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Land contract or lease to own option, when association won't allow rentals.
I helped my Father locate and purchase an investment property in March this year, by hiring the agent who helped me purchase my own home. Shortly after we closed, the association advised us that we could…
Short Sale/Preforeclosure/Forclosure questions and tips on negotiating the price
My girlfriend and I are both first time homebuyers and we are currently renting a location. Our lease is up come October 1st but we agreed to let them put the house up for sale July 1st so we need to get…
looking on trulia, there are homes listed in various stages of foreclosure (REO, Auction etc) through realty trac. Yet some of these homes never
seem to appear for sale on MLS. How do you obtain information on foreclosure homes and make a bid if it doesn't appear on MLS for sale?
How Long for a short sale negotiator to accept your offer?
I've put an offer in on a short sale property. They said the negotiator was going to review the file on Tuesday July 13th. How long, on average, does it take for a negotiator to agree to or deny…
Accepted counter on a short sale. The loss mitigator's email is from Celnar. Do they own the note or are they just handling the paperwork ?
We are now 6 months in. More so because of the sellers a divorce situation and one of the sellers is stalling. Now that we are finally moving along Celnar has countered us on the house. We accepted right…
Question regarding foreclosure records....
I just bought a Fannie Mae owned home. It looks like they spent quite a bit and updated it, however I saw on Homes.com that it was either once listed, or bought for $75,000. I can't find any record…
Mortgage application
I was a prev homeowner. Files BK due to my divorce 3 years ago. Remarried and my current wife never owned a home. Can we get a loan with 0 down and will she qualify as first time homeowner?
How do I report a fraud? The property at 5412 Alex Ranch Rd., Cheyenne, WY 82007-1879 is a fraud attempting to rent the property for $800.00 a month.
I saw the property today and it's being rented by Cheyenne Property Management Group and there is a lock box on the door. I phoned them and the property is actually renting for $1,695.00. I just noticed…
I had an executed contract to purchase a Homepath Fannie Mae house. Our inspection revealed major structural and health and safety issues.
But the seller's agent refused to pass our Inspection report to Fannie mae. They claimed: "Per Fannie Mae guidelines we are not to review the home inspection. The inspection is for your buyers…
I found a forclosed home for $115,000. My cousin world for the bank that owns the home and has been working as their head I.T./security for over 20
years. Do you think it would be a good idea to talk to the bank and see if they would let us rent the house for 1 year until we are able to get our credit better?
How do I report a fraud? The property at 5412 Alex Ranch Rd., Cheyenne, WY 82007-1879 is a fraud attempting to rent the property for $800.00 a month.
I saw the property today and it's being rented by Cheyenne Property Management Group and there is a lock box on the door. I phoned them and the property is actually renting for $1,695.00. I just noticed…
my husband and I are looking to buy a home. How do we find out about 1st time buyer programs? and does are agent help us with getting pre-qualified?
we have been renting since 1997 and would really like to be home owners once again. We just don't know where to start.
What are the requirements for a bedroom in Brookfield?
I know the common building code requirements but I also know some of the codes are considered a bit outdated. How to the Brookfield codes compare?
Are there exceptions to the Fannie Mae owner occupied rule if you are buying the house for your elderly parents who have little to no income?
It would be their primary residence. If there is such an exception, can some point me to the source of info.
Termite inspection of a home came up with Section 1 and 2. Is seller responsible for Sec.1?
The home is a AS-IS sale. Is seller responsible for Sec.1? Thanks!
The map you show for 607 South Shore Holland, MI 49423 is WRONG. The map actually depicts my house at 414 Thomas Holland, MI. Can you fix that??
The area around 607 South Shore Holland, MI 49423 and houses adjacent is showing houses along Thomas Ave. Pics and addresses do not match.
are there any restrictions on what kind of dogs you can have in whispering woods. are there any restrictions on kid safety pool fences.?
I believe that whispering woods does not allow fences. how do you protect your pool from kids.
Hi, my husband and I are looking for a 4/2 on 5ac with pool. Well its been hard to find. We found a home with the pool & the acres but the house not
that nice is there any way to get a contractor to have a look on line and get a rough estimate the home needs floors/kitchen its got a weird lay out but its priced right any advice would be great.
moving to SA;need to rent from June in Lopez middle school zone;so far no luck in finding such place.Help pls!
my husband's job is bringing us to San Antonio. we would like to rent a place, either an apartment or a house, from June for minimum 6 months while looking for a house to buy. we need to be in the Lopez…
I have a community that I am interested in located in Acworth, GA its a Century Community The Reserve at Westbrook Wesley Floor Plan. I wanted to do
new construction and wanted to know how to go about getting the approval process to start building. The sales agent said their turn around time is 5-6 months. I wasn't looking into getting into a…
What does 'bridge a mortgage' mean ?
