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How can we report a negligent realtor?
I live in Miami and have been experiencing horrible mismanagement by the realty office we've been working with. We are about to close (no thanks to them) and once we do I wish to file a complaint…
I want to buy a co-op within Fordham Hill Oval. How hard does their Board grill potential buyers?
It's my understanding that co-ops have boards that interview potential buyers. People are often scared of The Boogiedown (fine by me, it keeps rent and property taxes low) and I see a ton of Fordham…
Looking to relocate, like the Lake Lure area. Laurel Lakes and other communities in the area are of interest. Have read some go bankrupt..
I heard hospitals in the area hire "their own" and it might be difficult to find work, is that the case?(RN) -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3088400395-1…
im looking for a rent to own home near the katy area since thats where my job is. my credit isnt that great.
im looking for a 3 bedroom maybe 2 bath home with a decent backyard. i hace three kids so something close to schools would be great. my credit isnt that great but if theres anything i can do that would…
My husband and I are separating. I would like to buy a condo rather than rent. Credit is good, but debt is high.
Not able to get my name off current mortgage any time soon. I am employed. Can I still get a mortgage on my own?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1044940450-792-S-Lincoln-Ave-Kankakee-IL-60901
Does Leased Solar System Increase The Value Of Your Home In Terms Of An Appraisal?
what is difference Valuation of solar photovoltaic system leased vs. purchased?
Foreign National Mortgages/Loans
We are British citizens looking to buy a holiday home in Sarasota. Any recommendations as to who we could use to obtain a mortgage would be most greatly received.
Buying after chapter 13 discharge?
My husbands chapter 13 (which ended up all creditors being paid in full instead if partial) was discharged about a year & a half ago. We are currently renting a house that turned out to be in awful shape…
How long before I could get a renter for a one bedroom condo?
I'm looking to purchase a one bedroom in a newer condo development. Building constructed in 2005. The property is west of the turnpike in Tamarac and nothing is needed to renovate it. How long does it…
Have A Question About Schools? Enter It Here.
This question was asked from http://www.trulia.com/property/3109722012-13229-27th-St-SE-Snohomish-WA-98290
what rights do i have if a listing agent says i need to make a highter bid? i was under the impression i was the only buyer?
i placed 1000$ binder down on a condo that is with a re-location company. the agent submitted my offer and the sale is cash. the binder was put down on a friday, the offer on a saturday. it is now Wednesday…
I want to buy a house but i don't have money for the down payment. Can we buy a house or not?
I've heard about the FHA but still i do not reach the 3% limit i just have $2000 saved and im affraid it all will go on closing costs. Help please!
How long before I could get a renter for a one bedroom condo?
I'm looking to purchase a one bedroom in a newer condo development. Building constructed in 2005. The property is west of the turnpike in Tamarac and nothing is needed to renovate it. How long does it…
Closing with HUD
how long does it typically take to close with HUD on a home? becoming frantic and impatient! I know we have to give them 45 days but I have to be out of my current home by Oct 1st and here it is september21st…
Investment/Rental Property in Austin Area
Hi, I am looking for to buy an investment property purely for rental purpose. I need help identifying neighborhood with respect to rental market. Thanks in advance Prashant
want to know the bill of water registered on whose name in 2008
address janta flat ,jwala heri paschim vihar plot number pjbf095near bses office new delhi 110063
want to know the bill of water registered on whose name in 2008
address janta flat ,jwala heri paschim vihar plot number pjbf095near bses office new delhi 110063
Home Builder Incentive, they will buy my home?
Does anyone know the name of the builder who offers to buy anyone's house if in turn the builder can sell their houses back to the house seller? I just heard that on the radio a couple of days ago, but…
Ottawa assessed values appear to decrease each year for the same owner. Is the tax basis of homes in Ottawa amortized causing the decrease each year?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1033720150-2001-Caton-Rd-Ottawa-IL-61350
Seller and broker lied about property taxes
Buying, and the listing broker used current taxes in the MLS for “estimated taxes.” Right before signing, by accident, we found that the 2-year-old renovations had no C of O so the taxes were…
I'm much younger than 55, but are there any 55 communities in Boca that would make an exception for me to purchase a property?
