 bedrooms
I do have a special area which is Otay Ranch villiage Chula I been in my particular place for eleven years renting and want to become a home owner. Thank You Sharon Rigg (rigg_sharon531@yahoo.com)
Buyer Representation form - is it mandatory to sign this document to view a house in Houston area?
I was looking houses and wanted to view that house. Contacted the agent listed on Trulia for an appointment to view. The agent sent me a buyer representation form. When I emailed the agent back asking…
i have a 647 credit score, with 7k current debt, 6k from my car loan. I make 90k per year, is it possiable to
get aproved for a first time home buyers loan, what would i have to do to meet requirements?
Excessive HOA doc fees?
I'm in the final states of selling my condo and received a bill for over $700 to transfer my hoa docs. this seems excessive...does anyone have experience is this area? I happen to be in San Diego, CA.
We have 2 wall mounted TV's on brackets. Do the brackets &/or tv's count as part of the structure & must be left if the buyer did not specify this?
we are FSBO and so have no agent to ask except the sellers.. who we frankly do not much trust! Thanks for any input
Short Sale Process - Adding a Price Reduction Addendum - Will it cancel the original Approval notice if new purchase offer is denied?
We have an approved short sale agreement from Chase bank to close by Oct 25th. After the home inspection we found out serious problems - there was a flood just 2 weeks ago and severe water damage and…
Average Short Sale time
What is the average short sale completion time when buying a short sale? Or is there an average? I'm not qualified for a loan until October of this year, but was considering maybe looking at short…
Is a condo in sonama, ca or san diego ca 92103 / 92101 a better real estate investment ?
I'm thinking of buying a primary residence in either Sonoma, CA or zip codes 92101 or 92103 in San Diego, CA. I have cancer and need the best investment condo for appreciation over 5 years if I die.…
Need help finding a rental, moving back to RB from living/working abroad for the past 5 years
My husband and I are moving back to the RB area after living/working in Basel, Switzerland for the past 5 years. We will be there the first week of August and would love to find someone to help us find…
can I buy my mothers house, if its going through probate?
My mother was on a reverse mortgage program when she passed away. Can I buy the house if were going through probate process. I do have siblings, do they have to agree.
I am self employed can I bring co-sign to get approve for loan?
I am first time buyer and self- employed my tax income was around 15000 last 2 years this year I am guessing will be around 20k , I can give 10000 down and bring co-signer and I have 278 car lease and…
Can I buy a house with my boyfriends good credit/low income and my high income/low credit score?
My boyfriend and I starting to look for a house to buy in CT. He has low yearly income (under 20K) and good credit 720 /-. I have crappy credit, 580-615, but make 52K a year. I've paid off all of my debts…
can a room without a window be a legal bedroom in michigan?
I'm interested in a house for sale that lists a bedroom in the finished basement, but the room does not have a window.
How do I redeem my home after a tax sale??
I was told that it was possible but what do I need to do besides paying the taxes??
Rent to own or similiar program in Illinois
I am looking to rto in oak lawn plainfield or surrounding area. .bumpy crrfit but improving..is it possinle to have my dream come true in desprete need before my daughter starts school
Rent in New York or time to buy?
I'm curious whether I should continue renting in NYC or if now is a good time to buy ? The market has been strong - if I jump in now will I get burned in a market correction? Curious what short/medium…
My family completed a short sale in April 2012 and we are ready to buy again, if possible? Reccomendations for a lender to work with?
We have great income, credit scores @700, only were ever late on mortage to start short sale process :( Everything else always current. The house dropped $75k in value due to the 36 hole golf course/club…
I would like to know when can I purchase a home after short sale? It will be 3 yrs June 2014. Can I qualify for conventional or FHA? USDA?
Did the guidelines change? I have read so much conflicting information! How much money do you have to put down?
If I buy a property in Reno but wouldn't move there until six months after. Is this considered a investment property?
I'm trying to buy a condo in reno as a primary property as a first time buyer. I wouldn't move there right away until I found a job. I'm just not sure what type of mortgage this is considered. Thank you…
Interested in purchasing a cabin in Red Feather Lakes area. and was curious about local insurance providers.
My primary dwelling and auto is currently insured through USAA and they are unable to underwrite an insurance policy for the Red Feather Lakes area, due to high danger risks. Thank you, Tom
property taxes
Who do we call to get a property reassessed for property tax. We belive our property has lost vaalue and taxes should be reduced.
how do i find out who owns a property i am interested in?
i have noticed a vacant home in my area and i am interested in who owns it. how do i find out?
Do realtors/brokers realize when they refuse to co-broke they are only hurting the sellers?
Over the weekend in the Queens area, I called up several realtors to show their listings to my my client. Unbelievably, of approximately 23 realtors called, 19 informed me they could not show the house…
How many years does a lease last, I have not signed one in over 8 years, is it still valid?
Lived at present address for over 20 years, my mom retired bought her home and moved away, she was lease holder, my nieces moved in with me couple months ago, my landlady is charging me $300 a month for…
I am a former resident of NY .I want to start real estate investment as a beginner-rental properties.
I am a former resident of NY .I want to start real estate investment as a beginner-rental properties. What I need is an Agent that specializes in beginner rentals, and possible property management, advice…
Hi. I made an offer on a short sale of 200 K. The seller made a counter offer asking 220 K we agreed. Now that the sellers bank have approved short
sale, they are now asking 227k. The realtors wanted to do all of this verbally but after insisting, I got a copy of the short sale approval letter. It states the sell price should not be more than 220…
What makes a house look best?
Curb appeal? Kitchen? Decor?
My father and I live in his house in Lynn,Ma. He is 80 years old and I am on SSI. He owes $45,000.00 on his mortgage. Can he sell me the house for?
$45,000.00 and I would pay a mortgage for that price which would be a low mortgage. Would that work out?
There is this home that I really like in Homestead, FL. Is it possible to get the the home for the amount that I qualified for?
The home is on sale for $182,200. It is a regular sale. It has only been on the market for a week. I am interested in the home, BUT I only qualified for $150,000. With Zillow and eppraisal, $150k is a…
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