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Lincoln Park or Glenview?
I have two 1 year old kids and i work in downtown area. My wife and I are thinking about buying a property. We basically have two choices: buy a condo in Lincoln park, or buy a house in Glenview/Wilmette.…
Market Pediction for Sunnyvale-Cupertino-West San Jose Area
We are looking for a home in Homestead or Cupertino High school area, but within good elementary school area (for Homestead). I am wondering what is the prediction for these two areas? The inventory seems…
What are the advantages of a coop over a condo? Coops seem to have many restrictions...
I'd appreciate any info about maintenance fee and tax comparisons, appreciation rate and RESALE VALUE.
How long should a short sale take if the buyer is paying cash?
Agreed amount with home owner is $7500 less than asking price. We are paying cash, gave a bank letter stating that there are funds available to purchase with cash. How long should it take the bank to…
Meth lab home in Alameda county - Seller claims its cleaned. Should I buy the home?
The seller disclosure says that there was meth lab in this home and now currently cleaned. Wondering if its OK to buy this home and if yes, what should I ask the seller to get any comfort? If no, what…
Are there any banks/mortgage companies that offer physician loans with little or no down payment?
I am a general surgery resident that will be graduating this coming summer 2014. I am looking for a bank or mortgage company that offers physician loans for physicians/residents in my position, and is…
There is a little town on the Florida Panhandle with beautiful Victorian homes around the lake in town - DeFuniak Springs! Rehab Heaven!
A lot of these homes will fall down without some love, and $$. How can this be accomplished on a shoestring budget and no real rehab skills? I'm ready to learn - Nicole Curtis!!!!
What is is the process for buying a condo in NYC with cash?
I have a trust that I am able to use and I want to purchase my first condo in NYC. Before receiving the trust, I was laid off for three years and accumulated some debts (which I've paid off since receiving…
I'm thinking of buying a house in South Amboy and the house I really like said extra charge for garbage removal. what does it really mean?
The house is on Catherine st. I checked the south amboy website for garbage pick up and there are 4 colors, 3 have days and the pink section doesn't nor have a meaning behind the pink.
Colorado Springs, CO : Best neighborhoods for raising a family and GREAT schools?
We are contemplating a career move to Colorado Springs (from the east coast) and we do not know anything about the area. Where are the best places to raise a 4 and 5 year old - looking for family neighborhoods,…
I have some credit issues and I'm trying to fix them. Unfortunately I have two derogatory marks placed on my report within days apart. what to do?
Have I totally ruined my chance of purchasing my first place? Also I have been in my first real job only one year, his that frown upon with such short continuous employment.
Buy or Rent in San Mateo if one of us works in SF and the other in Menlo Park? Thx
Hi all, thanks for reading the post. My wife and I are moving to the Bay Area - she will work in SF, and I will work at Menlo Park. We have never lived in the Bay Area, and are unsure of whether we should…
I am looking for a business or individual to purchase my home in Opelousas, LA, can anyone help with that?
5 br/3bth/large rooms, 4 car carport, old cellar, additional lot, porhes top and bottom, spilt stairways, large kitchen/ This would be great for a business or even a large family, outside the city in a…
It says property tax = $1241 while in the morgage payment it is $67 per month .The math does not work , where I am wrong
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3088181954-18-Ashland-St-1R-Worcester-MA-01609
If a multifamily unit (duplex) is sold with both units, or is it possible to own half of a duplex?
Let me rephrase the question... I want to buy a multifamily unit (duplex) and rent out the other side. Here is a specific example: 2526 E 12th Ave Denver, CO 80206 MLS#: 1246192. This listing says it is…
I am receiving a phone message at about 1:00 to 3:00 in the early morning and by the time I wake up at 6"30 someone has already called the lead
I got This happens a lot so I never get a chance with the lead because someone else got the same lead six hours more or less earlier! Can you help e save these leads? I need sales bad!
My wife and I are looking into buying a home. We will not start the mortgage application process until February. My question is, when is the best
time to start looking at properties with our realtor? I do not want to start to soon and find one we love and not be able to put in an offer. Any input will be greatly appreciated.
Post doctoral fellow on OPT looking for home loan
Hi, I am a post doc research fellow at Purdue university and I am currently on OPT (F-1 student visa). My wife will be joining Purdue as a post doc on a J1 visa in the first week of July. Both me and…
Can anyone find me a stick built 3 bedroom,2 bath stick built with a decent water supply on at least 1 private acre under 215k?
were open to fixers that are not falling down, or leaking. No flood zone areas. No odd lng pipe line areas either. We want to buy asap and close fast. Thank you
I am interested in buying a condo or townhouse in PG county. Preferably Upper Marlboro.
I would like to get some serious home buyer incentive as this will be my first home. I read about the my home program in PG and some others. The more gifts I can receive the better any help would be appreciated.
Should you negotiate builder incentives/credits before or after selecting them at the design center?
*NO PURCHASE CONTRACT SIGNED YET The builder is including $5000 credit to the design center (no obligation to use their lender, it's a use or lose situation). However, they want us to select options/upgrades…
My question is it possible for us to now get approval for a FHA loan with an 580 still ?
MY Husband and I have been working on our Credit for the last 2 years, We have gotten our scores over 580, according to our credit reports.
What is the market trend for the properties in Lake Orion in the future?
Any road expansion projected? Any large stores will be opened in this area?
I found a condo to buy, but, I need some time to wrap up some personal problems where I live out of state.
Is there anything that I can do to slow down the process to buy me some time.Maybe put in a low bid ? The condo has been on the market for almost a year and they have within the last few months lowered…
DC Army wife of soldier that will be out in 2yrs. Considering San Ant for his GIS tech job & Austin for my gov job. With commute, buy a house
where? *Strongly considering moving from DC Area to San Antonio or Austin in 2013 for better cost of living. *He: GIS Army Tech. San Antonio BIG boom in GIS. *Me: Master's level judicial goverment…
How to get out of a land contract?
My dad signed a land contract. The house is in Horrible condition. Needs a TON of repairs and work, the plumbing all leaks into the dirt floor basement, the list goes on. He does not want to keep it. The…
Walkable Neighborhoods near Cleveland?
How do I find people looking for a walkable neighborhood near Cleveland
Am I crazy for thinking there is a 4 bedroom home for rent (or rent to own) in Hershey/Hummelstown that's under $1,000 monthly?
I'm looking for a rent to own home or just a rental house. I would like it to have 3 bedrooms, preferably an in-law quarters as well. Hoping to stay in the Lower Dauphin school district. At least 2 bathrooms,…
Hi, I am looking for a 1 bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. Preferably in the Flatbush/East Flatbush, Prospect Park, Canarsie, Midwood area but...
I will consider other areas depending on crime rates, etc. A Walk-In is OK with me. I am looking for $950 rent as I am a recent college grad.
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