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Home photo layovers
Why did Trulia revert to forcing home photos taking up the entire screen? I can't see the list of thumbnails now which forces me to flip through every single photo, many of them particularly poor.…
Need lender for REFI (with cash out) and new mortgage OR New Mortgage with sale of current home - Georgia -
Found the dream house. Current house appraised for $345k, owe $214k. new house is $519k (owner will take $495k)(owner said house has appraised for $580k). Wife and I make documented (W2's) $211k yr…
Rental Investment - Cash Positive in the Seattle Area
I am interested in a buy-and-hold real estate investment in or around the Seattle area. This would be for any area in Seattle, as far south as Tacoma or even Olympia and as far north as Everett. The…
isn't there a nice clean home in lamar,missouri for rent for a military couple with no kids?
Looking for a 2 bedroom 2 bath with a large room for my quilting machine. Sold our home and husband got transferred to Lamar. Now in need of home to rent that is nice and clean.
Looking for a 4 bedroom 2.5 bathroom single family house in South Brunswick area, preferrably Monmouth Jn.
Looking for a 4 bedroom 2.5 bathroom single family house in South Brunswick area, preferrably Monmouth Jn. Requirements: 1. Needs to be within a community 2. Need an Indian neighbourhood. If any agents…
My new wife and I both got divorced last year. The house is in her name via quit claim. But the mortgage is in only his name. She needs to
refinance in her name. She has about a 710 fico average but a lot of credit card debt. If she pays off the debt, can she refinance in less than 30 days?
3 percent down payment question.
I own a townhome and my wife is not on the mortgage. I recently found out that fannie mae and freddy mac are now offering 3 percent down. This interests us due to the low downpayment. However i have…
Hello, is it possible in northern California, particularly in Placerville to buy land and build a modular home?
Are there builders here that do an all-in-one real estate and build in a package? I am not interested in a mobile home, but something more perm. This is my first house, I'm a new buyer and looking at my…
How to FIX Trulia. You show less than 1/6 my acreage, less than 1/2 my finished sq ft, and locations that do NOT have 20 mile mountain views.
See Zillow for a proper picture (birdseye) and description of my property. How to FIX the problem you are creating
underwriter issues please help
We have been approved for loan and per underwriting we need to have our existing lender fill out a mortgage verification form. Lender whom is a owner-finance company nearly foreclosed on us over two years…
construction loan
I am interested in getting a construction loan via a conventional lender. Would someone tell me the benefits, issues, and process of obtaining such a loan? I want to purchase and rehab a house that needs…
Are any of the landlords or property managers vetted before they list properties?
Looking for a one bedroom house or cottage in Eugene for my son (disabled but functional) and it seems that everything affordable for his disability income ($1200) looks good on-line but horrible in reality.…
South Florida Real Estate New Construction in Boca Raton , Parkland , & Boynton.
Anyone interested I have pre-construction pricing and floor plans anyone interested
Buying a home without SSN?
I am looking to buy a home in New York without a social security number. I do have a ITIN and good work history and bank statements. Willing to put 20-25% down payment. Is this possible?
I'm looking to buy a home that is listed for $235,000, but my monthly would be to high so I was going to offer $200,000 and help with the
closing cost What percent can they pay up to ? I want my monthly to be no higher then $1100 to $1300 and what free grants non repayable are out there this is in lake Elsinore ca
Why the image still at your web, after house bought more then one year? Please take image out from your Web.
Dear Sir /Mam My Mom bought house on Sept. 2013, but the image of the house still on your Web. Please take the image of from you web. The house address is 3666 tinsley place Duluth GA 30096. Thanks! Steveson…
How Soon is too Soon?
Have pre approval for conventional mortgage Have 25,000 in gifts for down payment Have to wait until April 9th before I can put in an offer When should I start looking? Will a seller "hold"…
First Time Home Buyer Seeking advice on Negotiation
I am in the process of searching for a condo in the Signal Hill,CA area. I was able to find one today for about 289k. I think it is priced too high and I would like to make an offer but I am not sure how…
Any legal remedies against a seller who refuses to close?
My husband & I (buyers) are days away from closing on a home in TN. Seller just informed his agent that he is $7k short on his closing costs (equivilant of commission). Real estate agency offered to…
Does anyone know about LIndal Cedar homes in terms of quality and resale?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3096544920-621-High-Point-Dr-Breckenridge-CO-80424
I am buying my parents house which needs a lot of work done (new windows, floors, appliances, paint, etc.)..
the problem is, right now, the living room floor is plywood (they got sick of the dirty carpet a few months back and tore it up) well now, they would just put in a cheap carpet so the house would sell…
Does anyone specialize in the Chicago suburb of Flossmoor? I'm considering looking for a home there, am
wondering if the neighborhood is stable or on the decline. Also, what are some of the more desirable blocks within the neighborhood -- house prices seem to vary greatly based on location.
What are the fees associated with homes in the Solstice Communities in the central Fl. area?
Are these "land lease" communities? If so, what are the lot rents on average? Is there landscape maintenance available? What other monthly or yearly fees are there? Thanks for any help you…
Is there any financial institutions that will accept someone on Work Cover?
Very Good Credit.. Almost paid off my property..Looking to buy and sell the property I am in..
How is the water? What kind of financing?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3101542257-4020-Nevada-City-Rd-Fallon-NV-89406
delayed down payment
I have excellent credit. I can make a down payment after I sell my house. Is there a way to finance and move into a house before mine is sold? I think my house will sell quickly if I'm not living…
If a seller excepts an offer from the buyer and they both sign off on it, can the buyer change the offer at the closing? Example, ask for money to
Paint or buy a new appliance for instance. And the seller refuses, can the buyer walk and get his refund back?
release financing contengency
why does the seller want me to release my financing conengency?
Any street parking in New Milford?
Hello all, Considering moving to New Milford but need access to the train. Since I wouldn't be able to get a River Edge permit, was wondering if there was any street parking where one can walk to and…
Can you do an inspection on plumbing with toilets missing. The house I am looking at has that has 6 bathrooms.
The house went into foreclosure and the previous owner stripped all fixtures, all toilets except one, and all the appliances. I was thinking a electrician can check the wires to see if they work. We can…
Buying a home for the first time and its FSBO. How in the world do I go about getting the advice I need?
1- comparable homes in the area are going for $160-200 per square foot but this home is on a main road near a freight train...what to offer? 2 - who drafts the final agreement? 3 - the owner does not…
We moved to another state for work and bought a new home. We were unable to sell the previous home so we had to short sale it. The old home caused us
A lot of debt. Our current home has a lot of equity. The short sale is recent. How can I pull equity out to pay off debt??
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