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Hi my husband and I are relocating to Texas from Los Angles,Ca..trying to find a single family home for rent in the Frisco, Plano,North Irving
,Coppell Area TexasWe Have Recently Got Approved For Section 8. Please Help If Possible..Thanks In Advance
How can persons on disability go about buying a home in louisiana?
I would like to purchase a home in jena louisiana
In the aftermath of Sandy and because I am a native of the midwest, what is the best way to keep track of high tide on the Hudson River in Port Ewen?
I think the cycle of the tide is someplace between 6 and 8 hours....which actually only confuses me more about this....is there an app for that? :)
Buying a house using a business name will cost me some extra tax ?
The house is in Niagara falls, New york and i am a canadian.
Owner financed homes in 77449/77084??
I would like to purchase a home through owner financing in the 77084 or 77449 area. I am trying to avoid Highway 6 as it is always extremely busy... I have a low credit score and have 15k as a down payment.…
Short Sale Estimated Time Frame
I have been in the process of purchasing a short sale in Haniesville, IL. My offer was accepted by the seller then sent of to the bank. 2 weeks ago the bank ordered a BPO and my realtor informed me that…
Owner financing available in 77449 or 77084 area?
I would like to purchase a home through owner financing in the 77084 or 77449 area. I am trying to avoid Highway 6 as it is always extremely busy... Are there any homes I always send requests and never…
What are the best neighborhoods in Mammoth Lakes for ski access?
How is it comparable to other ski destinations?
Eliminating or reducing pmi
Will purchasing a home for an amount less than (by 20%) it is apraised for eliminate having twenty percent down, and/or pmi?
Me and my husband are looking to buy a home in chandler Gilbert tempe area,what is the bare minimum income requirement to buy we have no debt at all
Foreclosure in are background in 2012 due to losing 50% of our income I believe it's 3 yrs before we can look to buy again which we will be coming up to that once are lease is expired please let me know.…
I have problems with the house i presently rent. I have lived there for a year and some moths. I have discovered that the house was built over some ki
kind of swamp.There is always over a foot of water collected in the crowl space. The space smells funky and mouldy, and the smell in the house is funny. Recently i renewed the mould, and asked the owner…
Why in the name of Heaven can't Trulia target only those properties I've selected instead of including the neighboring cities, villages and?
feedlots? I end up on each search doing three times the labor getting through the lists of homes I do not want.
Hello, I am considering a move to Cottage Grove. I will need a small parcel of land a bit out of town to build a shipping container "Tiny House"
It will be about a yr before I could buy anything as I want to be debt free in that time. Does Cottage Grove have restrictions against shipping container homes that you know of? Does it snow alot in Cottage…
I have been aproved for a VA loan. It's just a letter with no amount. I would like to start looking in 3-4 months.
We were not happy with agent who we had done buisness with before. What do I need to do to get pre-qualified.
Possible to buy a multi-family home with less than 20% down? Some suggest FHA is the only way but isn't FHA only for first-time buyers?
I currently own a single family home and would like to sell it, and move into a multi-family (3 family home), where I would live in one and rent out the other 2 units. 1) Any options to put down…
Can I change real estate broker from the one listed on purchase contract, if I am closing within 2 wks?
Purchasing a new build in palm coast fl. I recently noticed the builders purchasing contract has the name of the real estate broker that was used to purchase the lot only. The broker was only used in the…
Septic vs sewer. .. purchased a home Freddie Mac. Foreclosure everything stated home was put on sewer. ..
I put a contract on this home told it was accepted (cash sale) but never got the official contravt after 2 weeks of my realtor telling me it coming got tired and started calling all parties myself found…
What is people review it?
My name is Chuck and my question is how does a person purchase a house with low credit but have money for payments and have a little for down payment?
I am a handy man by trade and am looking for a move in and fix as we go. Would like to know about homesteading in Galesburg. I know there are a lot of houses for sale in town and want to find out how to…
My highest credit score is 695 and the lowest is 680. I would like to use my credit and also my spouses. I am a retired vet and so is he.
We are not eligible for a VA loan, I don't think, but we have both suffered credit wise from our past divorces. Is there any hope for us in owning a home? He works and I am just retired.
How do home value estimates on various sites impact potential offers?
I have seen some houses listed at $339,000 but the sites list them at no more then $286,000. As a buyer how should you proceed? Obviously with your best offer but you don't want to pay asking price…
Unpermited basement remodel disclosed as no work done
I bought a house 1 year ago in wisconsin and just found out the finished basement was unpermited work. The disclosure from the previous seller states no know work done to the house since 2011 when they…
Buying after short sale
Home was only in my husband's name, I don't make enough to apply for a home loan myself, when would we be able to apply together for a loan? Or is there any other options out there? Thank you so much.
Should I upgrade my kitchen appliance while buying a new town house.?
We are planning on buying the shea town home located at Santa Clara. Should we upgrade the kitchen appliances to the free standing vs the slide in ranges that is included? We plan to live in the house…
Someone took my listing on Zillow and has falsely put it you site.
It is in Decatur, Al on 1607 Lake Pointe. I need this removed from you site asap.
Credit at 600... Who can help me with a home loan?
Arg! I feel like me and my boyfriend are wasting valuable money on renting when we could be paying off on a house of our own but my credit score is only a 600 does anyone know who would qualify me on a…
Rental Market in Melbourne Beach
Can anyone tell what the rental market is like in Melbourne Beach for a really nice 2,700sqft 4 bed 3 bath pool house walking distance to the beach? I'm looking to buy now and rent out with a view to…
Recommendations for builders in Port St. Lucie?
We bought a lot & want to build a single family, one story home on it (1700 - 1900 s.f.). Hoping for recommendations of "quality builders" who offer a pretty complete home and don't nickel & dime…
Looking for single family rental or rent to own property in Downer's Grove, Woodridge, Darien Area or Oak Park, Elmwood Park, Berwyn area
Hello. My husband and I are currently seeking a single family home with at least 3 BD and 1.5/2 baths that is a rental (long term appreciated) or rent to own prospect. We have bruised credit, but are…
Anyone with information on repairing credit reports and scores?
I have been in the process of trying to repair my credit reports and scores since April. I have researched the dispute process for months, and have not gotten very far. I have also tried working with Lexington…
how should agent advise after customer has his offer accepted by owner?
how should agent advise after customer has his offer accepted by owner?
Is it possible to purchase a home with a 563 credit score, while in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy? (1 year in a 4 year plan)
I would like to purchase a foreclosed home while the market is still good. I'm married, and my husband is not apart of bankruptcy, but his score is about the same for other reasons unfortunately.
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