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Buying a house that has a permanent shed & a pool deck in a utility & drainage easement. There is a variance granted for the deck not the shed.
We love the house and want to buy it. Will the title company let us close on the house?Any potential problems down the road with buying this house with the current encroachment? I would be fine demolishing…
Rent to own? Is it legitmate? How can you find one?
Does anyone know if any of these rent to own programs are legitimate? I do not have the required down and would like to stop renting.
Its a simple question but hard to get a straight answer. What is a good (if not the best) city in US to buy a rental property?
The rental income should offset the mortgage (assuming 20% down payment). And some decent chance of appreciation. Maximum price around $500,000
I am just starting my search for a two bedroom gulf front condo or single family home that is within walking distance( a block or two).
I would be open to these areas Navarre, Destin, Fort Walton, Panama City or any area close to these beaches. My question is what price range am I looking at to be able to make a purchase?
I need help! We currently own our home but have found that it's to large for us and are looking to down size.
We found a house that we would like to purchase. The problem that we have is that about 9 months ago we opened our own business and need to show taxes for the past two years to get financing. Which we…
Do any of the adult communities allow you to add on? Is there any one site way to get the fees, rules and regulations of all the communities before?
going batty looking on internet just to find out some rule or fee or regulation may make a house you like out of the question in the first place? Need one map to show a breakdown of all areas precisely.
are there any 3-4 bedroom single family homes in Bayside, or fresh meadows.?
preferably move in ready and with modern appliances
How difficult is the process to buy a foreclosure?
My brother and I will be moving my parents to the Pooler/Savannah area. They would like to pay cash for their next 'smaller, retirement' home (~$100k). Are there any 'motivated' realtors with this type…
Who can I contact for the ultimate answer I have on Florida law concerning rent increases?
Is there a rental increase limit on rentals from lease to lease?
We are first time home buyers looking to buy a small co-op apartment in Inwood, New York. We're definitely
going to be in NYC for the next 3 years, but don't know how long after that. Is it a good idea to buy for (perhaps) such a short period? Does anyone have a sense of the future of the Inwood market specifically?
Steps in buying a home
Want to buy a house, what are the steps in doing so ? My credit is the exact best due to medical bills.
Adding Oomph to Open Houses
What things do you recommend doing for a successful open house?
Where can someone with a 590 credit score get and FHA refinance loan to buyout their two siblings.?
The home is owned free and clear so he owns 1/3 already. The two selling siblings are willing to take less than market value for a gift of equity. Do any banks in Kansas do FHA loans by the book and can…
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When figuring out what you can afford for a monthly mortgage payment, do you think about what the monthly energy bill for your new home will be?
Energy bills can vary greatly depending on which home you choose, and what GREEN features the home has.
How can we get this home: HOA req all our cash a 10% down. The sellers of the estate want to credit back to us $30K on the house for repairs. VA Loan.
VA Loan ONLY. HOA requires 10% down to get into community plus $2000 for lifetime membership (when approved by board/refundable if not approved or failure to close). The 10% requirement exhausts our…
Is it better to buy a multi-family in Queens or Brooklyn?
I was thinking of a multi-family in Brooklyn but maybe also Queens if the values will go up as they expect to in Brooklyn in the near future. Is Queens the same type of market?
Is 3% commission for an buying agent typical in DC?
Is 3% commission for an buying agent typical in DC?
What are some good qualities to look for in an agent and what are good questions that might help with discovering those qualities?
I would like to upgrade from a condo to a 3 bd house in Sonoma county in the below 400,000 range. I have gone to a few open houses and found some engaging and friendly agents and others ... not so engaging.…
When approved for a USDA loan, how do you know which homes qualify? I've read the basic criteria off of the website stating the "requirements" but
every time I call about a property I like there's some reason it doesn't qualify. What should I be looking for?
I want to put in a cash offer on an REO property with no contingencies. How long does it take to close?
I want to close asap but what is the minimum time needed? Also, do I choose my own title insurance company or does the bank that owns the property choose it? Thanks in advance for any advice!!
When is the appraisal by the lender done for a new construction?
I have a contract for a new construction home in NJ which will be delivered in 4 months. Right now they've just dug up the hole and there's no improvement. The lender is asking me to authorize and charge…
Foreclosures expert
We just were approved for a mortgage....not much, but want to stay in 10591 for the school district. I am looking for a foreclosure specialist. Any recommendations?
Is Marco Island a good place to raise children?
I am looking move my family. I have two boys 4 and 5 years of age. I have family that live on Marco Island and I enjoy the area.
Help us?
My wife and I are beginning our home search. We are looking for a realtor to help us with this process. Are you the one that can help. We want to stay within Kingsport City limits.
What do you need to be qualified for a loan?
I'm not sure I would be accepted for a loan... what makes a good canidate for a bank loan?
First time home buyer, was told debt ratio was to high. presently paying $1000.00 rent utilities and excellent rental history.
Why is this not considered. I don't think your debt should keep you from purchasing a home you can afford. If you can pay high rent and utilities surely you should be able to buy a home you can afford.
I sold my home in the DC area last year 1/13 and want to buy again in Pennsalvania in the next few months.
I sold my home in the Washington, DC area last year 1/13 and want to buy again in Pennsalvania in the next few months. Before I sold my house I had several late payments. Is this considered a foreclosure?…
Bump Clause in Primary Offer, What does this mean for Back up offers?
We are in the process of putting in an offer on a lot. The lot already has an accepted offer on it, which means if our offer is accepted we will be in a secondary/back up position. At one point the seller's…
Short Sale. Realtor asked for highest & best,
There were multiple bids, we were the highest (all cash no conting.). Paperwork went to our lawyer, this was 12pm today. she told other bidders our bid and they made another offer. at 3pm today we got…
I'm looking for a home on land that can have animals VERY near Missoula, like within 10 miles. At least 10 acres. Any ideas? Big Flat, Mullan?
Anyone know of any foreclosures on big property. Home is not as much an issue as property...can buy just land too but not in the pines.
does anyone know if my lawyer is supposed to look at my loan paperwork/gfe?
does anyone know if my lawyer is supposed to look at my loan paperwork/gfe? i am hearing all over that he is supposed to.And if he is can i report him for not doing his job?
Hello, looking for advise on purchasing a third property. We currently have one rental that was inherited, we have our own home in which we have an F
We currently have one rental that was inherited, we have our own home in which we have an FHA loan, and our looking to purchase an additional house to rent out. What would be the best way to go about this?…
I file bankruptcy chapter 7 and home included
file chapter 7 and in 07/11 it was discharged. my house was sold 01/13 credit 700 pay everything on time when can I buy a house again?
I want to know what my husband and I need to do to qualify for a FHA loan in the next year…..background info
I live in kentucky. Background-I had a FHA loan purchased in 2008 that I filed chapter 7 bankruptcy on and was discharged in Dec 2011. My ex's name is also on the loan and still lives there and pays on…
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