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If a multifamily unit (duplex) is sold with both units, or is it possible to own half of a duplex?
Let me rephrase the question... I want to buy a multifamily unit (duplex) and rent out the other side. Here is a specific example: 2526 E 12th Ave Denver, CO 80206 MLS#: 1246192. This listing says it is…
I am receiving a phone message at about 1:00 to 3:00 in the early morning and by the time I wake up at 6"30 someone has already called the lead
I got This happens a lot so I never get a chance with the lead because someone else got the same lead six hours more or less earlier! Can you help e save these leads? I need sales bad!
My wife and I are looking into buying a home. We will not start the mortgage application process until February. My question is, when is the best
time to start looking at properties with our realtor? I do not want to start to soon and find one we love and not be able to put in an offer. Any input will be greatly appreciated.
Post doctoral fellow on OPT looking for home loan
Hi, I am a post doc research fellow at Purdue university and I am currently on OPT (F-1 student visa). My wife will be joining Purdue as a post doc on a J1 visa in the first week of July. Both me and…
Can anyone find me a stick built 3 bedroom,2 bath stick built with a decent water supply on at least 1 private acre under 215k?
were open to fixers that are not falling down, or leaking. No flood zone areas. No odd lng pipe line areas either. We want to buy asap and close fast. Thank you
I am interested in buying a condo or townhouse in PG county. Preferably Upper Marlboro.
I would like to get some serious home buyer incentive as this will be my first home. I read about the my home program in PG and some others. The more gifts I can receive the better any help would be appreciated.
Should you negotiate builder incentives/credits before or after selecting them at the design center?
*NO PURCHASE CONTRACT SIGNED YET The builder is including $5000 credit to the design center (no obligation to use their lender, it's a use or lose situation). However, they want us to select options/upgrades…
My question is it possible for us to now get approval for a FHA loan with an 580 still ?
MY Husband and I have been working on our Credit for the last 2 years, We have gotten our scores over 580, according to our credit reports.
What is the market trend for the properties in Lake Orion in the future?
Any road expansion projected? Any large stores will be opened in this area?
I found a condo to buy, but, I need some time to wrap up some personal problems where I live out of state.
Is there anything that I can do to slow down the process to buy me some time.Maybe put in a low bid ? The condo has been on the market for almost a year and they have within the last few months lowered…
DC Army wife of soldier that will be out in 2yrs. Considering San Ant for his GIS tech job & Austin for my gov job. With commute, buy a house
where? *Strongly considering moving from DC Area to San Antonio or Austin in 2013 for better cost of living. *He: GIS Army Tech. San Antonio BIG boom in GIS. *Me: Master's level judicial goverment…
How to get out of a land contract?
My dad signed a land contract. The house is in Horrible condition. Needs a TON of repairs and work, the plumbing all leaks into the dirt floor basement, the list goes on. He does not want to keep it. The…
Walkable Neighborhoods near Cleveland?
How do I find people looking for a walkable neighborhood near Cleveland
Am I crazy for thinking there is a 4 bedroom home for rent (or rent to own) in Hershey/Hummelstown that's under $1,000 monthly?
I'm looking for a rent to own home or just a rental house. I would like it to have 3 bedrooms, preferably an in-law quarters as well. Hoping to stay in the Lower Dauphin school district. At least 2 bathrooms,…
Hi, I am looking for a 1 bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. Preferably in the Flatbush/East Flatbush, Prospect Park, Canarsie, Midwood area but...
I will consider other areas depending on crime rates, etc. A Walk-In is OK with me. I am looking for $950 rent as I am a recent college grad.
If a Mother and Son are going to jointly buy a home together, and the Son is going to live there, does that qualify as owner occupancy? Could the...?
The Loan would be in both Mother & Sons name. The son would be filing all the taxes etc. in NJ. And paying off the mortgage. Can the mother file her taxes etc. where she currently lives?
I'm looking for a second home in the Newport Coast-Newport Beach-Laguna Beach area.
Since I'll be there for only a portion of the year, a townhouse or condominium would probably best serve my needs. Which is the best Web site to learn of foreclosures, REOs and short sales in the area?…
Class 3 Landfill
What affect does being two miles from a class 3 landfill (construction debris, yard trash, tires, carpet) have on home values. The landfill is not really visiable unless you are actually looking for it…
We made an offer on a For Sale by Owner home that was then accepted by the seller. The attorney has accepted $5000 earnest money and was drawing up
contract to be signed today. Seller received offer above asking price (which we met). Can our verbal agreement be enforced since attorney is already involved and intent is definitely there on both sides?
What one should consider when analyzing to buy a mortgage note from an owner financed seller?
Do you look for the note that has a lot of payment left or one that balloon in few years? How many years of history payments do you look for? Do you prefer to buy a note which house is…
We are renting my Aunt's home and would like to buy it she still owes $155,000 on the house but the market value is $98,000.
Let's say in 5 years we want to purchase it, do we have to pay the $155,000 on it or do we get it for market value.
What one should consider when analyzing to buy a mortgage note from an owner financed seller?
Do you look for the note that has a lot of payment left or one that balloon in few years? How many years of history payments do you look for? Do you prefer to buy a note which house is built after 1978? Is…
Shopping for a Brooklyn Brownstone Fixer - what neighborhood offers the most 'opportunity' in-terms of availability.
Are there any permits/construction permits I would need to consider. This would be for a single family home.
I am relocating to South Florida from Chicago and am looking at homes in Tampa and surrounding areas including Bradenton and Apollo Beach.
I will be visiting the Tampa Bay area in less than a month. I am looking for a realtor who specializes in relocations. My price range is 300-400K. I am primarily interested in single family homes, but…
Getting a listing agent to call back.
I requested information on a property from the listing agent, I haven't heard back and I'm worried the property may sell. Should I contact someone different?
Is the debt help company certified?
Is the debt help company certified?
Large discrepancy between list and sale price of individual homes and average list minus median sale price; Ct. shoreline.
Why is there such a large discrepancy between list price minus sale price of individual homes, combined, versus Trulia's average list minus median sale price? I ran the calculations from the Trulia…
i bought a house 7 months ago as primary residence, i want to move out and rent it. In the mean time purchase
i bought a house 7 months ago as primary residence, i want to move out and rent it. In the mean time purchase another house as my primary and move in to it? is that possible?
Can I use my 401k to purchase my principal residence?
I currently am renting a room but I am interested in purchasing a condo. I am 31 years old, I have a little over $30,000.00 in my 401k. My Wells Fargo retirement plan states I can take a hardship withdrawl…
How to maintain outdoor lighting?
How to maintain outdoor lighting?
Is Hanover Street in Hamilton 45011, near S. 14th Street and S. Erie Blvd. a busy location?
Is this area good for buying investment properties and easy to rent out a 2 bed room 1 bathroom single family home?
We have not yet met a suitable future buyer broker yet they are either pushy or out to lunch, so in the meantime can we look at houses?
"procuring" We are prequaled but one realtor raised the issue of procuring. By virtue of us finding a house online say thru trulia, and going to see it in person-not in an open house but the…
East Lane in Chino Hills
Half falling down shack. Once a tiny cabin, hardly 600 feet, now slightly leaning shack with rotten stairs and view of the huge porch of multifamily rental across. No place to build in as this is skinny…
Our daughter & fiance are looking for their 1st home in the $220,000-250,000 price range. Being new to Nashville, what is the best area to look
at? They are looking for an area that is safe to raise children and also one that is up and coming and where their home would not depreciate.
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