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Best location for investment/vacation home?
Looking for a condo in San Diego County and Escondido would be an option. Location is top priority. Square footage and amenities not really important but want something in a nice, quiet, safe neighborhood.…
Are realtors in Henderson NV subject to ethical rules?
I am interested, what is the course of action when an agent continues to advertise a property at a price but upon inquiry identifies that the owner will only accept a price at least 60% higher than the…
Advice on manufactured homes
Looking for an investment/vacation home on the Central California Coast and noticed many manufactured homes for sale but know nothing about them. Are they a good investment or go down in value? Do they…
we need help on a home we just bought we were told it is a 2005 but when we moved in found out it is really a 1996 mobile home
phone number is 573 772 9542 there is a lot to this an we don't know where to turn an or who is responsible an everyone is passing the buck can someone please help we gave…
How does one decide on a home improvement contractor?
We are close to making an offer on a single family house in south bergen area i.e around Lyndurst and Rutherford areas. This house needs a lot of updates. How would you suggest we go about in our search…
I have been employed (W2) by the same company for 10 years. In order to move to another state, my status will change to 1099.
Considering my 10 years with the company, will I still have to wait 2 years to get a home loan?
Why would a seller require me to go through one specific lender?
I recently put an offer on a town home in zip code 77004. The offer was submitted with a pre-approval letter from Wells Fargo. The seller is requiring me to go through their lender. I think this is fishy.
Stated income or low Doc mortgage in Austin?
Looking to buy a condo under $75K. The problem is that I do not have employer verification for the 2 year term and my monthly income is around $1,000 now. I have tax returns, credit is 750, have >$100k…
Relocation from Arizona to North Carolina.. HELP!
My family is relocating to the Raleigh area within the next 2 years and because Raleigh is so big, we don't know where to look. We have a 3 year old and want to be near good schools. We work from home…
Does Palm Bay/Brevard County have down payment assistance options?
My family and I will be relocating from Harmony, FL to Palm Bay by the end of summer. Our current lease ends in September. We are weighing out the pros and cons of buying vs renting in the area. It…
Are mortgages available for Foreign National buyers in Massachusetts?
I'm looking to purchase a property in MA as a Second Home with a mortgage of between 50-70% LTV. Are there any Foreign National Mortgages available in MA?
Six months ago we ran credit thru agency to check out our credit score. Agent said that a year out, we would be in better shape for loan
qualifications, but six months mght be long enogh to clear bad numbers. Will checking our score now flag us or add numbers to it? Thanks.
Would I be able to qualify for a $300,000 loan in my current situation?
I am looking to purchase a home in the Virginia Beach or Chesapeake, VA area around Sept/Oct time frame. I will be using the VA loan, 0% down option as I am in the military. My wife is getting out in July…
down payment assistant program in lansing
has anyone gone through the down payment assistant in the city of lansing? if so, do you recommend the program?
Hello, I'm looking for a house that has low property tax, with a good school system that is 30-45 mins away from Secaucus, NJ that is around $480K< .
Hello, I'm looking for a house that has low property tax, with a good school system that is 30-45 mins away from Secaucus, NJ that is around $480K< . Please help!
Buying a house,negotiation...
Hi, I'm just curious, from my experience and from my firends experience when they make an offer to a house the agent get back to us and tell us that they receive 2 more offers for the house and that we…
I need advice please!
Hello all! I saw this house and the asking price is $254,900. I admit it is a gorgeous house but we don'twant to give them full price. So I called OUR agent to call the sellers agent that we want to bid…
Isn't it best to maintain a property that's for sale?
My question deals with the property for sale at 1505 sycamore ave, willow grove. The lawn hasn't been cut for 5 weeks now. You should keep it looking good, especially since your so overpriced for…
we have an offer for our condo in Scottsdale from friends in Wisconsin and we have tentatively accepted it.
since we have found the buyers and the listing in AZ runs out July 1, 2014 what steps do we take now to sell without the realtor ??
