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There are some agent that this approved to work with NACA, who knows Pembroke Pines and Miramar areas?
Recently, I was qualified for a NACA mortgage. I am interested in the areas of Pembroke Pines and Miramar. There are some agent that this approved to work with NACA, who knows these areas well and speak…
the bank accepted our offer, full asking price, and the pool has to be in 100% working condition. There was
no motor, no water,so after signing the bank wants us to pay for half of the pool repairs. Can they do that? They said they got one quote for $1,500 and they want to get another quote. It has been 2 weeks…
Why don't you allow us to filter based on 2 commute locations? It kind of makes sense.
Most people live with a partner. Both commute. It's a huge pain to constantly have to put one address in the commute filter, then check every address in google maps for the other commute time as…
Who is the realtor that sold the home at 2111 Colville Chase Drive, Ruskin FL?
I am looking to purchase short sale/foreclosure in riverbend or maybe other nearby area.
Your site has my PERSONAL home listed FOR RENT without my permission. I want this listing removed IMMEDIATELY!
I have tried to contact the agent listed several times with NO response! I want someone to contact me NOW!
Re: Response to request to schedule a viewing of 4021 N. 38th Place #1 in Phoenix AZ. What is Trulia's policy on what appears to be a rental?
scam? Owner contacted me and asked that I send him my banking information by email and in return he would send me a key to look at the house because he is in Alabama.
Has anyone used Giant Real Estate Solutions?
Looking for a good lead program.
I have been thinking about buying a condominium in downtown Portland.
I am a little worried about an article I read about lawsuits with several buildings in town. Should I stay away from those buildings and just look at others? Might also consider a townhome in a nice walkable…
VA Lender for Mobile Home w/ Land (with a catch).
The catch is that I've worked at my current job only since October. My husband has worked at the same location for about 3 years, and he is the one who is the veteran; however, we won't qualify…
I have been contacted by an Asian male who claims to be the owner of 1128 James Boulevard, Signal Mountain, TN. Trulia has been hacked and I have been
scammed. This home is currently listed on Trulia as available. I contacted the realty company who is handling it and they told me who the true owner was. The asian mail wanted me to send him money for…
Where is the best place to live in Florida?
I am currently living in Ohio and I want to move to Florida in two years when I graduate college. I want to live where the town isn't run down, there are several job opportunities for hotel management,…
28452 Casselman Ln, santa clarita, ca
do the condos in this community have their ownattached garages?
What is the crime like in palmetto ga? Also, what can i do about my neighbors fence?
Im about to move to palmetto and I reserached crime there and nothing came up. Im not sure if its true or if things are just not up to date. Also, my neighbor have a complete eye sore for a fence. Its…
Do any loan brokers know if Homesteps programs have low down financing for investors after the "first look" period?
Do any loan brokers know if HomeSteps properties have any low down financing for investors after the "first look" period? If so, how many mortgages can they have? Up to 10? Thanks!
I am a first time home buyer. Can you suggest where I should look to get good information on my options?
Are there any good sites on the web to help? Do I have any "breaks" available to me mortgage wise?
Hi, I’m looking at 47 Sunshine Lane in Santa Barbara. Can you tell me more about it?
Is it a tear-down? Is it livable as is? How much acreage is it?
I cannot open any of the listings you sent.
Trulia New on the Market Check out these new properties that meet your search criteria. Map of Property $1,000 /month 901 Se 6th Court, Fort Lauderdale FL 2bd, 2 full ba Rio…
Mold in the basement
We see what may be white mold in the basement of the house we are almost under contract with. Should we get this tested or we are thinking of just asking for a credit at closing.
There may be a scam on your site. If it's not, I would love to actually rent one of these houses. But they appear too good to be true.
41W354 Sunset dr., St. Charles, IL...advertised for rent at $1,000/mo. But listing states it's not a traditional rental. This house will be shown as for sale, but for $1,000/ mo the "renter"…
Hi There, I am looking for a home to buy in Villebois Division with a max budget of 260K.
I am thinking renting it out in the short term (2 years) before moving in. I want to take advantage of low Interest rate as I have more than 760 Credit score. 1/ Is my budget enough to afford a new home…
What fire district am i in?
We live at 4921 SW Hamilton St, Portland
The smallest home w/only pool on the street was orig appraised at $120 now at $150,000 listed at $157
Would I regret this purchase when time to re-sell? The pool is 3 years old the house 30.
Are you aware there are scams on some of the properties listed on Trulia?
I was looking for a house to rent; one came up on Trulia Sunday morning. Its location is 4340 Case Road, Canandaigua, NY. Checking on this I realized it was a scam. Please let others know this is happening;…
We are moving to Cleveland this summer and want to buy a house. We are Dutch citizens with NO RECENT credit history in the US. Who can help?
We need a 70% mortgage WITHOUT credit history requirement. Can anyone recommend any lenders?
We make 114000/year . Bankruptcy 3 yr ago. Credit scores in July 617 and 620. Is there any loan out there for us with no down payment?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3100408334-1518-Westover-Dr-Willoughby-OH-44094
Looking for help to next move to make with those that really care about others, not just a sale.
We are a couple that got hit hard in the past. i am not currently working but would love to, more on my situation if you get interested. My husband now has a good solid job, but his fico is only 540, many…
foreclosure wanting to buy again how do i do it? Is bankruptcy my only option?
please help I am frustrated with my situation and want to be back in the home ownership game. I lost my family home due to my ex husband not paying the mortgage and i didn't find out since he handled…
How Long Should Owners Be Allowed To Stay After closing?
Almost at clear to close and we needed to update our purchase agreement since it took so long for this FHA 203k to be approved by AFR, we are awaiting a clear to close after submitting more docements for…
What would be the advantage of having a realtor for a new construction home? I plan to be fully involved, and have built 2 homes prior to this one.
I've interviewed 3 agents who haven't given a concrete answer other than they will represent me. We had one on the last build and she did nothing other than attend the closing and got paid a lot for one…
Does a 420 sq ft garage connected to the house have a sq ft price?
Realtors say that the square foot value is based on the house only if though there is a connected 2 car garage.
New Build or Renovation
I am in central Texas (Belton/Salado) and am in the market for a home. Our budget is <$200K. We are frustrated with what is on the market. I have a builder that will build us a home for cost 10%.…
Are horses permitted on these properties?
I am seeking waterfront or walking distance to water and horse permitted properties. Navigable water that will access either the gulf or bay. In an insurable area.
When can you purchase after a Short Sale.?
What is the time frame after a short sale will a buyer be able to purchase another home? I was initially told two years. When I tried after two years I was told it was three. Is it different for each type…
Possible fraud spam,
Possible fraud, spam. When contacted they asked immediately for a deposit, they said they would not present any paperwork until a deposit was made. They would not meet in person and did not sound legitimate.…
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