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2 floor houses are harder to sell?
I have been to many open houses in this area and it seems to me like on a per sqft basis 2 floor houses are cheaper and harder to sell. Don't you think?
First time home buyer with lower end credit score, from student Loans
I am interested in moving to the country from the city and see there are several properties in areas that interest me. I have a small amount for down payment. Is it possible to qualify for a home loan…
I am tired of renting, but I have poor credit.
I am tired of renting, but I have a low credit score... Do I have any options for getting a home loan or is my only true option in this day and age to repair my credit over a few years and trying again?
I would like to know what neighborhoods, if any, near Birmingham would suit a couple of ageing people who have a couple of horses and sell puppies.
I have over 12 Jack Russell Terriers, which I breed to sell, and some Arabian horses that I breed occasionally.
Is buyer agent required?
We are thinking to buy a house in basking ridge. Are we required to have a buyer agent? If I decided myself on a house, is it possible to get the seller and his/her agent to agree on a price minus the…
Do not buy homes from Vic Applebaum. I recently tried to buy one and found that the home was built poorly.
This home was brand new and had never been lived in. Make sure you get an inspection on all homes before you buy! If you have questions, email at gray_wraith at hotmail.com
Unusual industry: Problems with getting a mortgage while in a contract profession
I am a merchant seaman and work 6-8 months out of the year. I am subcontracted through my union to work with various maritime companies, working contracts of 120-180 days before getting another job through…
Schools - How Late Can I Register, and Will A Bus Be Provided?
1) I am looking for info on Allen schools. I understand the school year starts at the end of August. How late can I register my child? 2) I have an 8-yr old who will be going to third grade, and a…
Length of time between acceptance and closing
My wife and I just had our offer accepted that we made on a short-sale. It was right before the deadline we gave them (9 weeks from offer) and we were starting to think about other places. The bank accepted…
Renting a house for sale??
We developed a great - seemingly great plan to rebuild our credit...it's a slow process but we are finally starting to see our numbers move in a positive direction. Considering this we need to relocated…
How do I find properties that are rent to own or lease to own?
We are moving down there and we would like to find a place ahead of time
Like to know financial requirements to purchase a home after a bankruptcy, such as time, money down, employment, age, etc.
now buying home built in late 60,s, auditor lower value to $106,000, but still owe $119,000. 3 bdrm ranch, 1.5 baths, 2 car garage, fenced yard, on a court with unfinished basement but A1 foam installation…
The LP/SP ratio for Sandy, UT
I have recently relocated from San Diego, CA to Sandy, UT and would like to know the average List Price vs. Sold Price for this area, Sandy, UT. In San Diego, it was ~98% in the area we came from but then…
Buying a home with work done without permits.
My wife and I are looking for a home. We came across one which we like very much. However, the garage was converted into an Adirondack room without any permits. If we buy the house "as is", can my wife…
We are looking for an investment property to rent out in Naples before we retire in 5-7 years. We want to get into the market.
We are looking for an investment property to rent out in Naples before we retire in 5-7 years. We want to get into the market. Some of our friends say why Naples as it's too expensive to own, eat, shop,…
Name on Mortgage and Title - can I add my wifes name later? Can we use middle names on the tile?
Hi, This spring I am hoping to buy a home with my wife. I have a few concerns and would like any helpful advice. We have been to 4 leading banks and they all quote different terms and rates which…
First time home buyer
Is the Drexel lakes subdivision good for raising my son in?
How do I get your estimate of value for this property?
33571 N 70th Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85266
Foreclosure listed 6 months; Need advice on offer; Realtor not much help
I would like some advice for my situation. My realtor admits he does not have much experience with foreclosures, and for that reason the advice he offers seems to go against everthing I have read. The…
Looking for conventional financing on a loan of less than $50,000
Does anybody know a reliable Arizona mortgage banker who will finance a conventional investment property loan of less than $50,000, with reasonable origination charges? My current lender will not go this…
Can anyone give me a snapshot of New Orleans' real estate market?
I'm an out of state investor looking to diversify my portfolio. I have visited Nola several times and fell in love with it. I have so many questions I don't know where to start. I am looking for either…
Where can I go to find blueprints of our home?
I live in the older Bridges community of San Ramon. Where can I go to find blueprints of our home?
Mortgage recommendation or program help
Looking for best mortgage loan program for us. Or recommendations of who to talk to. Looking for best program or good recommendation of who to talk to the will look out for our best interest and not just…
Wilderness Country Club
Why are real estate prices so low at Wilderness Country Club?
I want a very contemporary home in Cary/ Raleigh, in range of 600k, lake view and access to running trail. Any ideas about lot-teardown-refurb?
Am scouring Lochmere, MacGregor Downs/West, Reedy Creek, and ITB areas so far, but have not found IT. Know any builders with a great lake lot that won't fit a McMansion?
Toll brothers construction quality
How is the construction quality of the local toll brothers
Are there programs/loans out there for first time homebuyers?
My husband and I just expanded out family and are looking to buy our first property somewhere in the Richmond, Topsham, Bath, Brunswick, Wiscassett area. We don't have a savings for a down payment. Are…
Having a discussion in NJ as to what a lanai actually is.
Is it the part that overhangs, and protects from rain, or is it the entire screened in area?
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