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this site is very difficult to follow
this site used to be very easy; now it is nearly impossible to use. I give up !!
Does anyone knows how to get free list of foreclosure or bank owned homes? I see Realty Trac, but looks like a scam.
We are looking to buy near zip 89149, by time we find the house it's already investor's, trying to make $ 100,000 or so.
Bad credit can I get a home loan still?
I will be a first time home buyer my credit score is 574 I was wondering if I could get approved for a home loan. I have a good amount for a down payment.
I am currently renting and am considering buying in a condo or single family home in the 95835 or 95834 area. I am a first time buyer. I am not sure
where to start or where to go to find info on my credit score and FHA loans/lenders that would be able to help.
I am wondering if this scenario is possible: I will be buying a house from our aunt by making a loan under my name so we can buy out the Reverse loan
mortgage she did 2 years ago. The value of the house is around $550K, the loan is $350K and I plan to pay her $50K in addition. She still wanted to be in the deed and she will just "add" my name. Is…
Prices for lots sold .23 acres in the area recently?
Add some detail about your question
Freddie mac property that is visible trashed on the exterior
Freddie Mac property available. There is exterior damage with possible mold and termite. I believe all fixable. Would it be appropriate to low ball? The price has dropped 60000 at this point
Single Family Home for Sale in New Jersey Near Manhattan
I will move to NYC from Canada for a new job on June 2015. My job is in upper east side Manhattan. We are small family (couple & one year old daughter). We were looking for a single family home for…
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It for twelve minutes on each side of time you still in the big burned because it would mean a lot of your body adequate time to recover from that stresses adaptation to it now if you work… http:…
How safe is living in Englewood, Fl ? as far as robberies, crime in general, hurricanes, sinkholes, etc ?
My family and I are thinking about moving to Florida and wanted to move to Englewood, but also wanna know how safe it is to live there. Thanks for any information,
Appraisal Question
Could someone give me some advice to what would happen if a home we have a contract on for buying and about to be appraised and is appraised say less then $12,000 less then what we offered. We offered…
Enduros Testo Booster fitness & weight
This is this is a bad thing sowed want to make sure that we're practicing belly breathing and a good thing to think about is like this is all an open picture and water's gonnacome and it's going to 30…
how much is home insurance?
do I need extra? Flood, hurricane etc?
How far is Lanexa from hospitals and shopping?
We're looking for horse property and we are looking in Lanexa
leased sure interval used?
about creating and it all this for him to do to get into top shape are rape back leased sure interval used last five order things because that my opinion life living rich just existing just wasting away…
Possible to set up purchase from out of state?
Hi I am going to be trying to get a Veterans Home Loan. I have my Certificate of Eligibility already. I am currently living in Ohio and want to move to the Brownsville Texas area. Our current goal is to…
Credit score 550's looking for mortgage 200-300k -- downpayment ready! Can anyone help? Is this possible?
Looking at homes in McDonough, looking to move within next 30 days?
If you're eating crabs you'll burn them being fat
If you're eating crabs you'll burn them being fat you burn them but this diet does is take sway the cards out the equation your body has to burn fat it’s forced to do that very happy to do that in fact…
There are people who want to look
There are people who want to look, they are very vain and try to invent movements out the basics and actually things go wrong, jeopardizing the body especially the spine and not worth taking the big risk.…
Offer on short sale was rejected, what should we do now?
Fell in love with house during first visit to the new state in June 2014. Tried to make offer, someone else already did. That person left the deal in October 2014. House was originally listed at $219,900.…
so If I'm a realtor and selling my own home as listing agent,do I still have to pay the commission to real estate firm I work for..?
so If I'm a realtor and selling my own home as listing agent,do I still have to pay the commission to real estate firm I work for..?I know I still have to pay to buyers agent his share
buying home in good school district really that big a deal?
Need suggestions please….We liked a home in Durham,NC. We do not have kids yet, but only elementary school is good in the locality. Mid and high schools are not that good.Thats keeping us from not considering…
Any lease with option to buy homes in our area?
Looking for a 3 bedroom home with a good square footage, within Riverview, Southgate, Wyandotte Michigan area. I know a typical response will be, why dont you just buy? We're not ready for that yet.
Curb Cut & driveway permit in Glendale, ca
We are looking to put a bid on a house in Glendale, CA. The house currently does not have a driveway, but it looks like there used to be one on the side of the house. Is it difficult or costly to get…
We're considering purchasing a lot in Lonoke County, Arkansas. What can we expect to pay in closing costs?
We're considering purchasing a lot in Lonoke County, Arkansas. The asking price is $30,000 (of course, we're hoping to get it for less!) and we'll pay cash for the lot. What can we expect to pay in closing…
How important is road frontage to home prices?
I have found several nice homes, but they all seem to be on lots with no road frontage and have the driveway on some sort of easement. Should I stay away from these?
Everytime I try to edit my home facts it tells me "sorry an error occurred"
I am trying to claim the home we just purchased and for privacy reason I would like to remove the pictures showing the home inside and out.
Role of Realtor in Custom New Construction
What is the role/expectations of a Realtor in custom new construction? We have a blank slate and a realtor has told us that nothing is negotiable with the builder and there is really nothing for her to…
delete account unauthorized
my 10 year old daughter opened this account delete it please
there is a house at 5166 Knight Rd, Huron, OH that is for sale, but it is not listed here, Why? It is on MLS and just had an open house.
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3057411360-1138-Laguna-Dr-Huron-OH-44839
I have created a profile and indicate a desire for email updates from Hudson, NY, but the updates are not coming....
I've gotten plenty of updates in the past related to other locations so I can't figure out what the problem is....???
Are lenders supposed to charge to run a credit report?
I am trying to find a lender, and have not been very successful so far. I am looking for a lender that can meet face to face, as I will be a first time home buyer. Last year, I found one, but they wanted…
unwanted property pictures
Hello I found my property listed on Trulia with pictures that I do not want on them. http://www.trulia.com/homes/Missouri/Saint_Louis/sold/230613-7700-Thomas-Ave-Saint-Louis-MO-63117#photo-2 I 've…
Viewing listing online
My home is listed on Trulia. When I look at it on a tablet older pictures show up,but when I look on laptop,the updated ones are there. Can you help?
Lease to purchase
Im looking to buy a house under lease to purchase option. But its so hard to find a house with 4 bedrroms can some one help
private lender for mortgage, first buyer
My score credit is 670 no late payments at all, i own my car only paid off, looking for a private lender because i can't prove my income with a traditional banks... who can help me i make enough money…
Do negotiations AFTER the inspection period is over put the buyer at risk for their deposit?
This pertains to the standard FR/BAR contract form in Florida. My realtor and I notified the seller of several repairs within the inspection period and requested an adjusted the price. The seller countered…
Buying second home - renting out first
Here is my situation: - I bought a home for $90K two years ago with an FHA loan. My mortgage balance is at $84k - I am currently renting out the home for $800/month, and my mortgage payment is $700/month.…
due diligence question
We are selling our small115 year old house, and got a cash offer within 3 weeks. We agreed on a 10 day due diligence period, but our buys took 12 days, and then gave us a ridiculous list asking for $9k…
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