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Va home loan with credit under 600. Are there any lenders near me with a lower minimum standard. Natrona Heights, Pa area (20 mi north of
Pittsburgh) Just looking for current lender info please. Im already on track for repairing the damage to my credit (one huge government debt from when I was in the military). I just would like to see…
Mortgage insurance
I have been in my house about 15 months. I currently have an fha loan at 4.125. I owe $218 on the property and I believe it's worth around 260. Is there any way I can get out of paying my mortgage…
Home Loan Approval
How can I get approved for a home loan when I have filed a loss onmy taxes for 2 years straight, except this year I will just file regular salary with no losses? My Lender says I would have to have co-signer…
I'm a veteran I make 40.000 a yr and I have 50,000 dollars in student loans i'm current with my payments no late payments
I'm a veteran I make 40.000 a yr and I have 50,000 dollars in student loans i'm current with my payments no late payments and my credit score is only 587 fico score 616 can I get a home loan using my VA…
County facts are wrong, how do I go about getting them changed to reflect correctly on Trulia?
It says 3 bedrooms. I have four bedrooms on the second floor. The square footage is also wrong. Thanks
Can a real estate person do rent to own homes?
I want to rent to own a home.
Am I being realistic?
My wife and I are planning to move to South Carolina in late summer 2015. We have sold our home here in Massachusetts and are hoping to make an all cash deal or a cash and small loan deal. I am looking…
Purchase home with low credit. Good job, good pay.
I am single, make over $100k but have credit issues because I joined a debt consolidation program thinking that would help me pay down debt n improve credit only to find out it hurt me more. Is there…
Question about buying a home.
I am looking to buy a home in Rio Rancho, NM the house I'm looking at is a foreclosure and is about 85000. I have a pretty low credit score(about 600). Is there any chance I could get a mortgage?…
Agent changes price without my permission
My agent suggested a $1 price reduction to generate traffic. I was strongly against it. But she did it on her own. After I got an email alert on "price drop" on my house, I asked her to put it back.…
How do I get contact numbers to speak with trulia about a scam??
How do I get contact numbers to speak with trulia about a scam?? I requested more information about a home for rent in Frisco Texas. I got an email response asking for a lot of personal information…
If all the windows in 2 bed condo (located in 1st floor) in LA are facing the next building closely, can this be hard when I sell this condo?
This condo is in 3 story building and this unit is located in 1st floor. All three windows (living rm, 1st and 2nd bed rms) are toward the next building within about 6~7 feet.
Are buyers legally owed the executed cancellation of escrow? Who must release it to the buyer? Escrow Officer or Listing agent?
We signed a purchase agreement to buy a house in Los Angeles and wired a deposit into escrow. Undisclosed to us, the seller was actively performing renovations on the house which kept going on much past…
Mortgage application
I have great credit (681 score) and my husband has awful credit (less than a 520 score). I plan on getting pre-qualified in May to purchase a home but I want to be on the application by myself due to my…
How can I get approve for a loan when I claimed a lost on a business I don't have anymore for 2years on my income taxes? I have not completed my
new t How can I get approve for a loan when I claimed a lost on a business I don't have anymore for 2 years on my income taxes? I have not completed my new taxes yet, and need some advice on how this…
About to give up on short sale
My husband and I are currently trying to buy a short sale. I know they can take a long time. We are in our 4th month of waiting. As far as we know, we are waiting to get the bank's approval. They…
Hi, I am interested in buying a house in Sterling for investment purposes and would strongly consider looking at Foreclosure properties since I do
not want a very expensive house. What areas are best in Sterling to buy and then rent out the properties? Thank you.
We are in need of a home rental or home lease-to-purchase in Boerne, Texas. We have two small adult dogs and two small puppies (small breed).
We are looking for a rental or rent-to-own property that will permit two small adult dogs and two small breed puppies. Up to $2k per month.
