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How can I tell sellers in Westport Ma that I am interested in buying a house between 300 and 500k directly from the seller.?
My email is airlease2000@yahoo.com if anyone has a house to sell please contact. Willing to pay fair price based on recent sales.
Looking for a realtor who has extensive dealings with va loans in the contra costa area. prequalified with
va for $330k. can anyone help who is very proficient with this type of loan? Please let me know. Valarie Schwab 925-339-2299
Do pre-approval letters still matter?
I'm looking to purchase my first home. Though I'd love a SFH, my price range is in the 700k range and for Mountain View, that will most likely limit my options to a townhome. I love MV and work here too,…
What is A REALISTIC price for sqft in Coral Gable condo? (3bed/3Bath).
I am trying to buy a Condo in Coral Gables and they are asking for $385 sqft for a 3bed-3 bath. All research show that pick price should be $350. Building 2010 only 38 units.
Where is a good area in Fort Myers to purchase a home for a family with a elementary school age child?
Looking for area with exceptional schools, middle income family, enjoy outdoor activities, cultural activities, sports, etc.
Can one spouse obtain a mortgage if the marital home is in foreclosure? Said spouse in not on loan, just title.
Help! Due to eight surgeries in the past few years, we asked for a loan mod and were denied after over 18 months of haggling with the bank. (Denied AFTER hubby returned to work, thus his income was too…
40 year condo recertification in miami, how does that work??
If in fact the condo has gone through the 40 year cert, what does that inspection include, what about the underwater troubled HOA's that are coming up on 40 year anniversary? I am watching cheap condos…
What kind of colors can you paint on the outside of my house?
Can they be dark or do they have to be light colors?
How do I deactivate my account?
Needing to deactivate my account! What is the processs?
Looking for some help for a first time buyer
I am tired of renting and I am looking into purchasing. I am a full-time teacher and I make a great amount...BUT I have student loans on my back (and probably will forever...well at least it feels like…
When to start looking for a long-distance move?
If my husband and I are planning a cross-country move from Philadelphia to the Hyde Park area in May/June of 2014 and plan on buying a condo, when should we begin our search? I've been looking online at…
I am looking to purchase a home in the zip areas of 29579 or 29588 location, I live out of town and wanted to
purchase a primary home in this area. I recently visited MB and contacted a realtor. Who took me around to look at several houses. I had in interest in a home in a development where the builder and…
How to buy a house for someone else.?
In a cash sale how do you go about buying a house or transferring the deed to someone else.
Help need help to rent, or rent to own.
Hi! I am looking for to rent or rent to own a house or townhouse , 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths for 1,500 to 1,800. in Rockville or Olney, MD Can you help me?
What do we need to do to get a first time home buyers loan?
My husband and I live in Yonkers. My husband has been employed with the Yonkers City Schools for 1 year. His yearly pay is about $45,000. Not much but we do manage to pay $1450 a month in rent. I am a…
convert from two-family to single family in Easton PA?
Can I ask the detailed info about how to convert from two-family house to single-family house in Easton PA? we are the first buyer, and I appreciate if anybody answers!
Buying a house in Cherry Valley -Vernon Hills?
I would like to buy a house in Cherry Valley -Vernon hills. However it seems the price in this neigborhood is much lower than other area! Is there anything wrong about this neigborhood?
Any Buyer's Agent offering rebates in Middlesex, NJ?
Looking for Buyer's Agent offering rebates in Middlesex, NJ. No junk fees (i.e., $500.00 to submit an offer). Looking to move quickly. Thank you.
Buying home, shifting jobs. Which goes first ?
My current job is in Fremont and it is pretty stable and secure but I am planning to switch job (a better one in SFO or in South bay) in next few months (or year) for various other reasons. I am also…
Ok, with a credit score of at least 700 and a net income of 25000, how much can I get for a home loan? I have 6 credit cards but they are all paid
off and I have a car loan that is 2 years into a 7 year loan and is never late. That payment is $500 a month. I also own a business.
How can I buy a non-FHA approved condo without putting down 20%?
This is our dream house, but it's not FHA approved due to the condo fees in the community being over 15%. What options do we have?
Trying to purchase our First home with credit issues.
Hi, I live in South Jersey and my fiance and I are trying to purchase a our first home, we were dealing with a mortgage broker and thought we were even going to closing only to get denied at the last minute,…
Who is the best Home Owners Insurance Provider, in terms of Claim Handling and Customer Satisfaction?
In the Maple grove area, whats the best coverage for Home Owners Policy ? How do companies like Encompass stack up against big players like AllState, when it comes to Claim handling ? Which are the must…
First home buyer questions
Ok so one broker told me in NJ I had to prepay for a home appraisal prior too settlement - my mortgage lady gave me an idea of cost but never mentions this all she did was show me how much I had to bring…
Do I have to use homepath renovation mortgage financing on a home that is elagable for it?
I am looking at a home that is eligible for homepath renovation only. The listing agent says that I must finance the home using a homepath renovation mortgage lender. It seems odd to me that I am forced…
Looking for Owner Financing in RPB, Loxahatchee, Wellington. SFH 3/2
My wife and I are looking for a propert that offers owner financing after dealing with a broker for 6 months that has never deliveted. We are looking for a single family 3 bedroom 2 bath home with garage…
property for sell?
<a href="http://www.trulia.com/discussion/Home_Buying-best_property_available_for_rent-924973">Rent property</a>
I would like to know if 1350 Jones road 32220 is available so much Renee
we have been interested in this property for the past 5 years as it has been in forclosue. we live next door to property, 1400 jones road, thank you
any homes for rent in painstville ky?
looking for a 4-5 bedroom home for rent! any options up? any helpful answers will be greatly appricated! thanks -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/307995646…
How soon do you know your closing date?
We are contracted to close on May 29th. We have had our clear to close since May 1st. It is now May 27th and the only thing that we were waiting on was a septic check, which should have been performed…
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I'm a 55 year old women who is retired due to medical problems. I am looking for a single family home for myself and daughter and grandchild.
Also there is my companion who is retired also. There are three incomes, two of social security and one of being employed. My daughter works for U S Bank and goes to college while she raises her daughter…
What should be my first step before looking for my first home?
The very first step before looking at homes period.. Should be talking to a loan officer or bank, in order to find out how much you qualify for. The worst feeling in the world is finding the home of your…
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