Is CHDAP program still suspended? As of January 25,2013 this program was suspended but was told today it's not is that true?
Was told by my lender that CHDAP was suspended as of jan 25 but got then he told me told it isn't? I feel this is pretty odd how can a program just be suspended for 3 days then its up an running again??
Hello! My wife and I want to buy a house in Coral Gables
Is this a good to rent with an option to buy given the market conditions? Please advise and thanks...JRD
My real estate agent is acting for me, the seller as well as the potential buyer
My real estate agent is acting for me, the seller as well as the potential buyer. Would it be a good idea for me to hire on a real estate attorney because of the conflict of interest?
What if seller refuses to make repairs?
My fiance and I are under contract on our 1st home as of last week. It is not a short sale nor is it as-is. We had inspection on Saturday morning and discovered that the back 6x6 2nd story deck is crap.…
Mortgage lien in tax deed sale
Does a mortgage lien survive a tax deed sale in Lee, Fl?
Are bolted items such at TV mounts and real property or personal?
I am buying a house I want to know if bolted items such as TV mounts considered real property or personal property of the seller.
How disturbing/annoying is the noise from trains in East Greenwich, RI?
We are looking at a house on Duke St. in East Greenwich. It is a few blocks from the train tracks. How bad is the noise level? From the train schedule, it looks like there are close to 20 trains traveling…
What did some house sale for in barbourville ky?
not wanting to buy but maybe sale need to know what to ask for it
I accidentally signed Paragraph 2 (release of deposit) without signing paragraph 1 (cancellation of contract) and send it to seller.
I accidentally signed Paragraph 2 (release of deposit) when I have no intention of releasing my deposit to the seller. However, I failed to sign paragraph 1 (cancellation of contract) and send the form…
How is the process of buying a foreclosure home in maricopa like? Can it qualify for a USDA loan?
I understand bank owns this homes already, so can bank shoulder closing cost too? Any info would be appreciated.
I am looking to buy an investment property in Cobb County to rent out. Any insight to the rental market in that area?
What type of property would be best for the renters in the area (e.g. single family, town home, how many bedrooms)? What price point is best for the area, I don't want to buy something too big and price…
How much does it cost to tear and build a new single family /single story home(say 2000sqft) in cupertino,ca?
I need an approximate range for total process from obtaining permits to plan to build.
I am unclear as to how square footage is determined. I compare listings, look at the sizes of the rooms and the number of beds and baths and often the
numbers just don&#039;t add up. How are these numbers determined? And how can I educate myself as a buyer when it comes to determining value based on size?
Your bank owns the home and mortgage at 171 N oak street in Hinckley illinois 60520, the home is unsecured and the doors are open, the animals racoon
Your bank owns the home and mortgage at 171 N oak street in Hinckley illinois 60520, the home is unsecured and the doors are open, the animals racoon etc are everywhere and hasnt had electric in months…
I am a first time home buyer with not so good credit. My neighbor is selling a home for $35,000.00.
I am putting $5,000.00 down at $500.00 for 8 yrs. Can NACA help me? I have the income, but again not so good credit.
New construction in Valencia
Is there new construction available for homes priced $400K and lower in the Valencia area?
is saint branden school for prek and kindergarten free?
currently looking for a school to enroll my daughter and son
Buying a SF: Cupertino, Evergreen, Almaden
We are looking to upgrade our present home and cannot decide to choose between the above areas. Ideally we would like a 4 bedroom SF, with excellent schools, possibly newer home. Any suggestions as to…
Any mortgage brokers willing to help? I'm a British national, looking to get a mortgage on a Chicago condo. I have cash for a good deposit and....
.... have a good income level. I am not a US resident and I don't have any US social security or credit history. Thanks
Buying a house in LA county (foreign national)
Hello, I've been to LA several times and now I want to buy a decent house in a lovely, family-oriented neighborhood: Rancho Park/Cheviot Hills (but depends on market, south of Encino and southwest…
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