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When to look/buy in Galveston?
I’m looking to buy a home in Galveston at some point this year. As of August 2011 I’ll have a $16,000 down payment. I am a first time homeowner and only 22 and this is all very new to me,…
Properties available in Detroit
Looking the sell the following properties in Detroit 8241 W 7 Mile 18242 Mendota 15775 Asbury Park 16634 Marlowe Selling below comps. Property taxes very low ($400-$800/year) after successful…
Canal Place in Old Town: anyone live there?
Thinking about buying a place in Old town at a condo complex called canal place. Does anyone live there on here that could comment on what it's like? Curious if the construction is good or not and if…
Should I get another home inspection just to make sure that the seller fix all the problems that he agreed to?
Settlement is next week for me and I'm just wondering should I get another home inspection just to make sure that the seller fix all the problems that he agreed to fixed from the home inspections and appraisal…
How do I go about purchasing a piece of my neighbors property?
I'm looking for good advice on the steps to go about buying a strip of my neighbors property (it would essentially even out the space between our side yards- rectangular front to back of the land…
Upgrades with a builder
Hi, I'm currently shopping around for a new house. I like one of Van Metre's models in Northern Virginia. They have pretty decent standard including hardwood floor on the main level as standard…
Post inspection, heat and air units need replacing in next 6 days to 2 yrs (at end of life expectancy). Larger home on same street goes on market ..
For $20k less than this place with these issues. We want to ask for some price decrease do to expected relacement and this comp. Am I nuts? Ps: heat works, ac could not be tested due to weather
Is Thomasville a good place to live?
We will be new to the area and were looking in Pleasant Garden area but visited Thomasville yesterday and I loved the area. Is Thomasville a good place to live?
Does anyone have any info on POSITANO PLACE?
Any information on the health of condo association, Chinese drywall, etc would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Listings over $250K
Lets get some activity going on here. Below is a link to all Dade City listings priced under $200K. Let me know if you have any questions.
Feel free to email me at FLRealtorJason@gmail.com if you have questions or would like to schedule any showings. Below is the link to the active listings. http://mfr.mlsmatrix.com/Matrix/Public/Port…
I signed purchase and sale, 583 credit score need a home loan asap I have a credit report that is very
clean,I payed an old bill and they put in a aud deletion which made my credit score a 583
can you get a mortgage without tax returns just bank statements?
My husband passed away in 2012 and he handled all of the tax issues I have not had to file since then as my Mother has been helping me
How do I get trulia to respond to a problem?
I have a case number and have sent 3 requests to get a fraudulent listing on my home removed as I did not list it for rent.
Anyone have any questions about this great area? Dade City is still a hidden gem in this market.
This is an area that is starting to see more growth, now is a great time to buy in this area because it is one of the few places left where you can still get affordable land! Let me know how I can help…
Wesley Chapel mobile/manufactured homes (resident owned)
Do the condo/homeowners associations generally require the unit owner to carry insurance? What is the electric company (or companies) that serve the communities where these homes are? Are water rates…
How soon after a bankruptcy can I buy another house and get a mortgage loan?
My discharge date will be 2 years old in June 2015. I would also like to know if I can get a VA loan for a mobile home. If my Capital gain from selling my present home is about $50,000 will buying a mobile…
Do you own or rent the land. Ant monthly fees? How much?
Add some detail about your question
If i want to buy an reo house in los angeles but garage has been converted to a room/kitchen/bathroom, does buyer need to convert it back to a garage?
If i want to buy an reo house in los angeles but garage has been converted to a room/kitchen/bathroom, does buyer need to convert it back to a garage? What will happen? Where there be any issues if I buy…
I have bee living in a motel for over a year now I have had Some problems paying rent Some days and the manage just lets me pay wen I Can. Noir
there is a neu owner/ manager and they sayiny i have to get out now I have no wer to go what du I do
My husband is looking to get a FHA mortgage with an unofficial 620 score.
My husband is looking to get a FHA mortgage with an "unofficial" 620 score. We don't want to apply to different lenders because the credit checks will make his credit score lower (I am told). I don't work,…
Short sale not weatherized
We are buying a short sale home and went back today to do another walk through and found out the house was never weatherized. The bank left a note on the door 3 months ago saying they were going to but…
We are considering moving from North Jersey, near NYC, to one of those areas. We prefer a more "executive" type neighborhood as I am in the financial business. What communities would be recommended?
I have noticed that there are quite a large number of properties on the market at this time and am wondering why? Are there issues?
I know there is drought in the southwest, but I would really like to have a heads up on whether there are some major problems causing homeowners to leave Santa Fe- I am thinking of retiring there.
Taxes on overage money in a foreclosure
Our home was purchased at the court house through a foreclosure by some real estate investers . They paid about $78,000.00 dollars more than what was owed on the note . We were able to buy our house back…
Hello , I have found a rental property in Boston that I am very interested in and received a very quick response but am a little apprehensive that it
is to good to be true. Wanting to know if your website and company can ensure that there are no fraudulent or scams listed on your website. My email is Shuffbrittany@yahoo.com please get back to me ASAP
I am relocating to San Diego (Scripps Ranch, Poway, Escondido). What delta can I expect (generally) between list & actual prices? For short sales?
I realize it depends on the home, but I am trying to determine how far above my max price to go when looking at homes on sites like Zillow and Trulia. Also, I'm curious how often pre-approved short…
Can seller move on to other offers and not negotiate regarding misadvertised gas fireplace?
We have an accepted offer on a home after being in a bidding war with others. We met realtor to give actual earnest check (already provided copy by email as that is what he had asked) and have signed…
Who can I contact regarding purchasing a foreclosed property in my neighborhood?
The property address is 1453 Iroquois in Detroit,michigan
I built the home at 11099 Country Lane, Pinckney, Michigan - it was built in 1976 not 1988 as stated.
Family lived there from 1976 to 1986. -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3118800676-11099-Country-Ln-Pinckney-MI-48169
There are a lot of scams on Trulia that should be announced. Warnings should be made to not attempt business with agents or individuals acting like
they can't do business face to face because they are away, requesting personal info via email and no phone contact, and requesting payment before doing business properly and suggesting that your house…
I found a home I like, but don't know anything about a mortgage...
I am hoping to move to Longview this summer, and found a home I am hoping to get, but I know nothing about mortgaging a house. Can anyone help me?
what is best way to get new leads for a 1st year agent?
working in Holland Michigan as a new Real Estate Agent
Are REO exempt from disclosure?
I made an offer for an REO property in Milpitas, CA. When i asked for disclosures, the agent is saying since it's an REO there is no disclosure required. I read online that in California only some…
Please close my account and stop sending emails
renitalynn56@yahoo.com password newmexico7478
Why does it seem like you took the lot size away from your map search?
You were one of the few I found with it, which made you better than Zillow,etc. with that. Now you are not as good. Also, your similar homes does not take into account I save houses with over 5 acres…
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