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i have lived in a house for about 5 years and before i moved in that house with my 3 sisters and 1 nephew and my parents nothing was going on and then
when we lived there i started to see thing and they have fallowed me every since i moved and i also had some bad feeling when ever i was home and some bad dreams i never really felt comfortable sleeping…
toll brother - preserve
thinking about buying a house here. is this development worth the $100000 price?
Dublin Ranch Villages Courtyard v. Cottages v. Terraces?
Looking at the condos in this area. Anyone have thoughts on the diff between these developments?
Suggestions for agents in Charlotte. Sellers-28269, Buyers-28226/28270
I'm looking to buy a house Charlotte, preferably in 28226 and selling my current house located in 28269 (Leacroft). Please suggest a good Agent who would give a good deal as well, or a set of agents that…
Hello. I'm new in Houston (2 years living here) and would like to buy a house in the 77084 area. I have a credit score of 750.
But my problem is that I do not have too much for a down payment. What can be my options? Thanks
I have a credit score of 514 or so. Credit was severely affected some years ago. The little bit of credit I have, I pay everything on or before time
Would it be possible for me to purchase a house again? I'm tired of leasing, and leasing is too expensive compared to paying your own mortgage.... If anyone could answer, please let me know... Thanks..
Good income, low credit score. Interested in lease purchase/short sale.
I'm looking for a house in the SSW Charlotte, NC, Ft. Mill, SC area. I am self employed (4 years) have a good income, low debt/income ratio, but my credit score is poor (under 600). I have lived in…
Why is the website so slow?
It seems whether from my office or home, the website is always slow to respond. It seems this has been a problem for a lot of people according to the online forums. Is there any plans for correcting or…
Do single family homes sell for more than appraised value?
Having hard time believing this statement. Regards a possible cash offer where appraisal has not been done but there is a "threat" to have one. Have the feeling it is quite common.
Are lender hold backs common for REO sales?
What categories are likely to accommodate a hold back? C-3, C-4, C-5?
I am wondering if anyone can give me any insight as far as building a custom home or purchasing one from a new community builder.
I am a first time home buyer and I would like to know if anyone has any cost per sq foot knowledge to build in the pflugerville/manor area? Or is it best option to buy a home already designed in a community?…
I'm looking for a way to get into an upper priced neighborhood in a house price under market.
I understand a house where the owner has committed suicide, will sell for much less. Is there a difference if the owner commits the dead in the house or away? Does the stigma of the suicide last? Do…
How do I take advantage of being a first time home buyer VA loan applicant historic property purchase?
My husband and I are looking to move from Denver, CO (priced out of the current pricing) and have found a historic property in Wichita, KS (in a confirmed historic district, State/City not National).…
Places to search like uptown, south end, etc?
I work in uptown and would like a place that is in walking distance or by the light rail. Are there any other places similar to uptown and south end for this? I am new to the area and appreciate your…
Is my landlord responsible to act on leaky ceiling/possible safety concern?
I found the Massachusetts Snow Removal Law information via this site http://bit.ly/17fVgOX. However, I do not see anything about the landlord's obligation to remove/treat snow accumulation on roofs.…
Contingecys were removed?
The broker told us that the loan is ready!
72 Gallivan Ln Uncasville, Ct. This is a scam listed. This is my home and is it NOT UP FOR RENT OR SALE. THE POLICE WERE JUST AT MY HOME.
How do I check if the house I want to buy wasn't damaged by hurricane sandy? (Sheepshead bay, Brooklyn area)
I'm about to buy a house in Sheepshead bay, Brooklyn. How can i confirm the wasn't effected by hurricane sandy, and if it was, how bad it was damaged.
How can I search in JUST one neighborhood?
I want to search one neighborhood in particular, how can I do that so I don't waste my time?
Is it true that only citizens writes homeowners insurance in florida?
I keep reading conflicting information. I was told by a Citizens rep that for a home priced at 250k or under Insurance *specifically in the broward county coral springs area* would be between 2,800 &…
what is the avg. property tax for cumberland county pennsylvania?
how are services for young disabled adults???? My son is a lower functioning 22 year old disabled man and what activity and other services are there for him?
Cloud 9 Skyflats in Minnetonka?
After Peter asking this question in 2009, does most people think this is still a good purchase? Is 400- 450 association fee too high or not too bad for condos?
Roughly how much does it cost to add doors in the basement of a two flat?
I'm interested in finishing a basement and making it a legal garden apartment. About how much does it cost to add the two doors in the basement you need to make it legal?
In regards to older homes (1900-1930), how do you identify a tear down from a remodel?
Some are obvious and some are not... What are the main things you look for in making that decision?
Are the schools in Byram Township/Stanhope any good?
I see them rated as 7's and 8's but I drove past one of the schools and it just looks old. Any info will help! Thanks!
I am looking for a vacation home within walking distance of beach in a town that doesn't have those huge condos that obstruct the afternoon sun
Is Vero Beach a good bet for value and beach? How does it compare with Melbourne or Daytona Beach? Are there nice areas of Vero Beach? I have also been looking at the Keys for nice beachy area but it…
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place. We of Do you need a Loan? Are you looking for Finance? Are you looking for a Loan to enlarge your business? I think you have come to the right place. We offer Loans atlow interest rate. Interested…
What to do about animals in pool area?
We have 2 problems at our complex. 1. We have a renter who insist on letting his dog defecate and urinate in the pool/spa area. We spoke to the owner who said he has spoken to the renter but he continues…
Nice areas where I can take the light rail to work? Price range 250k max
I know of Sedgefield and Starmount? I would like to be able to walk from the neighborhood to the light rail stop. I work and the city and don't mind have a far walk to the stop (1 mile max)... just…
I need a agent that will be aggressive in finding me the perfect place and be creative in doing this. Lately I feel as I do all the work meanwhile
the perfect home is gone by the time I find it. My situation: We need a lease purchase, a seller finance/carry, assumable, or rent with the seller really wanting to sell. I do not want to just…
What is the best way to purchase a home when I have low income?
What is the best program to purchase a home and qualify with little income? I want to buy a home but I am a full time student and although I work I full time position I work part time hours (if that makes…
Farm land behind a few houses we like... predicting the future?
There are a few houses in Harrisburg that we like, however, they back up to farm land that will surly change in the future. Is there anyway to determine or know if the land is zoned for any particular…
glasses windows damaged
old. It looks very nice however there are two things I notice about the property. It has many glass windows and all of them defective, and surprisingly the property tax is almost $4100. Any advice how…
canal access in Punta Gorda homes
the seach in Punta Gorda for a home needs to show only homes with canal access. How do I do that? Thanks, Dennis
help finding a new home- new home buyer
plz elaborate on builder incentives in ruskin i know they can do 7% hoa and closing what development is best for deals and rates fha rates and va loans
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