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best investment property areas in dc 250K or less.
I am looking for an area to start searching for a home which will increase in value over the next 2-5 years. My max is 250K and I am willing to put in some work to the house, as long as the electrical,…
Looking to purchase a property in Asheville, NC or Surrounding Areas.
Hi.. looking for suggestions and guidance on a 3 bedroom home in the Asheville area.. View would be nice, but if we can't get a view in a good, interesting area then we are open to no view. We DONT…
Thinking about purchasing a home in the Bergen-Lafayette area.
I'm thinking about purchasing a home in the Bergen-lafayette area. I've looked at 2 properties one near Liberty State Park and the other on Rose ave between Kearny and Orient. I hear that both areas…
Potential first time home buyer with low credit scores and a past eviction. Will I qualify to buy a condo 100k or less?
I would like to buy a condo in the Sacramento area by the end of the year. I make approx $2000/month. No credit cards, car payments, or any other debts.
Has any Real Estate Agent experienced a potential seller telling you this unusual way they will choose a professional???
My niece who works as a Realtor in a different state met with a lady that is getting ready to sell her home. After the presentation, which she thought went very well, The seller said she would have to…
Is Coop with back taxes a Bad/Good buy?
I found out from NYC Tax record that a Coop I was interested had back taxes of $8K with about $700 interest accumulated yearly. Does not looks like it is affecting current tax due, but how will these back…
Coop seller refuses to return deposit after board denial
I am trying to puchase a Co-op apartment in New York for myself, I think the board misunderstood something I said during the interview (I am not a native English speaker), so they think I would rent the…
If a previous potential buyer did an inspection on the home and ended up backing out but gave a copy to seller. Can the seller give a copy to me?
The previous buyer backed out. After making several offers I found out an inspection was done. I asked for a copy of the inspection report and haven't received it. I've been told they have to get permission…
Does Trulia offer estimates for specific addresses the way Zillow does?
If it exists, it certainly is difficult to find. I don't want to give my contact information to have a realtor contact me. I just want a way to see estimates of specific properties.
who are new york investors to buy in Detroit?
I have 12 sfr to sell to one investor. They all have been rehabbed and 10 are rented mostly section 8.
Is a $3000 sod allowance on a new home too much?
Would I better off be putting $1000 of that in appliances as I see most builders offer smaller allowances for sod. $3000 seems like a lot but I've never put in sod. My yard on a new home would be .30 to…
Rental in seven hills.
I am thinking about buying a single family home for rental in seven hills, henderson area. Can you please give me some advice on how do I evaluate the rental traffic in that specific area? I want to make…
We made offer on a BOA shortsale empty for 2years-after no hearing anything we hear it was sold to Selene-offer resubmitted almost 2wks ago- nothing-
home was vandalized after BOA did valuation- offer submitted with pics and contractor letter per request of BOA-Realtors not doing their job and following up -can anyone give me an idea of how much longer…
Does anyone in Monterey Park offer lease to own options.My credit is poor, but housing/car payment history is excellent
Our landlord of 15 years may be selling our home...the price/terms is not right for us. Looking for a solid family home in the right location.
What do you think about the No overnight parking in town?
Do you think it helps or hurts the town residents and do you know why it exists in the first place/
Does anyone have any experience with OwnerWiz?
Does anyone have any experience with OwnerWiz? They say they can get you into a rent-to-own home. They're at http://www.ownerwiz.com
help me to find a home in new york
I would go to the back the line you know how to put the food help that's usually had served you go through well you guts big group family members go to the back every time. http://www.zencleanseadvice.com/
Im a young adult looking to get an apartment with two roommates, but I'm slightly confused on one issue. What's the minimum age that you
can rent an apartment? I've always assumed 18, but several apartment complexes I've visited require you to be 21.
Relocating from Northern NJ to Naples - looking for guard gated family oriented new construction communities near parochial schools - any help??
We are relocating to Naples from Northern NJ and I would like our children to attend St. Ann School in Naples and then on to the St John Neumann for HS. I do not think there is bus transportation to either…
Do , I need my wife to be with me to buy a house?
We live in Puerto Rico ,we would like to buy a house in the states, we have one in Luquillo,P.R. for sale at this moment.
My sister is gifting $200K towards the down payment of my first home. Is there any tax consequences during tax season?
Will she or I be paying tax on this down payment gift to the IRS during tax filing? We file tax individually.
Im looking to buy a home in May 2015, I am 5 months pregnant and would like to get a decent vehicle.
My current loan holds $6000 and my monthly payment is $309. i would like to get a loan totaling $20,000 and my payment would be $375 a month. Would this be a poor decision? Do the banks look at debt to…
Can anyone give me any information on the Royal Lakes neighborhood in Flowery Branch?
Specifically, is the golf course financially healthy? Also, are there lots of children in the neighborhood?
I've never bought a house or rented an apt before and before doing so I'd like to know something?
Am I able to buy a house or rent an apt with pure cash? and would I be able to pay a part of the price or would i have to pay it entirely? I've always wondered about this but i couldn't seem to find any…
Why don't HOA homeowners watch their HOA closely to protect themselves? Owners have few rights; recall, elect, sue and sell...and a lot of risks.
If your HOA board and mgmt co is NOT doing their job (check the reserve study), owners need to recall the board and get a new mgmt co. Don't wait until you get hit with a big special assessment. Owners…
I may be moving to Keene, NH in a few months. I would like to rent a single family home (4 plus Beds).
Moving from Atlanta, GA. Would like to know the best areas to live in near Keene. We want to rent before we buy. Would consider a 2 year lease purchase. I am not seeing many choices. Are any sellers…
School districts/ratings affect rental and property value
Will school districts/ratings affects rental and property value? i.e property located in Kyrene school district will appreciate better (other conditions equal).
Spec homes in Kirkland, Bellevue (Enatai)
What's the best way/tool to figure out who is building spec homes in Kirkland or Enatai?
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