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Is it true the buyer must pay all escrow fees in Marin?
We are about to buy a home, and we have been told that the buyers "always" pay all escrow fees here in Marin. Where we come from, traditionally the buyers and sellers split escrow fees 50/50,…
i have a credit score of 600 experian 600 equifax and 635 transunion. I went through a really bad divorce had to foreclose credit coming back up
How long will it take before i can buy another house i have a great job divorce out of the way .2 years of my life ruined my life with my credit i am doing this lexington law sense then i bought a new…
F1 student looks for a mortgage lender
I am currently a PhD student in OSU. I am an international student holding a F1 visa. I'm not US citizen, nor green card holder. My monthly salary is $2,500. My credit score is around 720-730. I am…
Active Contingent?
I found a house I love, we made an apt to see it. The agent didn't tell us it was unavailable due to an active contingency, found that out after a different showing. Anyway this property is showing listing…
My landlord wants to sell the house we are renting. Is it possible an investor could buy it and rent it back until we can buy it.?
My landlord wants to sell the house we are renting. Is it possible an investor could buy it and rent it back until we can buy it. My wife is in no position health wise to move and very ill .Can you…
If a person has had a forclusure on a previous house, what are the chances of getting another loan?
The persons first house went into due to personal issues. After 3 yrs the person would like to buy another home. What are their chances of getting a loan if they have a forclosure in their credit history?
Where do I start?
What should I do first, look for a home or speak with a mortgage lender?
I need a mortgage, final payment on chapter 13 posted June 13th. Will FHA finance me?
Hello everyone. My 36 months of chapter 13 payments ended on the 13th of June. I am now waiting for discharge. I am in the process of house hunting. My rent is going to be almost 1500.00. I want this to…
Amberglen Townhomes in Hillsboro
How is the quality of Amberglen Townhomes in Hillsboro, OR
Does the state of Nevada offer any programs to bring my loan current?
I am behind on my payments by a huge amount. I would like to bring my loan current and the loan is held with Bank of America. Bank of America is not offering a loan modification. They reject the application…
With the market in as much turmoil in the Bay Area why are there still "professionals" out there that are less than civilized?
I just spoke to yet another Realtor that was so sarcastic and uncivilized that I had to cut our conversation short. She called on a listing that I have "coming soon" and she accused me of hiding…
First time homebuyers looking for advice & resources in the area to help us learn how to buy a home in Valpo or Chesterton. Can anyone help?
My husband currently has a 606 credit score, but we're working to improve it. we have some credit in good standing but apparently not enough. We'd like to try and do a FHA loan with a low down payment.…
Who is currently on the market in Kentlands area of Gaithersburg MD?
I live there and love it there! Contact me for additional tips and pointers about the market in Kentlands: (703) 472-3567. ~ Snezhana Conway at Snezhana Homes Group
Is the Effective Date for a real estate purchase agreement the date all parties sign or does it start when filed with Title Company?
All parties signed and all terms accepted on 1/21 but agreement not filed with title company until 1/24/11. Which date is used for option and other dates that key off of the Effective Date
We are a family of 8. We are also new home buyers and I'm a veteran. What programs are available to us as New Home buyers and a veteran?
We are currently living on government assistance due to me being on Social Security Disability.
Best area for appreciation?
Hi, Thanks in advance to anyone who answers this. I have just moved to south east Charlotte from Europe ( I married my American girlfriend). I have no clue whatsoever about the various areas in Charlotte…
VA client, 400K loan. needs a loan officer because my company can't do it. PA home purchase
Hello, I'm a mortgage lender and I have a client with a 700 score, 39% ratios, sufficient assets, who is under contract for a $400,000.00 Va loan. I have an approve eligible but the client had a short…
Which agent to use?
A home is on sale in a town I am interested in. I am not working with an agent yet. Do I work with the listing agency to see the home? Or should I find a different agent to work with? Thanks in advance.
Would a new townhouse or old home in Niceville be a better investment property overall if I may move again in?
under 5 - 10 years? Assume the older home has already had numerous large/small updates/upgrades to bring to current styles, safety standards, etc.
What is Vermont law regarding seller's default on real estate closing - notified day before he would not be?
ready to close, after third extension by buyer. Listing was fraudulent. Seller admitted it. Said he had two legal buildable lots but did not. Tried to get permit but didn't complete work in timely…
Jersey City - Permits and CO's??
I was about to go into contract on a JC multi-family but have learned the gut renovation was done without permits. As JC ordinance a CO is not required to transfer title. I hear this non-permit thing is…
Is there a cheap place to stay in or around Hot Springs Village while looking for a place to rent or buy? Thanks, Gary
I am an American Expat living overseas. My wife and I have placed our place here up for sale and want to move to Hot Springs Village after it is sold. I will be going there first after our house sells…
Why Do RE Professionals Continually Try To Talk Buyers/Shoppers Out of Purchasing A "MANUACTURED HOME"?
Not everyone who desires to purchase a Manufactured Home does so because they can't afford anything else. Having been in this industry for 3 decades I've come to realize that if folks are…
HI, Can you provide a list of recommended home inspectors for the Westborough/Shrewsbury, MA areas. We are in the process and need to find one asap.
Need a good home inspector that will be thorough and work for the buyer. Hesitant to go with one recommended by agent. Thanks.
I am planing to buy a condo around $250K-$350K around shrewsbury and westboro areas, how much down payment is required?
I am planing to buy a condo around $250K-$350K around shrewsbury and westboro areas, how much down payment is required? Also what will be my interest rate if I pay $10k as down payment?My Credit Rating…
Does Turquoise Trail in Tijeras have an HOA and Covenants?
hi all - We're considering moving from Denver, and I found this house at 17 Turquoise Trail, Tijeras, NM. I'm wondering if it's in a neighborhood with a big homeowners association and covenants. We don't…
my home is for sale & listed on Trulia.
In the daily emails I receive re:homes for sale in my area, my home at 875 Mail rd. Lompoc, CA. is never listed among them..this is an exposure opportunity missed in daily emails. How can my home be among…
Does anyone have any experience with Trinity Homes?
Does anyone have any experience with Trinity Homes? How is your experience about the construction quality, warranties and the buying process?
This map is wrong. The violent crimes are all in Hartford, NOT West Hartford.
For those who don't know where the boundary is (Prospect/City Line) this map is especially damaging to a WH real estate prospect.
How can I buy a house for my family when investors keep scooping up the houses in my desired area?
Hello, Do you have any tips on how to beat out investors to purchase a home? I'm looking for a home for my family and feel like I'm at a serious disadvantage. I currently own a townhome that will likely…
Marketing my townhouse for short term rental- Help!
We've just purchased a town house in Regal Palms. We want to be active with our own bookings. Any advice/tips/suggestions on how to market our home? Aside from the obvious VRBO/Kijiji. Thanks
GL is opening a new community, Tuscany, this weekend. It is located about 7 minutes from the Bridges and down the street from Delray Marketplace.
What are people's opinions regarding this new development? We are very interested, even though we know the lot sizes are not as big as other GL homes. IF this community follows the same trend as other…
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