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Hello everyone, my wife and I found a townhouse in Ives Estates (ZIP CODE 33179) that we really liked. However, not sure about the area. Any advice?
Our price range is 300K-330K for a 3bd/2.5bath house. We are planning to live in the house for 7-10 years and start a family. Is this a good investment? What are the major pros and cons? Thanks in…
We wish to move to the Bay Saint Louis area in a year or 2. What are the internet providers for the area? Is Broadband an option?
I need a good internet connection for my job, I am a freelance graphic designer and a good internet provider is a concern.
Removing ad from Trulia
I have rented the home I listed here. I am very happy with your service and got a very good renter as a result. How do I remove the ad?
Can walk from a contract?
I signed contact to purchase a new house over a year ago,but the builder/ seller has made various mistakes with the upgrades for instance the kitchen cabinets ordered natural color like the one in the…
Can I ask a listing agent to show a listing without any buyers realtor contract?
I am looking at several listings until I decide to sign with a realtor.
Katherine, Renter in Orange, CA I have a 5 bedroom voucher for Section 8 Housing, I'm looking to rent in Orange, Tustin, Irvine, Costa Mesa,
Newport Beach, Anaheim Hills, Aliso Viejo, or Mission Viejo areas. I can also rent a 4 bedroom but prefer the 5 bedroom. I have not to so great credit. Who will rent to me?
find an agent with a vip badge
how does an agent get a vip badge
Can I ask a listing agent to view listing without any strings attached?
I'm shopping around to purchase a home, until I decide to hire a realtor.
I am seeing if it is too soon to get pre-qualified for a VA Loan. I am debt free, even though I have about 10 credit cards all of which have 0 balance
I am a service-connected disabled Vet and get 40% comp from VA & 20% Army. I also have been employed fulltime since March 2013. Will a lender even look at my demographics. I have two outstanding loans.…
What are some signs of a good realtor who negotiates for the buyer.?
The house have been on the market over a year and the realtor wanted me to offer a high amount.
What kind of work does this house need?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1083978114-2884-State-Highway-92-Winterset-IA-50273
I own 1/3rd of my mother's home in FL. We 3 are co-owners of this property thru a Living Trust. One of my siblings wants to buy the home.
She wants to obtain a fair market value, deduct a real estate commission fee from this value and pay off the other 2 siblings for their share of the house, i.e. resulting in a buyout. She'll then own the…
Harvey Oaks or Pepperwood?
Hi, first time home buyer here. Trying to decide on a good location for a starter home in Omaha. No kids yet, but they are in the future plans. Harvey Oaks and Pepperwood are the tarea read we like and…
Here are a couple of tips for buyers.
After the seller has agreed to do certain repairs (e.g., install a booster fan on an exhaust duct from a drier because the length of the exhaust duct exceeds code limits and represents a potential fire…
Anyone know of homes for rent under $1500. I need to rent for a year then buy.
Me and my bulldog are moving back to California and need a rent to own situation. I haven't used my VA loan yet.
Recently released from prison! Can I get an FHA loan with a little over a year of employment?!?
I was released from prison last spring and have worked continuously since then (1 year and 3 months). I have built up my credit since then as well. I am trying to qualify for an FHA loan. My mid credit…
I want to delete this posting
House is no longer for rent...it is for sale but all pictures of this property is out of date and does not appear as shown ...I want to be able to post new pictures and prices Thank yu
How can I buy or take ownership of my mothers home if her ex-husband is still on the deed?
My mother and her ex bought a house in 1962. After a few years they divorced and he left. She remained in the house, was remarried, had children and lived there for almost 20 years. She and the new…
Centennial Overlook Community in Ellicott city by Beazer Homes -
We were able to secure a lot based on a lottery system in this community. The lot we have a hold on backs to another home and not a open space. Looks like there is also a water table on this lot.The sales…
How to do a search?
I would like to search for a property with a minimum of two acres for horses in the Longmont area. With just Longmont I got several listings. When I take the search out farther by listing several of the…
can I get a mortgage if my home is in foreclosure or short sale?
have some down money credit score is around 700
I am interested in purchasing a home next year and not sure about how to go about it being a self-employed person/graduate nurse (LPN)
Hello all, I am an adult entertainer (dancer) and graduate nurse (LPN). I currently have one year of self-employed tax return and 20,000 for a down payment, my plan is to save a max of 40,000 for the…
Please take me off of your email list!
Please take me off of your email list!
I am a first time home buyer .. SAN DIEGO ANY ADICE PLEASE
Hello.. I want to buy a house in San Diego at least 4 bed-room and no less than 3000ft for area .. if the range price is 700K- 1.M what the mortage rate will be ? I am new in US AND I DON'T NOW ANYTHING…
When I 'tag' a photo from a property's 'album', who receives that recognition?
I was hoping they would be kept in my account for later reference. What is the point of tagging a photo?
Will ECB fines go away is I purchase a new home with them?
I found a home that the seller is willing to sell for a well below market price. I'm going to get an FHA 203K loan to finance the home and repairs. The problem is the seller didn't take care of the home…
how to reply an email about my rental listing?
how to reply an email about my rental listing? I followed the "reply" button, then come to Trulia site asking to create an account. I did, but still don't know how to reply
Looking for Rent to own or Lease option Program
Lease Option to Buy(wanted) or rent to own I recently came out of a Bankruptcy in Aug of 2012 so each month my credit score is improving and hope to get Bnk Qualified in a year I am looking for a minimum…
What kind of counterparts material should use?
I'm remodeling my kitchen for a later sale and I'm trying to cut cost. What kind of counterparts material should use?
Just how valuable is road frontage?
I am looking in the Hendersonville/Sumner County area for a home with a few acres. I found several nice homes only find they have little or no road frontage. Many times the driveway is along an easement.…
Trulia website is not working!
I attempted to request a price on a home, and the website kept redirecting me off the page!
From Puerto Rico to Orlando/Kissimmee Area
My husband and I are planning to move this time next year to Florida, and we are thinking on buying a second home. We don't know much about HOA and property taxes on second residence and home insurance…
I'm looking to rent to own a income property near a river or lake anywhere in California can someone call me at 760-669-5308
My credit score is 590 so I'm looking for a fixer upper income home property, it can also be a Mobile home with lots of land to build a business like a fruit farm near water anywhere in California priced…
Hello, I am looking for a house that is hopefully 200,000 or less but it is fine if it is above that. Near 17111 Harrisburg, PA
We can a house with three bed room, made of brick, made after 2000 years old. And students attend Susquehanna township High school. Please help us find a house. thank you for your help.
hello im dj from oklahoma i have had lexington law and cre working on my credit for the past two years
i have a 620..600..565 i am trying to get a house for 100000 amd have 10 percent down any advice?
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