I am interested in purchasing a vacation property within 3 hours of Hartford, CT
And am hoping for some advice on potential areas. Some guidelines we are hoping to meet: 1. Within 3 hours of Hartford, CT 2. On (or access to) water (ideally lake) - not interested in ocean. 3. Fun…
how do I report a scam?
there is a listing that is a scam and should be removed
we have a large down available for a home (20-50%), but can only verify work history for the past 8 months can we get a loan?
good credit and income amount, but having trouble finding a home within our cash range and would like to arrange a small loan but keep getting told no as soon as we get to work history
Minimum Square Footage in Maricopa County Arizona
I am looking to buy a piece of land to place a small home on. Something like this: http://wheelhaus.com/caboose/ . However, I am wondering what the minimum square footage requirements are. I understand…
Im receiving Worker's Compensation for an injury I had in my job 6 years ago. I'll be having cervical surgery
and will not be able to go back to work, if I'm even ever allowed to do so, for at least a year. Can my WC be considered when I apply for a mortgage loan? We will be paying the same we do for rent right…
Real estate legal opinion. Contingency and right of refusal.
We found a home that we wanted. We got our letter an offer together but in that time they received a cash offer contingent upon sale of their home. The sellers went with a right of refusal with a 48 notice.…
What is an acceptable amount lower than asking price to offer on a house.?
I live in Berks county, pa and am interested in a home where the owner has relocated to another state and begun construction on a new home. What is the amount I can offer below the asking price? No others…
i am a foreigner and i would like to finance a house in cape coral , Florida .
i have never been to USA before , and my intention is to rent it during the whole year , except for a few days if came for a vacation, i am employed in reputable company for more than 10 years .- can i…
Interested in buying my second home in valley spring. Looking for a realtor who can understand and suggest appropriate listings
Any recommendations for a good realtor who knows the area well and will be able to guide me through the process.
What is the difference between gut renovated home and new construction home in long island, NY?
What is the difference between gut renovated home and new construction home in long island, NY? Even the new construction homes i am seeing have about 50% of the original foundation of the previous home.
I would like to close my account with Trulia and no longer receive emails. I have clicked to unsubscribe numerous times over the last 2 weeks.
Each email I get I select unsubscribe. I have done this for over two weeks but still seem to be getting these emails. Please close my account completely and stop sending emails. I no longer need to be…
How long can a seller hold on to earnest money?
inspection was contingency.. radon high, roof doors and windoes needed repair/ replace seller refused to compensate going on4 weeks since we cxled contract.
Hi, I'm looking at the Chadds Ford, PA, Kennett Square and Delaware options for home buying and really want to reduce taxes and excessive HOA's?ideas?
DE vs. PA, why should I choose one over the other? Are taxes really that bad in PA? I'd like to stay away from condos. Thank you.
Are there any patio homes in Cane Bay, Summerville?
separate sections in the area with smaller lots, but with still all the charm
I came across a rental that was a scam but don't know how to flag it. How do I do that?
2712 W Skyline Pkwy, Duluth MN 55806 is for sale by Century 21 and "for rent" by some jerk on Trulia.
How do I find out property restrictions in Forsyth County?
Hello, I am looking at a 12 acre property between Winston-Salem and Clemmons (not in the city limits of either) that borders a creek. How can I find out the restrictions on what I can do with the property?…
Wanted to advise that someone has accessed my information off of this site. This weekend I sent an email inquiry about a
house, as did my husband and we both received emails back telling us they wanted us to move into their house. Both emails from singlehome16@outlook.com Not sure how to go about reporting this.
My house sold at foreclosure for $33,000 more then I owed the bank.I was only in arrears for this year in tax's (about $4,000)Doc's are
probably another $5,000 so what happens to that other money... and how come I can't seem to get a straight answer on this ...or a closing statement from B/A ? There were no other liens on it.Does…
We are first time home buyers and are planning to use my husband's VA Home Loan or CalVet but my husband has only been at his job for a
year with a 710 credit score and My job for 3 years with a 650 score. We have money for down payment. Will we have a hard time getting approved especially with him just having been at his job for a year?
DR Horton Southshore community build quality
Hi, I'm looking to buy a home within the Soutshore community in Chandler. I've read many bad reviews about DR Horton with their build quality and they seem to have a horrible reputation as a builder.…
Who Pays Closing Costs In Texas?
Who Pays Closing Costs In Texas
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