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I'm looking for a mobile home 4000$ and under.
i would prefer in the 85705 zip code or 85706
General home buying question
If I'm a first time buyer in the Covington Mandeville La. area is there a first time buyer offer? I heard there was a think for first time buyers where you don't have to have a down patent
Can I get approved for a FHA loan if I owe 45000 to IRS? Underwriters asked me to set up a payment plan and bring them documentation of the
agreement. They would proceed with the closing if I remain within debt to income ratio required. This was stated before I knew the total amount I owed IRS. Will FHA still go forward with the loan if I…
How do I find the least expensive home in the neighborhood?
My husband and I hope to return to Central Ohio in the next 12-18 months, and purchase our first home. We would like to purchase a house we could stay in for the next 15-20 years, so something larger and…
Purchasing a home
Can you buy a home/condo as a first time buyer with nothing down?
Planning to buy a home(around900k) in Fremont or in Pleasanton. My husband is now working in SF City. We need high qualtiy elementary&middle school.
Our son is 3.5 years old and our little one is 15 months. We value our kids' education and believe the elementary school is an important phase for kids. We may move or consider buying another home in 6…
You have my home at 6125 Monarch Circle, Lincoln NE for rent and for sale for $800.....why? People are emailing me. Remove it please.
People are emailing me to rent my home for $800 and it's confusing them and they think I may be trying to scam them because it also shows my house for sale, for $800!!! It is for sale but I listed…
cc.home34 (407) 907-1873 - this person is a scammer and they are listing on your site.
Example- 26 Main St in Sturbridge is on the MLS for 1495.00 for rent. This person is showing it for 800.00, they are also listing other properties no doubt to try to steal identity information
Bank owned homes off the market
I was following a home being sold by a bank. Very interested in purchasing it, but it went off the market. I don't think that it was sold; No sale information has been posted. What has happened? Is…
Advice on Moving/Mortgage Timeline and Process
My lease is up May 31st and I have to give 60 days notice that I am not renewing. When should I get preapproved and visit with a Realtor? How long should I estimate it will take to close once I have a…
Looking to purchase a condo in New Orleans as a second home/retirement spot to be used mostly in the winter months. Suggestions?
Looking in garden district, uptown, french quarter. We want to be close to restaurants and downtown.
We have many listings syndicated through Point 2. How can we remove listings after it sells. Buyers are demanding that they be removed.
Here's one example: 1117 Dewitt St., Sebring, FL 33872. The buyer is upset that this listing appears to be active.
First time homebuyer
Are there any programs out there for first time homebuyer or help with down payment. I'm looking to buy a house by 2016 Im looking for a a good agent. Does it go by income and credit to see how…
I want to delete my Trulia account completely.
How do I delete my Trulia Account? This is a very poorly run realestate site. The junk mail and the fake rentals slip right through.
This is a comment, not a question. I've received several notifications re: rental properties, all in Venice, that are ridiculously low and all
scams. They are relatively easy to spot and it lowers the value of and confidence in Trulia. I'm sure you have some vetting process before you accept a listing and if you don't, I suggest you…
I have a question about employment requirements to qualify for a home loan.
My husband and I are in the market to purchase a condo. My credit is outstanding, his is not, so we decided that I would apply by myself. We realize this disqualifies his income, hence we'd only qualify…
This is a comment, not a question. I've received several notifications re: rental properties, all in Venice, that are ridiculously low and all
scams. They are relatively easy to spot and it lowers the value of and confidence in Trulia. I'm sure you have some vetting process before you accept a listing and if you don't, I suggest you…
Looking for a wheelchair accessible home or condo near or in Pike Township.
Needs to have a roll-in shower for my Fiance. One story preferred. Please let me know if you know of anything!
Wildly different appraisals cost me a home.
I had a contract on a home and the appraisal came back $30,000 under asking. I was surprised and the seller refused to sell at the reduced appraised cost. He also refused to pay for an independent appraisal.…
I'm trying to help my mom and son. Due to my father's passing, my mom can no longer maintain her home (she's living with me for now).
