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Is the city of Moscow, ID growing or shrinking? Are market prices expected to go up or down?
I am wondering if this is a good time to buy a house and maybe sell it six years later after finishing college. I want to know if this is an investment worth considering at this time
Does anyone know a lender for a non US resident to buy a property in Scottsdale, AZ ?
I went with a hard money loan a couple of years ago to buy my first house, and now it's fully paid back, I 'd like to go for a more reasonable rate. So now I own a house (estimate @ $ 600.000) in NY state…
In Scottsdale, AZ, how difficult is it to get an on-spot FHA approval?
I want to buy a condo that isn't on the pre-approval list. (Valle Vista, 85251) My realtor is steering me away from any place that isn't pre-approved now, but earlier this summer he told me…
Wanting to feel secure in the metro area, thinking about Scottsdale... on a budget.
We are looking for a condo around $70k. We have found a few that we like in Scottsdale, but we are very unfamiliar with the area. We are in a very shady part of Phoenix as of now, and I hate it. Please…
I'm wondering about what is considered normal wear and tear and about a period of time that painting is the responsibility of the landlord.
I've "heard" after 2 years the tenant is not responsible for painting if the landlord feels the rental needs to be painted?repainted.
Can I get an appraisal before making an offer.?
I want to make an offer on a home but compared to other houses and sales in the area it seems way overpriced. Don't want to offend the seller.
How well are rentals of single family, townhome, and condos doing in the King of Prussia area?
My husband and I are considering some properties for investment. I'm wondering if doing a rental or lease option is the way to go in this soft market.
who is the association group for crysatal hills drive?
Add some detail about your question
What cities in Jersey are about a 30 minute bus ride into Port Authority?
Any direction/area is fine. Something with a median income of $60K /family. Bonus points if near a Whole Foods or natural foods co-op...
Can I get my deposit back after loan contingency is removed?
I'm a home buyer. And I've been approved for loan based on my finance and credit. However, the condo i'm buying has a HOA litigation and 2 lenders both disapproved the loan because of the litigation. However,…
Seller's disclosure indicated alarm system was owned. When we moved in the alarm system had been removed. Do we have a case???
We recently purchased a home that we thought included an alarm system. The listing stated that the alarm system was owned and the seller's disclosure indicated they alarm was included. When we did our…
Hello. using $10,000 as downpayment.
I am a 23 year old nursing college student will be done with school in a year and half. I am looking to buy a 1 bedroom apartment condo or 2 bedroom if the price is reasonable or even 1.5 bedroom. I say…
Paying off debt through escrow
If I use my 401K as a down payment can escrow apply some of the down payment towards paying off my auto loans? This will give me much more purchasing power. FYI: I am not ready to buy yet, no soliciting…
how do I delete my account, I want no more emails PLEASE!!!!?
I found a home and would like to stop receiving emails and delete my account
how do I prequalify to see what I can afford to buy?
how much cash is needed to close on a home?
Credit score is 700, less than 2 years history in the US (one W-2) Can I get a conventional loan with 10% downpayment to buy in California?
I have a stable job in the Bay Area. The loan should be conventional as they don't accept FHA. I was wondering if there is a lender with good reputation who has done similar loans.
What is your opinion on the master bedroom being in the basement? It is not a walk out basement.
Asking to get buyers and listing agents opinions. I am thinking about renovating a bungalow [ two bedroom - 1 bath] and someone recommended adding a master in the basement rather than popping the top.
Buyer's leaseback rights?
We have purchased a home in Houston, TX (closing on Nov 1) and the seller has asked for a 30 day leaseback, which we have agreed to in writing. Our question is, are we allowed to access the property in…
Are there agents here that focus on bringing both rehab and buy and hold opportunities on here?
I am moving my investment business with quite a bit of capital from California to the Greenville area. I am looking for agents to work with to buy a large buy and hold portfolio in the area as well as…
I am paying cash for a house in SC. I have already given the attorney a certified check and now the agent is telling me the seller has a lien that has
to be paid. I was supposed to close on july 17 but now I am waiting until I do not know when. How long do I have to wait before I can demand action?
condos, townhomes, pats for sale within short walk to waikiki
We'll be visiting Waikiki from May 18-24th and are tentatively planning to stay at the Marriott Resort in Waikiki. However, we will be looking for a vacation property as we plan to spend about 1 week a…
How do I contact an agent by phone?
A couple of places we'd like to see
need advice to purchase a home asap
I'm looking to buy a house ASAP but my credit is about 600. (Bet. 595-610)I have student loans in forbearance, a recent secured credit card and a recent auto loan I'm paying off, all on time.…
Was this legal or illegal?
I bought a house 2 years ago i really liked the house and wanted to make an offer the real estate agent told there was multiple offers towards the house but that she is not suppose to but she can let as…
Is it wrong for me to be asking for a receipt for a good faith deposit check.?
I asked my real estate agent for a receipt for the good faith deposit check that I made out to his company. He sent me a copy of the check. I told him I wanted a company receipt with the logo and he…
Necessary to purchase home owners insurance in a 55 community in Melbourne beach, Florida?
Are you required to purchase homeowners insurance in Melbourne beach, Florida on a manufactured home in a 55 community?
I'm looking for an inexpensive home to buy around Victoria, Tx
I seems agents aren't interested in showing those properties. Is it because there is little $ in it?
We agreed to let sellers stay three days after closing to move, etc.
We closed on Friday and because of the weekend, the sellers and agent don't want to give us the keys until Wednesday. We think the weekend should count for part of the three days because of insurance,…
Should a home inspection be done by a general contractor or a regular inspector?
We were in the market for a new home and finally found one in San Francisco near downtown, had few buyer's inspections done but noted that regular home inspector was not as knowledgeable as an inspector…
WIll USDA approve my loan?
I have sailed through everything smoothly until the appraisal. My loan has been approved through the bank. But now my file is going to USDA for approval. My LO is worried the Usda may deny because the…
I'm looking to move from New York to Oregon. Currently have had my current job for about 2 years. I am not relocating job wise. How does one in?
this position go about getting a mortgage to buy a house in another state without a job lined up right away?
Roaylities fee and new agent
this may be a silly question, but I give a try, Why Cadwell Banker, or any other national brand real estate brokers charge " royalties" fee of 6%? isn't this suppose to be paid by a broker…
houses sold----last 6 months----zip code 99501
how many houses sold in the last 6 months in zip code 99501
Could my girlfriend and/or Ibe qualified for a loan?
me: - I have been on W2 in the past 8 years and switched to 1099 this year, same field. My 1099 last two years were based on online retailing so most got written off. I make about $10k/month. - My BK…
We are interested in NE Florida. What would be a good ocean community for real estate?
Looking for a north east florida ocean water view town for either a home or a condo. Any suggestions?
home inspection help: the rear patio has subsided downward along its rear edge, and it's improperly directing water into the house.
This house I am going to purchase has been a rental property for 6 years. and it was built in 2004. the rear patio has settled and it is downward along its rear edge, and direct water into the house. What…
how to fix a flat tire?
how to fix a flat tire
My home for rent is listed twice on here. Who do I contact to report a spam?
my home is 31 conant drive concord nh and I'm the owner. My name is Chris Mamos. It should be listed at $1,500.00 not $900.00. Please advise on how to correct this.
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