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Cash buyer, looking for advice on best locations near Orlando
Looking for a townhome or condo within a 40 minute radius of Orlando Theme Parks. 3 Bedroom, 1.5 bath-cash buyer looking at this property as a 2nd home Willing to go up to $95,000; 2nd home will be used…
How do you correct inaccurate information about this home?
Number of BRs and Ba.'s are incorrect
Looking for house in 300k area near Atlanta.
I currently live in Powder Springs and looking for a gay friendly neighborhood. I am a 40 year old guy with dogs. I would really like to be near a Marta train station since I work near Peachtree Center.…
How do i report a scam?
I am a realtor in Plymouth. I had a client ask me about a rental in Plympton, MA that is listed with Trulia. It's a scam.. 108 Brook St Plympton, Ma
How well do screen whats placed on your site?
I was sent an update on rentals and it was a scam. Address is 370 Thorley Rd NewCumberland 17070
I have been using the Trulia..APPS for sales and rentals for about a year and a half and recently bought a new cellphone. I can't pull up ANY of
my saved information or properties I marked as favorites or the properties that I have been interested in? Can you please tell me what happened? Thank you! Debby Scheitler Do I have to reprogram everything…
This is a "Bait House" listing showing a price that is $300000 under
http://www.trulia.com/profile/karen-l-gilliland-agent-overland-park-ks-1450631/ Please inform this realtor that this is unacceptable practice. it ruins the integrity of Trulia
Is there a way to set search options to NOT SHOW foreclosures? I can't seem to figure this out.
Is there a way to set search options to NOT SHOW foreclosures? I can't seem to figure this out. They show up no matter how I configure my search...what's the secret? :)
Purchasing a property for tax owed liens
We are looking into purchasing a home that is up for auction due to unpaid taxes due on property. How does this work and is it safe to purchase property through this process?
My Estimated Home Value
Why does Trulia not list the estimated value of my home and only lists the general value of the area. They used to list this information in the past.
I'm currently on Work Comp and SSDI which a court has deemed me Disabled.
My income is 4500.00 a month right now most of it coming from Work Comp , a very small part from SSDI . I am interested in purchasing a home in the Sarasota County area . Is it possible to get a mortgage…
Once a realtor is involved, can I decide not to sell my home and pay a fee to the realtor, or am I stuck selling it.
I had a conservator due to me having a brain injury and going through a terrible divorce. My conservator hired an attorney to see a mobile home I had just remodeled, but since I was caring for my mother…
(California) Can sellers change appliances once a home has been viewed with those particular appliances?
We viewed the home with stainless steel appliances (major reason we opened the bid in the first place), now (because they home appraisal may come in quite a bit lower than listing price), sellers are removing…
Mobile homes in Family Parks...Why sales raised so high?
I'm just curious... Why the sales of mobile homes in Calverton/Riverhead Family Parks did raise so dramatically during last two months? Some of them were on the market since last fall and prices ent up…
How can student loan debt help or hurt me?
I live in Birmingham,Alabama and I want to purchase my first home but I have student loan debt. I am still currently in college. I know that student loans directly wouldn't stop me from qualifying…
Just purchased 53 Laurel Oaks Circle,Tequesta,FL 33469 on 1/9/15. I want to rent immediately but the OLD info keeps coming up with bad pics and OLD re
Just purchased 53 Laurel Oaks Circle,Tequesta,FL 33469 on 1/9/15. I want to rent immediately but the OLD info keeps coming up with bad pictures and a lower rental rate that I am asking for. How do we get…
I am a Real Estate Broker in Grand Rapids and you have my listing on your site(1221 Old Oak Hill SE Ada, MI 49301). The seller has requested 91
photos and has ordered them the way that he likes them. He pulled up your site and the photos are not in the correct order and some old photos that were removed are still there. Please advise. Lonnie…
Hi, good evening. It's not really a question, but a sugestion. Couldn't you provide the floor plan of the selling houses along the photos.
If it's possible, we could "see" the layout of the rooms and have a better idea about the property
Can disability income be used when purchasing new home?
I plan on buying a new home in the next few months. In the meantime I have to have surgery done on hand that's going to put me off work for about 4 mo. I will receive benefits from my job and disability…
Need to hire an inspector
My mother has an option on a home in Burleson County and I would like to hire an inspector from Brenham or BCS. My mother contracted the purchase with the listing agent for the sale. While I believe this…
Are rent to own homes a bad idea?
I live in Yonkers and I'm looking for an apartment around Westchester County. I see quite a few ads on Craigslist for rent to own homes and also ads like this: http://newyork.craigslist.org/wch/abo/4757260892.html.…
Why does Texas hate carpet? :-/
We are moving to Houston and have looked at countless homes. Pretty much all of them have the home depot .99 cent tiles ALL OVER THE HOUSE (EW!) or wood/panel flooring - never ever any carpet. as a matter…
I was scheduled to close on a house bank decided to put it back on the market without cancelling with me is it possible to be put back on market?
I was waiting on the house for about 6 months they put it back on the market with a higher price
Hi Trulia, I have signed up to receive notice on properties of various regions in Oregon.
I receive these notices however I receive four notices on each property. Any way you can fix this?
Why does this property have an incorrect # of bathrooms shown? What are the property owners legal rights to have this corrected. Damages?
1002 Landrams Retreat Fredericksburg VA has shown an incorrect # of Bathrooms for several years. The correct # is 4.5
I needed a hotel carpet and one of friend suggested Nourison Hospitality. Should I go for it?
Nourison Hospitality is one of the best wool carpet, hotel carpet and casino carpet manufacturer. for more details visit http://www.nourisonhospitality.com/
This is not a question. I wish to make a comment about a rental @3849 Senan St Camarillo, CA I inquired about this rental and I believe it is a scam.
The internet tells me there is no Reginald Texter that lives in Camarillo, CA. Though you should know.
I think you have a scammer posting - please check listings for 1211 Celebration Avenue and 2510 West Orange Blvd
copy email recd to both addresses!Thanks for your email and interest in renting my house..I am Azure D Santos,the owner of the house you are making inquiry of.I am sorry for my late response as i have…
Mold in the home via slab foundation? Mold is sheetrock in the barn walls?
Hello I am looking for a home as a first time home buyer. Im GREEN and do not want to get burned. Does a slab offer contaimination of mold into a home from the soil. The home appears dry and OK. There…
I am looking to upgrade from a one bed condo,to a two bed.i own outright,no mortgage and do not let it out for rental.i stay in Scotland.
I read somewhere that I need to pay a percentage of the sale price to the u.s government.is this true,or is this just if the property is used as a rental.
Is a listing agent required to disclose aluminum wiring in a home they list?
Is a listing agent required to disclose aluminum wiring in a home they list if they KNOW the home has aluminum wiring? Just purchased a home and found aluminum wiring in most of the home. I did remove…
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