My mom still owes approx. $10,000 on her 2nd mortgage. My son and his family is maintaining the home and would like to purchase it, however his credit score is very low. Who can I talk to, to find…
Looking for an agent to buy new house in Atlanta GA
Hi, I am looking for a real estate agent in Atlanta GA to buy new home and who is willing to refund agent fees. I will pay them $1000. We want an agent for looking into formal paperwork only. Please…
Relocating to Atlanta, debating on whether to rent or buy
I'm relocating to the Atlanta area, and I'm debating on whether I should rent or buy, but I'm leaning towards buying. I've spoken to some lenders, and I'm looking for a small, single family detached home…
How can I filter out subdivisions?
I can't seem to filter out subdivisions. If it names a subdivision in public records does that mean it is currently a subdivision?
can my husband buy my house?
my spouce isn not on my morgage, im curenly behind and was denied hamp and modification, can i legaly sell my home to my spouce who has a better credit and keep the house
How do I cancel my trulia account?
I no longer need an account, I found a home I would like to delete this account.
We want to buy without an agent, but when I call listing agents to see properties, they want to be a dual agent. How can I avoid that snake pit?
There's a presumption by listing agents that if I show up to see a house without an agent, they will become a dual agent if I buy the property. What is protocol? Some agents have gotten snotty that they…
Interested in guidelines for short sales.
First time homebuyer and curious about the possibility of taking over mortgage payments to alleviate the need for a downpayment.
A buyers agent agreement we have been asked to sign stipulates an additional fee above the commission %, is this common? and how high?
The contract also forbides the buyer from entering an open house. I have not approached the agent about adjusting the terms, as I would like to have a better sense of common practices in this market.
I set a criteria of rental homes. So why am I getting that plus more than I asked for?
I requested for 1 - 2 apts. for rent in East Harlem, Jersey City and Parkchester the Bronx. Price range 1000-1300 and small dogs allowed. I am getting information for Brooklyn and even for apts. the price…
Please help. I am trying to find a rental house. My credit is in the 500 range and I have two broken leases. The broken leases was because my room
mates bailed on the rent and it was in my name. I really need a place to stay as soon as possible. Can anyone help me? Thanks
Can a listing agent disclose our offer to another buyer?
Had a situation where we submitted a bid on a house in Burlingame. The listing agent verbally accepted on behalf of the sellers. On the day of execution, the sellers were "unavailable for signature."…
How to contact the emails request when the email of the inquirer is encrypted? See notes below as to why
I have my ads on trulia via my postlets account and it comes from the postlets account via RSS feed. So I don't have an account with trulia. So when the inquiry provides an encrypted email address…
Buying 1M home in Orchid Milpitas a good option?
We are considering buying a home in Orchid , Milpitas ( D.R.Horton). While the homes are nice, some of them directly face Calaveras Blvd. BART is close as well, and I noticed mild occasional smell. The…
you should not have popups on your listings
They are distracting and nuisances, one asking if I am a serviceman and another asking if I want to save the search, but tnese are already saved listngs from a saved search. I have made other suggestions…
How do Florida Agents network best with New York agents for second home referrals?
I'd like to network with New York Agents and help their clients find a beach or water front home. What have you found that works best?
Fannie Mae- Homepath House. Multiple Offers Round take 2?
We recently put an all cash offer on a FM REO property in Oceanside. We will be the occupants for quite awhile. We wanted to make the transaction as easy as possible. We asked for no % back on closing…
Did San Jose Home prices moved up during 2014?
After some appreciable home price increase from the recovery of Great Recession. The price increase seems to be less than previous 3 years. This is for a sfh 3-4 br, 2 bath, average size…
Hi I am a newbie here with the main goal of owning my own house. I am in the beginning stages which is cleaning up my credit, then saving money etc.
Is there any advice that you can give me to help me along the way. I know this is a process I need to the do the home education classes and etc . Any advice would be greatly appreciated and my destination…
I seem to have 2 accounts and would like to eliminate or cancel one account. How do I do this?
I would like the account to LMerkley.pt@acn.net email deleted please or combine the account to LLmerkley@acn.net
I only want to rent condo, apt., town house for the month of March in North Naples
I only want to rent condo, apt., town house for the month of March in North Naples
How do I delete my account from trulia?
Thanks in part to trulia I have found and purchased my home. I would like to stop receiving emails, alerts, etc. I have made the changes in the alerts but i still continue to receive them. Please tell…
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