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How is the area for a single woman to live alone having to walk her dog day and night? Concerned with boarded up bdgs, closed down business, etc
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3039193574-4956-S-Champlain-Ave-3S-Chicago-IL-60615
Can I buy a home with 9000 cash in Chicago?
Here's the deal I see homes for under 10K all the time which are in rundown neighborhoods which requires a lot of repairs. The neighborhood doesn't bother me and the fact that I am handy most repairs wouldn't…
Good income, stable job, 650 Fico, but some 30 day lates, where to get mortgage?
Current on mortgage since Oct-2012. Want to sell and buy new home. Was told by mortgage broker who pulled my credit that I can't get a loan until I have 12 months with no lates on my current mortgage.…
Can I be denied after loan commitment?
weve been going thru loan process for about a month. back and forth with underwriters. they've asked over millions of questions and we given them millions of answers. given them all the papers and satisfied…
commuting options
what commuting options exist for living in montvale and working in nyc? Bus, Train? if so from where and how long does the commute take?
How come I keep getting daily updates that do not match the profile that I requested?
Should be up to $250000, 3 bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 1750 Sq. Ft. with a pool!!!
Issues Discovered During Home Inspection- What can we realistically expect seller to take care of?
We put an offer on a house, and recently had the inspection. Overall, I was pretty satisfied, but some things were found that need to be addressed and I would like some advice. First, there were mouse…
How much value does a new constructed home in an old neighborhood loses?
I'm building a new home in the $250,000 range at an old neighborhood in Crystal, MN. It looks like the area is somewhat redeveloping. There are two houses currently being build on the street behind mine…
Resell Value of 1 Bedroom Main Floor
I'm looking into buying a rambler in Brooklyn Park's EdinBurgh Golf Course neighborhood. It has three big rooms but on the main level, there's only one bedroom (master). I'm struggling…
HOW MUCH LESS is a Bank owned Foreclosure that says on their property listing: "Prices are sometimes accepted that are SIGNIFICANTLY LESS?
than..." In our tri-city area of Hesperia, Apple Valley, & Victorville,CA...it is common to make an Offer anywhere between 10-12,000 LESS than the asking price... So when a bank such as Coldwell…
OK.. I need an Agent to contact me with any listings in brooklyn or queens for a single family home that is under 300k..... the following are very
important for me and my family. has to be within a 3-5 block radius of a train station..or a bus service that leads to the train station. and has to have a prime area for shopping food etc that is close…
Husband and I are buying home will cosigning while in the process affect our chances of getting home?
The cosign is for a student loan will it affect us now buying the home. Are credit has been run, will they run it again? Thank you for your time?
Middle score 550, Is a home loan possible?
I would like to purchase a home in Georgia possibly a hud or foreclosure but ive just learned my middle score is 550 are there any lenders out there who would lend to me as a first time home buyer. I am…
Hi, I found this listing on Trulia and would like to learn more about 2415 Arleth St, Terre Haute, IN 47802. Thank you
This the house I want. I have 40% to put down, but I can't finance the rest. Can you help me ?
My husband and I are planning to buy our first home somewhere in ft. Lauderdale. We have a 2 year old son and I want to make sure we find a single
home near an A elementary school. Our budget is $150,000. What cities/ location can I look for? We're also looking for a stylish home or a home with character where we won't have to do to…
Ryan Homes/NVR Financing
I am leaning strongly into purchasing a new home with Ryan Homes. They offered buyer incentives if I go with their financing company, NVR. I have no problems with going with their financing company as…
Agent or Broker in NW Arkansas?
Bentonville, Arkansas?
Where is best schools and places to live in southern MA?
Looking for house rental 1st then in purchasing a home.
I want to find a realtor in Houston
I want to find a realtor in Houston to help me buy a house, I am interested in Sugar Land, Katy and the Woodlands. I am from China and mandarin is preferred. My email address is bestpaopao@hotmail.com.…
I have a cabin in WI on a small lake, How do I advertise outside of the local areas? Out of state
The cabin sits on 7 acres and it requires very little maintenance. How do I find out how to advertise out of the
Can I refund my deposit ($1400) for holding property and application fee ($75) from realtor after cancellation?
I agreed to hold property and paid deposit for holding property ($1400) and application fee ($75), but decided to move in another property and have to cancel it. When I cancelled it, it was less than 24hr…
How to negotiate a fair price?
There is a house I'm interested in Beverly that is being listed at about $300K, however this is more than $100K above the house's current market value. How do I go about negotiating a fair price for the…
in June of 2013 my Mortgage guy said i was locked in for 3.5% then 2 days before closing he told me it was 5.1. How is that if it was locked lower.?
Was that done so my mortgage guy made more money off commission? is that legal? and did the rates Jump like that in July? When i REFI will i get the FHA rate i was supposed to get the first time?
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Credit score question!?
Why is it that our (my husband and myself) credit score came up on credit karma, credit sense, free credit score, and other credit websites but when someone else pulled it, it said we have no credit. It…
High tension lines next to house . approximate 2000 - 3000 feet away. Can that be one of the negative to sell?
we liked one of the house but High tension line just goes 1500- 2000 sqft next to house. The house is not directly next to high tension line but after house 2-3 houses are there. Then there are trees between…
Wanted to buy a short sale home
I saw a home which was a short sale....initially my husband called her,left her messages stating the home address and wished to have a look at it ...she never returned...when I contacted the listing agent,..didnt…
Does anyone know of any properties (single family, condo, or townhouse) where a seller is willing to sell the home utilizing an installment contract?
Does anyone know of any properties (single family, condo, or townhouse) where a seller is willing to sell the home utilizing a real estate installment contract?
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