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Average cost to renovate per square foot for distressed homes in Detroit.
I am looking to buy a Land Bank house to renovate and occupy and I'd like a benchmark to figure total renovation costs. Thanks.
How do I fine a reputable long distance mover?
Short-term storage will be necessary.
Lead inspection/risk assessment on a rental property
In process of purchasing an older rental property. Didn't think much of lead until I started reading up on the really harmful effects if it's in the dust (there is a young kid in the house). I'm thinking…
Going into contract on a house and the loan officer asked me for money to cover an appriasal.
Is this how it usually goes? I though I had to pay closing costs when we went to closing. Also, the closing costs are being paid by the seller so why do we need to pay for an appraisal which is part of…
i it difficult to have a low cash offer accepted on a forclosed home?
We have been looking at a forclosed home. We plan to make a CASH offer on the home well below asking price. The house is in need of repairs ($15k-$20k) to become move in ready. Will it be difficult to…
Can someone recommend a good home inspector for a home in Millburn, Short Hills?
We are buying a very old house (1920s) that looks like it is in good condition but of course you never know. Looking for someone who is reputed for thoroughness. Our agent has provided us with a list of…
Can I request a home inspection before making an offer?
I am interested in a high-end property being sold AS-IS. Are there any restrictions stopping me from requesting a home inspection before making an offer? Based on what is found, I can adjust my offer.…
Hi how are things in the supposed to be a great exspierence buyig a house when for me a its been completly the oppisite i have got this house in my
dreams and at breakfast lunch and dinner and ive done everything to nail this home / business oppertunity down and lease to purchase agreements are supposed to be the best way to get a home right away…
I just bought a house and the seller's contract states that they will waterproof the basement using a licensed and bonded contractor. They made
this offer in lieu of any other repairs. Problem is, they didn't actually waterproof the basement - just one wall. The terms in the contract say "basement", implying the full basement would…
Why would the property taxes jump from $2,825 to $8,892 in year 2011 to 2012 with the same tax assessment value of $171,430?
The zip code in question is 77095. I'd like to move to this neighborhood due to excellent schools but afraid of tax hikes.
i have been looking at condos and several in a complex that i was told wasvery nice have been on the market
for months, and have had numerous price reductions. i'm beginning to think that maybe there are problems in the association that aren't outwardly obvious but that insiders may know about and are staying…
I wanna buy a foreclosed home in the Los Angeles area but I'm oversea at the moment. The only way I get to see the property is online. And they
don't show the inside of the house. Any way I can get an agent to help me with this? Will be moving to L.A in a year.
Why does my house have to appraise at sales price even if buyers are borrowing less than their down payment?
I'm selling my house. My potential buyers are borrowing quite a bit less than what they are putting down. However, I am being told that my house still has to appraise for the sales price or the…
Can I buy a house with lower income?
I have a $24000 income a year, can I buy a house?
Careful!!! I never received keys or lease after deposit which wasn't returned for this property from Futton Wells/Robo/Martin Charlene Pagan!!! Ripoff
I wan to file charges, I'also reported this property listing as scam on craiglist. looking to see how to file charges if my deposit isn't returned. paid on Feb 2nd.
We've owned our home in Zeeland since 2005. Financed on 80/20 mortgage and the 20 is due in less than 2 years. We aren't sure what the value is.
I would like to try selling but feel we'd still be in a short-sale situation. None of the banks we've talked to are interested in financing EITHER mortgage due to the balloon loan being due so soon.…
Why are the taxes so high in this area.. upper chichester. bethel.. the homes are mostly affordable but who pays 11 or 12,000 on taxes. Its absurd!
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3050387395-2-Buck-Ln-Upper-Chichester-PA-19061
How long can litigation AGAINST a contractor last before the homeowners sue the HOA? We can't sell to financed buyers because we're
unwarrantable. The banks won't touch a financed buyer due to the litigation. They say we're unwarrantable. Cash buyers only which are few and far between. We don't want to sue our own…
Does Trulia even care that they have more fraudulent rental posts than actual properties? Today's email had 4 fraudulent links for the same
house. In 10 seconds I found the actual listing for this property. I find it hard to believe your posts are not filtered or verified to prevent scams of this sort from being posted on your sight. Shame…
we were scammed renting this unit... help... find scammer.. and prevent others from being scammed...
help prevent this from happening to others... please call.. or email me
Agent send email with a unit but can't meet when I'm available.
An agent sent me a listing I really like but can't meet with me when I'm available. I have been talking to other agents about other listings and one of the agents would be able to show me the same listing. Am…
Can you remove the listing for 6629 rt 82 Stanfordville, NY please? I purchased it 1/7/15. Thank you
Can you remove the listing for 6629 rt 82 Stanfordville, NY please? I purchased it 1/7/15. Thank you
9031 16th Pl SE, Lake Stevens, WA 98258 This listing is a scam. Listed on Zillow for $1600.00 (see link)
I had inquired about two properties on your site. 1626 Sparrow Wood Ln in Marietta, Ga and 2486 Alston Dr in Marietta, Ga. Both are scams.
I had the real realtor contact about one to tell me the actual price and that it was a scam. The 1626 address sent me an email from someone named Larry Thompson but the email is from maribelvazq133@outlook.com.…
I would like to know if I could park the rig in the driveway if I bought the house and a house down the street has a diesel delivery truck
The driveway is long and wide the owner of the house is a contractor with all his equipment there who do I call to find out the information
Is it okay to talk to a couple of realtors at a time?
Hi again, I parted ways with the other realtor and am now looking for another. I've gotten in contact with about 3 and have been filling them in a bit on what I am looking for. Is this okay to do, till…
i became a licensed real estate agent recently. I decided to work for a broker who was just starting out himself. He said hed teach me all i needed
However we barely speak or meet. A few days ago he said he had a few clients for me to find homes for however besides him sending in and receiving my license, we've not signed any contracts regarding…
Please remove listing for 1bd/1bath priced at 757- this is not a price range that we are currently offering- all apartments are above $950.00
Thank you- Bell Timacuan Management! Please confirm listing is removed- Thank you we are getting a lot of unqualified prospects due to this listing.
Someone is using your website to commit cyber crimes. Please have your IT look into this before you are held liable.
I got several messages from what seemed to be hackers trying to get money sent to them.
Suspected fraud on seal beach home listed on your site
I received a very strange letter from a rental home I requested information on. I feel it may be fraud. Is the home fore rent in Seal Beach CA for $2,000 on Bridge Water way. The email response just…
Will be putting in an offer on home in Florida, but live out of state. Best way to put down earnest money?
My husband and I will be putting an offer in on a home in Florida, but live out of state. As with all offers to purchase there is earnest money required along with the purchase. My question is really…
How do I delete my saved homes after I decide against them or they have sold on the mobile app?
How do I delete my saved homes after I decide against them or they have sold on the mobile app?
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