I'm in my 30's but absolutely love some of these well-kept, tranquil 55 communities. Do they ever make exceptions for a buyer who is under this age limit? Someone told me that in some communities, only…
4 bedrooms house?lake jackson,tx
would like to buy a house 4 bedrooms good price in lake jackson ,clute,area.credit score im working on it.lately imhad 655,620 and 594 on 3 credits bureaus.i should get to 700s soon .looking for a good…
Bad area in Port Washington?
Many of the homes around the train stations are valued much lower than other homes in Port Washington. While many of them seem like nice homes, others are not so much. Is this area considered a less desirable…
I am 2 years post short sale, credit about 690 and husband over 700. Can put up to 5% down. Any lenders in PA or do I have to wait another year?
Husband never on short sale, need both incomes to qualify for the home we are interested in currently. Short sale did have late payments. Some sites say the wait is 3 years and some 2 years. Is there…
Flood zones
We are moving to the Beaufort area in about 6 mos. We aren't from an area where flooding is a problem. Can you tell me about flood zones? How do I know if houses we are looking at lies within…
I like the sub division of Pinewood Village in Clearwater. What can you tell me about this area.?
I see it's near an air field, but no big jets. Is it still a problem with noise or an eyesore?
New Construction Negotiating
I am currently negotiating with a builder to build a new home in Jackson, NJ. In the current market is there much wiggle room to negotiate the price down at all? The starting price for these homes was…
Why does everyone keep saying "It doesn't cost the buyer anything to have a buyer's agent"?
It does cost, just not directly. If the LA can reap a higher commission, wouldn't they be more likely to deal with me than some other buyer? Wouldn't they be more likely to encourage the seller to drop…
When the buyer isn't represented by a buyer's agent, does the listing agent get double the commission?
In this situation does the listing agent get double commission? If not, does the buyer typically get a little better deal?
11112 Antietam dr. Rancho cucamonga is advertised as for rent, however the is also a for sale sign on the lawn. Why?
I contacted the renter who states he is the owner of the house and currently living out of the country and states all details and monies will be exchanged via fed ex. Is this normal practice?
Home Buyer's: What is your main requirement/priority you look for when you are looking for an agent to work for you? To help you find and
purchase. What is the strongest, most important thing you want in an agent that is working for you?
Are there any lenders in Bradenton, Florida that will lend within 2 years after a short sale?
I have a client that short sold their primary residence in Bradenton, FL almost 2 years ago. This client is looking to get financing (with 20% down, if needed) but has been told my most banks that there…
BUYER BEWARE - 4 Field End Lane, Interlaken Gardens, Eastchester, NY.
I was under contract with this property for a month and a half and the seller backed out in the 11th hour. I had an accepted offer at $245,000 and the seller asked for $10,000 more the day I told them…
Has anyone heard anything good about mortgage masters or know anything about them???
A friend of mine used one of there lenders and really liked him but he was not employed with them at the time. She gave me his name and I started the mortgage process with him. But my husband did some…
What if someone has to move out of a co-op in less than a year?
What if I bought a co-op where I am required to live there for a year, but some personal thing came up and I had t move before a year (or three or whatever the requirement is). Am I simply not allowed…
Can I find a good deal house in summit area?3 bedroom,2 bath, less than $600k. great location/condition
short sale/foreclosure deals are most welcome. Please send me email at saraapp2006@yahoo.com if it's available. Thanks--Sara
I this a way to get a loan without 2 years of 1099 tax returns?
We would like to buy a home that is $52,000. We are selling our house in colorado and should have about 20% to put down. My husband was w-2 employed for 4 years and in may we moved to texas where he is…
Bradenton Bayshore gardens
I was looking to move my family to Bradenton Florida in the Bayshore gardens area about June is this area a good place to live and raise a family
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