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How to set up a search for new homes?
I am trying to set up a search for homes in Hollister, CA - we need a main house with a "granny unit" on the same property. How do I set up a search to find those kind of houses? "multi unit" only returns…
Advice needed with buying a single family home in Tucson
Hello, Me and my wife are working IT professionals in Tucson. We have been renting for last year or so. We are planning to buy a single family home and are unsure which areas to look at. We are not keen…
What are the latest trends in home buying?
Check out the article in Wall Street Journal http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702303802904579334594166856188?mod=trending_now_3
I found a small parcel in Naples that interests me, but the listing indicates "No D.E.P." How does this affect a cash sale ? Thanks in advance.
Love the neighborhood and want to build my dream home there.... -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3097820802--Coral-Wood-Dr-Naples-FL-34119
Down Payment and Advice
Hello there. My fiance and I have been preapproved and would like to start the homebuying process but we would like to end up using our upcoming tax return for the down payment. Mine was just accepted…
Looking for current info on relocating to Beacon and neighborhoods/schools. Would be renting my first year and putting 3 yr old in public prek.?
Really would like to hear transplants experience. Most info I can find is dated 4-6 years ago. Very little since then... Makes me a bit apprehensive.
Hi, What is the procedure for " Notice of default" apartments?
Hi, I have few questions in regards to buy apartments. First, since I am a foreign buyer, are there some special procedures applied for foreign buyers??? I came across some ads on your website including…
I'm currently looking to buy in the Mt. Bethel, Dickerson, Walton district. When will the majority of the houses hit the market for Spring 2011?
I've seen what's out there as of March 31, 2011 and I'm not seeing anything that really jumps out at me. I'm mainly looking in Camden Place, Waterford Green, and Asheforde. Somewhere…
Taxes and ownership details
I am planning to buy a home in San Diego, but the records on the county assessor's web page does not match the information provided by my Real Estate Agent. I cannot quite explain the discrepancy. I discussed…
Can I get a loan?
Ok, here's my situation. I can afford a 130k mortgage with the 20% down, it would actually be cheaper than the 1 bedroom I'm currently renting. I have an excellent credit score in the high 700's. The…
I signed a contract with my real estate agent but signed the agreement to purchase the home from the developer without an agent.
My agent did not showed the house to me. I went to see the house by myself and contacted the developer to show the house. I immediately signed the agreement to purchase the house without my real estate…
Is this a 55 community? What amenities does it have?
Add some detail about your question
Who is the best Realtor in Jackson, TN?
I'm looking for a seasoned agent in Jackson to send referrals to. Must know the Jackson market well, have integrity and a caring spirit, and demonstrate great customer service. (client testimonials…
Tricky timing question!
Tricky question. We are a 2 physician (currently residents becoming attendings in July 2014) couple - currently making 150K and have lived in a 170K mortgage home for 4 years (first mortgage done via Physicians…
my husband and i are over 55 cant find ground floor condo that will allow my tiny 7lb puppy perfect credet cash buyer 2b/r 2 b at least 1,200 sf
prefer 33461, 33411, 33463 area we cant sell our house until we find a condo is there anyone out there who can help me, am pulling my hair out at this point love my baby cant give her up
I have a question on seller assist and appraisal using USDA loan
A house I was interested in was listed for $229,000. I made an offer on the home of $225,000 with 5% sellers assist. The listing agent said offer was rejected based on fear of appraisal issue. My offer…
Self employed, write off what I can, guessing this will eliminate my quest for buying a home?
I'm married. We have an FHA loan on current home. Under my husband only. I'm self employed and write off all I can. We want to move back closer to whete we grew up/closer to husbands job.…
My husband & I are looking to move. He recently has changed careers and with his new Job it is commission pay but w2. He has been there 7 months.
Can we get a morgatge loan? We would be selling our house first, so it wouldn't be until spring.
If an owner has taken out sliders, to incorporate a unheated room, that is large enough by code to require HVAC ducts by code, if built today
and the tax appraiser does not show this area in their heated square feet, and there is a legal egress and ingress from the heated area into this area that was unheated, prior to removing the sliders,…
Are there properties in the surrounding areas that have acreage and also get business class internet?
I'm looking for a home in the columbus or surrounding area that has 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms, a basement and is on acreage of around 10 acres
Are there any lenders willing to lend $50k on a condo with an HOA at 50.9% owner/renter ratio?
I was approved but lender backed out when the HOA report indicated 50.9% instead of 51% owner/renter ratio. Anyone willing to lend $50k on an $80k condo?
My home at 1408 Dolphin Terrace, Corona Del Mar, CA is on your site. It is not for sale, there is no NOD your information inaccurate. remove it now!
I own the home at the above address. Remove it now from all of your web sites. You are using it against my approval. Jeannie Awad-Morgan
Private money lenders??
I really want to buy a house but have a seriously terrible credit score. I am looking for a private money lender or some alternative to traditional bank lending. Any suggestions??
Looking for a house with property for hunting
would like 5 acres plus in catskills such as claryville, grahamsville, bethel, etc.
Is there much chance of getting a $350k mortgage loan if...?
I have an excellent job, great payment history for the last year (since graduation) and wonderful rent history but my scores are 550 due to credit cards from 4 years ago? I am paying the cards off but…
How long should it take for a mortgage loan to transfer from one servicing agent to another? This is on a 203k streamline loan from CF Bank to US bank
We closed this loan on 7-1-10 and were told we couldn't request a draw check for the contractor until the servicing had been transferred to the new bank. It is now August 16th - the loan still has…
Can I get financed to buy a home if my credit score is >600 but <570?
I currently rent a house in the Terre Haute, Indiana area for $600. I have a great full time & stable job and have been with them for 2 & 1/2 yrs. I have a very large amount of student loan debt.…
I am trying to close a deal on 6 SFH's. Avg. price per home is roughly 30-35k. Looking to build a relationship with a small bank or blanket mtg.
The owner wants 200k for the 6 homes, and together they are bringing in 5k per month. He is offering owner financing but is only giving me 2 years. My only fear is trying to refinance these a year from…
West Davis Corridor
Thinking about buying a home on Bluff Road in Syracuse. Am I going to be affected by the Weat Davis Corridor? And if so how and why? Thanks for any tips or input.
Has anyone in Atlantic County has luck getting a condo that was NOT already FHA approved, ultimately approved?
This link pretty much spells of the steps I would have to take. http://ethicalhomes.com/1836/condo-development-approved-fha-financing I have also done research and the condo we are interested in DOES…
Recently I received a solicitation offering to save me thousands on my 30 yr fixed rate mortgage by paying weekly. Is this legit?
the firm is a private group, not my mortgage company, wanting me to pay them instead of my mortgage company. my home, and the mortgage, was just purchased a month ago.
Our condo on Central Park South that is going to be auctioned off by the court. What need I do in order to create a buzz to bring potential buyers?
The Condo is 2Bed/2Bath 1200sf. I am just minority owner and I need to maximize the price. Court did not consider a proper listing with a broker. Does any broker have potential clients to recommend the…
what are the good area to buy rental property in Orlando?
Area in demand;easily rented and earns best rental income
i really need of a small cottage
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