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Buying 1M home in Orchid Milpitas a good option?
We are considering buying a home in Orchid , Milpitas ( D.R.Horton). While the homes are nice, some of them directly face Calaveras Blvd. BART is close as well, and I noticed mild occasional smell. The…
you should not have popups on your listings
They are distracting and nuisances, one asking if I am a serviceman and another asking if I want to save the search, but tnese are already saved listngs from a saved search. I have made other suggestions…
How do Florida Agents network best with New York agents for second home referrals?
I'd like to network with New York Agents and help their clients find a beach or water front home. What have you found that works best?
Fannie Mae- Homepath House. Multiple Offers Round take 2?
We recently put an all cash offer on a FM REO property in Oceanside. We will be the occupants for quite awhile. We wanted to make the transaction as easy as possible. We asked for no % back on closing…
Did San Jose Home prices moved up during 2014?
After some appreciable home price increase from the recovery of Great Recession. The price increase seems to be less than previous 3 years. This is for a sfh 3-4 br, 2 bath, average size…
Hi I am a newbie here with the main goal of owning my own house. I am in the beginning stages which is cleaning up my credit, then saving money etc.
Is there any advice that you can give me to help me along the way. I know this is a process I need to the do the home education classes and etc . Any advice would be greatly appreciated and my destination…
I seem to have 2 accounts and would like to eliminate or cancel one account. How do I do this?
I would like the account to LMerkley.pt@acn.net email deleted please or combine the account to LLmerkley@acn.net
Is $84 a square foot (2500 sq ft house) for new construction (Ryan Homes) a pretty good deal?
We are looking to purchase a new Ryan Home and the cost breaks down to $84 sq. ft. for a 2500 sq. ft. home. Is this typically a pretty good deal per sq. ft.? Thanks!
I only want to rent condo, apt., town house for the month of March in North Naples
I only want to rent condo, apt., town house for the month of March in North Naples
How do I delete my account from trulia?
Thanks in part to trulia I have found and purchased my home. I would like to stop receiving emails, alerts, etc. I have made the changes in the alerts but i still continue to receive them. Please tell…
Is this website incorrect in stating that only one home has been sold in the past 60 days? See Below
In both Pocono Lake and Albrightsville, PA? I am slowly looking for a second home, but I am not willing to pay the inflated numbers people are asking for right now in this area. I can't wait to see a…
My wife and I rent and live in New York. We are planning on buying a vacation In Pennsylvania.
What type of mortgage should we apply for? The property is just for us and it will not be rented.
I'm looking to rent but all the emails I received are all the same with different names stating they are the owner and I'm not sure if
it's a scam...some of the prices seem too good to be true. But my question is how reliable is this site?
I do NOT want to keep getting emails from Trulia!
I went to email preferences and unsubscribed to everything and I still get about 3 emails per day!
Why can't my grandfather be a co-borrower on an fha loan.?
My grandfather is a co-borrower on a loan for me. We were told debt to income ratio was too high for him 50%. so we were told we were going FHA. After 2 months of paperwork after paperwork some info we…
Can we get a Va loan with a credit score of 550?
We are both vetrans and have credit scores of 550 and are working with Lexington Law debt counslers to get our credit ratings higher. They have removed several items already. We are both ready to purchase…
hi, I wanted to know what I need to buy a house in the USA, I am a Brazilian citizen, and I heard that I can buy a house with only a passaport $ 50%
Is it true? I can finance half and pay the other half cash? Thanks my email is beka_john14.1@hotmail.com
Can I edit my profile?
With the kindle tablet i can't edit my profile!
Can a Mortgage with 2 unmarried title holders on it be bought out by one of them.?
The house is under foreclosure and one owner is unemployed
I am looking for a 2 bedroom 2 bath house for rent. I am a first timer. Can I get some advise please?
Me and my boyfriend are looking and he just started building credit.
How can a bank not have your mortgage info.....?
cit mortgage claims the loan was transferred to American home mortgage .AMERICAN HOME MORTGAGE DOES NOT SHOW ANY RECORDS OF THE LOAN.
Rent Increase for a Single family home in Valley Ranch area ?
Just wondering what can be the average % increase in Rent after leasing the home for 1 year.
Which property to bid on in a property auction?
How do you know what house to bid on during an auction. I live in another state looking to relocate to Dallas, Plano etc surrounding metro plex.
Looking for an agent that works with VA loans
Looking for an agent that works with VA loans and now all VA regulations on what is required to pass inspection.
How do you find a neighborhood in Mathews County where hunting is NOT allowed?
We were looking at properties on Gwynn's Island, thinking this was a peaceful place. We were followed down most roads by a pick-up truck with howling hunting dogs in the back? Is there any neighborhood…
My listing is showing in error up as "off the market," when, in fact, it is listed. WHY?
I have googled my address. Trulia lists my address first in the organic search. However when I click through to the link this way, it displays in Trulia as inactive. My house is definitely listed, and…
I am looking for an agent that is seasoned in bank owned properties in the Frankfort, IL area.
How does the foreclosure sales effect the values in the sub divisons??
First time home buyer
My husband and myself would like to buy our first home. My credit is poor 530. I've never had any credit cards ( nobody will issue me one) or forclosures. My husbands score is in the low 600s. We…
After requesting info on a rental property, a man called claiming to be the owner & asked me to wire $. Who do I contact to report this?
He has been texting/calling since last night. I just lost everything in a fire and now this. I know you warn of scams, but how safe is your website if the info I supply can so easily be retrieved by…
Is re-grading landscape a buyer or seller issue when standing/active water is found in the crawl space?
My husband and I are in the process of purchasing a house with a crawlspace. In our home inspection, standing and active water along with some sort of fungus (mildew/mold) was discovered. It is fairly…
Looking for a house that has potential for future growth in the Beach Cities (South Bay LA) with a budget around 1mil.
We are looking for a house that has potential for future growth in the Beach Cities (South Bay LA). We are willing to remodel ourselves. Being in a good public school district is very important. Do you…
What is the typical range for an earnest money deposit in Los Angeles currently?
Hi, I'm just trying to get a feel for how much people put down typically for earnest money deposit in Los Angeles for single family residences.
We are looking for a home contract for deed in Washington IL or East Peoria. trying to find at least a four bedroom, 5 bedroom would be ideal.
we are having a hard time finding homes in the area. Would anyone have any helpful hints on finding these homes?
Constable Auction
I bought a house at constable auction ,the house was auctions because non payment to HOA, Later was contacted by owner attorney that his client want to redeem to HOA ,because by Law he has 180 days to…
I have been looking for info on helping my mother buy a home for herself, she is tired of renting.
She currently lives in Northeast/Oxford Circle area she likes the Northeast area and wants to know if it is even possible for her to buy a home. It would be her and my sister. My mother is on a set income…
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