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I have a home I was just about to put on the market, and just found out I have to have surgery with a 1 year recovery. Any suggestions??
I borrowed 40K to totally remodel the house to sell fast. I can't afford to rent while the house is for sale, and the surgery would make it impossible to prep the house before a showing. I have 4 dogs,…
We are looking for a 2 bedroom 2 bath or 3 bedroom 2 bath condo/apt in Los Alamitos area that will allow a small dog
We have rented in Los alamitos for 23 years. Our first rental was a house in Suburia Estates for 18 years and for the past 5 years we have been renting a condo on Farquhar. Our landlord is selling.
Miami Beach condos: should I buy now or wait?
I'm planning on retiring and moving to Miami Beach in 5 years. Should I buy a condo now as an investment property now with the expectation of making it my future home or should I wait?
Getting switched to FHA
So here's my current situation, The agent that I am working with told me that's and the wife qualify for USDA loan. I have a credit score of 753 and the wife has 0 since she's never…
Florida sales tax on modular home
Florida sales tax on modular home Asked by yankeeflyer3, Eastport, ME • Yesterday at 1:47pm We own a modular home in a 55 park in Florida.Some of our residents have found that when they purchased…
Why everyone says that agent's commissions are paid by the seller?
I recently purchased a home and agents got paid total of 6% of the purchase price. I read and hear everywhere that this payment is coming from the seller's pocket and buyer is lucky. Obviously the…
Buying a co-op with all cash
I am planning on buying a co-op with all cash with the help of family because I don't have enough cash. We would pay with a bank check from me combined with a bank check from my parents, and one…
My parents (in Korea) want to buy a house for me (leaving to NY soon) to live. We are all foreigners with cash ready for our new house. And next?
My parents want to buy a house for me. I'm leaving to NY soon for study. We've got our cash ready. But we have no knowledges about purchasing a house as a foreigner in NY. -Is it better to…
Retired parents buying new mobile home & chose location in m/h park. Agent assessing previous m/h on location, & parents paying for new m/h, old m/h,
and costs to remove old m/h and install new one. Agent worried that assessment on old m/h might not come in as high as estimated, but still wants my parents to pay full total amount discussed. Nothing…
You need to take this house off the internet. It is not for sale. I was the listing agent and it sold at the end of 2013.
My name is Nebo Ristic and I am a realtor with Howard Hanna. Phone number is 440-933-6195.
My brother and I are interested in purchasing 2 separate condos that have at least 2 bedrooms and 1 or 2 baths.
We are focused on finding Condos that are priced at 70k or lower (to include foreclosures and short sales) and are interested in receiving feedback from the Trulia community about whether we would be…
I am trying to log on to change some information re: my house. It will not let me do this. I also am confused about why I received an e-mail saying
that the value of my house is the same, but when I pull up my house on your web site, there was a significant decrease in value. Can you fix these issues?
looking for homes that are approved under the FDHA loan program ? outskirts/rural areas
looking for single fam....3/2 homes ....west columbia...lexington counties
Will I have to pay a sales tax for buying a new manufactured home in orange county CA?
I will itemize the sales tax deduction in the federal income tax return.
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what is the construction cost for1500 square ft home?
trying to find out what the average cost to rebuild a 1500 sq ft home in Jefferson, Ga 30549.
Anyone renting an apartment or have a mortgage I can take over in Queens, NY?
I am looking to move into an apartment but would not mind taking over someone's mortgage if at all possible.
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Bubble in San Diego area?
We recently moved to the area and it seems prices have largely recovered since 2008. Should we wait to buy because we might be in another bubble?
Would i qualify for a home loan, i whent bankrupt , its going to be 2 years ?
Its going to be 2 years in october 2016 since my BK was discharge would i qualify for a loan. I have money save up in my bank acct. if i qualify what are good programs that i could used for a down payment…
Do you consider the Richmond Marina a good investment to buy a home at?
The Richmond Marina seems to be one of the more affordable places to purchase. Wondering what the long term investment risks are there.
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We need agent help, but too early to be pre approved? Duplex in Ft Lauderdale.
My Husband and I are looking to buy a duplex before our current lease is up in April of next year. We currently live in Davie and we are looking for something in the safe sections of east Ft Lauderdale…
Remove realtor from home listing
Our realtor contract expired in the fall of 2015 but it still shows her phone number as "owner" contact and still has her as listing the property. How do I remove that?
So my husband and I are both 21. We just moved to phoenix from michigan and are looking to possibly buy our first house together. I have no credit
and he has a repossession on his credit from a job that he gave his tools up voluntarily. Will the repossession and my no credit affect us in getting our first house? Will we be able to get approved for…
We are trying to decide what updates to do that will add value to our 35y home we just bought in SH a few months ago.
We are totally revamping the yard which was out of control with bamboo providing open space and sitting areas with the pool, add gutters along with a drain. Inside, because of the age of the home, looking…
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Please help me with the listing description.
Trulia and Zillow are owned by the same company. My listing description is PERFECT on Trulia but NOT on Zillow Please help. My client is not happy. https://streeteasy.com/building/turtle-bay-towers/2…
Who represents the buyers? What should a prosp. buyer do...trust the Listing/Seller's Agent or will the lender(bank)represent & protect
buyer rights? When a buyer finds a new subdivision being developed and after getting pre approved for a home loan through Bank of America, does the buyer need a buyer's agent? The subdivision has…
First Time Home Buyer
I am a first time home buyer looking for a house , but i am undecided where to buy. I love some part of North Yonkers, but the schools districts are not as good as i want. Also property taxes are way too…
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Do I have to formally terminate exclusive buyer's contract after closing?
I live in Philadelphia, PA. I signed an exclusive buyer's contract with an agent. After I close on the property I am buying, is my contract with the agent still in effect? I signed up with her…
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