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moving to Texas in end of June, need a good realtor to help
My husband company is reloacting him to Houston tx from Canada . His office is of Vinecrest RD. We are looking for somewhere not too far from his work , somewhere with exceptional school as we have a…
Investors in the area
My husband and I have been house hunting for the past 3 months, placed offers on homes only to be outbid by investors buying houses in cash AND above asking...so frustrating for a first time homebuyer.…
I'm talking to a owner on this site, but he says he lives in CO and is doing the renting of his house. He sent me an email application and says
we can't go inside and that there's a sign in front yard, that it's his old realtor and not to call them. Seems fishy to me. Does this kind of thing happen on your website?
Looking for advice about timing the end of a lease.
Hi! My husband and I are beginning the process of looking for our first home. We are currently leasing an apartment and the lease does not end until Oct 1, 2015. However, we want to know we can find a…
Hello, We just bought a home ,we did the final walk thru and everything was fine everything was there .
but the day before we got the keys to the house we decide to go look at the house again by this time we had already closed a day prior to that . we notices that the seller took a Rv metal carport canopy…
I want to get financed for a new mortgage - but I am told I have to wait 24 months due to my short sale... I am 17 months into this wait... Options?
I have another home out of state that I have a renter in... It is on my VA - I would like to consider my tier 2 option on the VA so I can get another home... Got a great job, making great money. Been renting…
How do you locate a top realtor who has solid experience and interest in the new construction process: locale, land, builder selection, build process?
Lots of time and effort go into this process for a realtor, and I expect only some are interested and have developed strength in this niche. How do you find this type of agent?
Hello- We got a call from a gentlemen who said we have a home listed on his property. We do not. address is : 890 Oak Knoll, Lake Forest, IL
URL is: http://www.trulia.com/homes/Illinois/Lake_Forest/sold/1174326-890-Oak-Knoll-Dr-Lake-Forest-IL-60045 This is Mansie from IG Construction. 847.520.1525. Please let me know you have deleted this.
The neighborhood in Samara Lakes seems to have affordable homes in a nice family atmosphere and good schools. Any comments are appreciated.?
Any thoughts about buying a home there....Is there still any builders in there? It looks pretty nicely built up but in the back there is still lots but not sure how long it will take or if that would…
What are some finished Toll Brothers communities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area built within the past 10 years or so?
I would really, really, really love to build a Toll Brothers home but I can't build a home the size I want and stay under budget. So I've turned to searching the MLS for "used" Toll Brothers homes…
If we purchase into a 55 will we be able to leave it to someone in our will? Will HOA fees continue to go up like in a condo etc?
If one of us becomes disabled and require in home care, will we be required to sell and move or can we make our place ADA friendly?
Easy Ways Anyone Can Improve Their Memory
Addium Internet. They are also workable between breaks or at any constituent clip. So every dimension someone chastises you for d oing sudoku again, kind vindicate and comic that they device up the wont…
So is it pretty much impossible for an average joe to move to NYC?
So I live in Upstate NY and I'm 18 years old. I'm a MASSIVE JAZZ FREAK. Completely addicted and totally obsessed with classic Jazz. Now of course everyone knows that NYC is the mother ship of all Jazz…
Best place to buy in ct.
CT https://rankct.wordpress.com
Think about it, at no period in history have so many Americans been exposed to so many chemicals at one time. It's no wonder Alzheimer's is currently the 6th leading cause of death in the U.S.…
Do y'all know of any rent to own homes or trailers that is the real deal and not trashy or on the trashy side of town? I am tired of paying rent.
I dont have great credit and I want to own m5 on home. I need a home with no less then 5 rooms. Im also married.
Jumbo Loan ($525K) in Chester County Pa with 5%-10% down
My wife and I are looking to move to Chester County. We both have secure jobs, low income to debt ratio, and good credit(mid 700's). All Jumbo Loans we have looked at so far require 15-20% down. Any…
I live in Pennsylvania an plan on moving in the next few months, how do I find a house if im 1,000 miles away!
I want to buy a house now so when I move I have something!! how do I get a house!??
Canadian 50k cash down for primary house
Hi, i have 50k to put down for primary house i have good credit in the US but my income statements are in Canada. What are my possibilities?
Can I get a home improvement loan even with deed-in-lieu?
Good credit score (700 ); did a deed-in-lieu on previous house in 2011. That is the only ding on the credit report. Already have a mortgage company that will do a FHA loan for the house purchase. Federal…
Can I get a home improvement loan even with deed-in-lieu?
Good credit score (700 ); did a deed-in-lieu on previous house in 2011. That is the only ding on the credit report. Already have a mortgage company that will do a FHA loan for the house purchase. Federal…
buying 2 years after short sale/bk with extenuating circumstances
We are looking at buying a home and would want a conventional loan. I know normal waiting periods for conventional after short sale and BK is 4 years. It's been 2 years for short sale and 3 for BK.…
Underwriter boundaries
My underwriter recently asked me WHY I was living overseas, and WHY I wanted to move back to the U.S.. How is asking any "why" question relevant to securing a home loan? Won't their reply…
We are selling our house for the current full asking price. The buyers want $10,000 toward closing costs even though they are getting a VA loan. This
is the best offer we've received. We want to buy a condo for cash. Can we ask the seller of the condo for help with closing even though we are not financing.
I have listed my rental property on trulia.
In the section to the right of the photo, labeled "ask about this property," the boxes for the inquirer's name, email & phone # are already filled in with my personal info. They should…
It seems empty singly-family home lots owned by builders or realtors (vs unowned) are not shown on MLS. Why not, and how can I find them?
Is my option really to browse builder websites for their open lots? I realize we could also work with a realtor. Do they only know of these lots by word-of mouth? Seems to come down to luck.
Multiple sources of financing / purchasing assistance....
Long story short (hopefully).. I am planning on moving to the Atlanta area for a job in law enforcement. Via the city and county, I have found a few programs themed towards people in my intended field…
Six months new job, is a home loan possible?
My husband was in the military for 10 years, then got out to pursue his college degree. He has not worked in four years as he went through college. Now he is out and working for a company on salary for…
Where can I see monthly trends of the number of properties for sale in Seattle?
I want to see listing counts by month over the course of several years. Any idea how best to see this data? Either properties listed for sale or properties actually sold would be fine.
I am looking at a 5 acre track of land with a 2000 double wide mobile home. It is a foreclosure and has been vacant for several years.
The house had been broken into and later some windows boarded (with bolts going through maim walls!) Carpet has been ripped up, damage due to mold and moisture It sold for $200,000 new and the bank is…
I am in need of major home repairs or a new home can I get help living on a ssd check
I had assistance thru hud late 90s early 2000 repairing now worse than then leveling floors walls windows roof plumbing no other income to help
Cannot see pics using Trulia App
I cannot access pictures on my iPad and iPhone after the latest update, but can see pictures on Trulia's webpage. Is this something being addressed?
Looking to apply for a USDA or FHA loan to purchase a small farm in Vermont. I live and work in Massachusetts.
I would like to be pre-approved,but don't know how to go about it. My score is in the high 600's.
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