A realtor once used this phrase and I'm not clear on it. Does it mean combine it with an existing mortgage ?
Can I use a home equity loan as a down payment on another house?
I inherited my home from my mother. We are currently living in it, but are a family of 4 and outgrowing it. There is no mortgage on the house. Can I take out a home equity loan to use as a down payment…
looking to buy in western KY
Looking to retire in KY within the next year, Hope to be a cash buyer. Would like a 3/2 house country or small town.lake or water nearby a plus, online searchs have been Fulton and Cadiz areas but open…
Will we be approved for a USDA loan if driveway's retaining wall is crumbling (does not affect structural elements of condo)?
We have had an offer accepted on a condo and have had an inspection recently done. The major issue that came back on the inspection is a retaining wall that is visibly falling apart (wooden railroad ties)…
Can a realtor walk away if iit takes long to close on a house?
We've been in contract with a $ 250000 house since July 2014. We had been pre approved with Wells Fargo then it turns out we were never approved. My realtor agent was able to get us another loan agent…
Need to change rating I made of my agent. Rated him incorrectly
I just rated my agent, intending to submit a very favorable rating. In my haste, I misunderstood the rating system. Thinking that I was rating him with all 5's, and in reality, I checked all 1's.…
Would be nice if you could add a filter to list 'low to high' prices. Also, make the 'land only' listings in a different category
than housing. It's real disappointing to have to search 'my price' by having to see all the 'rich housing'. Adding a filter would be great!
I just went on your site yesterday and have been bombarded with realtors, movers, some automated calls I received wanting payment and my checking acco
fraudulent emails and phonecalls wanting my checking account number and routing number, need to co ntact your security dept, thanks Milagros Ramos
Why am I getting the emails that arrive daily?
My criteria clearly stated that I was interested in 3 bedroom, 2 bath, yet I am getting listings for only 2 bedroom homes daily. How can I change this to listings for 3 bedroom homes?
When do you anticipate the Market to Reach 2005 Prices?
In are area, seems we are currently at 2004 levels.
My home is up for sale as a foreclosure on Trulia's website. We just spoke with the bank and they have not authorized this.
We request it be taken off immediately. 101 Channelhouse Road, North Wales, Pa 1944. Craig and Dana Lehrman.
Opinions on Terreverde Country Club?
How financially stable are they
In which neighborhood might I find 3br/2bth townhomes with a good public high school and a T or rail stop in walking distance in the $650-850k range?
I am considering a position in Cambridge and would prefer a smaller home in a good city neighborhood over a larger suburban home. Thank you.
Is this condo a 1,2,or 3 bedroom?
I am interested in a purchase and may not need to finance but don't wish to totally have to renovate.
Relocating from out of state with my children for safety reasons to Citrus Springs to be near friends for support, looking for a reasonable rental..
Need min. of 3 bed. hoping to find 4. We have do have a dog, that is extremely well trained, mixed breed (not a pit!) Working on improving credit to buy in the area eventually, score is only 560 now.…
I bought a property in Tampa cash but want to buy another investment. Unfortunately don't have enough money so I was wondering may I be able to
cash out refi to purchase the other with a loan or it will not be allowed because of source of funds ?
How is the Rendition Homes company?
We are looking at the Rendition Homes builder at Steadman Farms in Keller, TX. Something slightly concerning to us is we cannot find any reviews for the company at all. Could someone speak to the quality…
I am looking for a local Agent in or very near Crowley, TX.
I have some clients I need to refer to a reliable Agent. These folks have sold their home with a COE date of March 3rd, 2014 and need to find a home ASAP. They have no time to waste or they will be living…
Trulia across devices.
I use Trulia app on iphone and ipad, and website on laptop and desktop. even though I use facebook to log in to all devices, homes I save on my ipad don't show up on my desktop and vice versa. is…
Hello. My family and I are planning to move to Glenwood Springs from the Florida Keys. Things have become exceedingly small and overpriced here
unfortunately over the past few years. So much so that we need to move our small family owned and operated business and our entire family to a new location. Instead of staying here and struggling we would…
How do you negotiate a septic system in a sale?
House I am looking at has 40 yr old septic. Owner has not promised to replace. How does this work? I put an offer, hire inspector and hope it fails? What happens if it doesn't fail? Aren't i tied into…
Best Landscaping Company in Beverly Hills, California
What is it that you like about the landscapers in your area and why?
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