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do you have any thing in Eulonia Lake sub. div.
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3079775099--Old-Townsend-Rd-N-E-Eulonia-GA-31331
FHA’S BACK TO WORK PROGRAM – NEW HOPE FOR FLORIDA HOMEBUYERS Posted under: Home Buying in Orlando, Financing in Orlando, Home Ownership in
Orlando | FHA’S BACK TO WORK PROGRAM – NEW HOPE FOR FLORIDA HOMEBUYERS Posted under: Home Buying in Orlando, Financing in Orlando, Home Ownership in Orlando | September 15, 2013 2:57…
Do I have PMI mortgage insurance?
On mu Hud-1 paper were it say's mortgage insurance it is blank, and on my Truth in Lending paper were there is a box next to mortgage insurance that has No check mark on it and nothing next to it? On one…
when is it best to lock in your interest rate?
it seems like right now the USDA rates went up. we have an offer accepted on a home and we are using USDA to fund the loan. we are wondering when it would be the best time (or how it even works) to lock…
Is there a broker/lender who you can refer to us for help in buying a mobile home with BK ch.7 discharged 2 1/2 years ago?
My family is purchasing a mobile home/manufactured home. We are putting 10% and have 720 FICO. Must close within 30 days. We are pre-approved for a 20 yr 10% loan. We are looking for 30 year loan with…
The Real Estate Market has picked up in Cary NC, the inventory is down. Questions for Buyers what "wants" are you willing to eliminate to
buy? I'm working with buyers and it seems that there are not many choices for them and multiple offers are happening.... We make a list of top 5 requirements in a house before we look at any homes...…
Who needs a great home in Churchill,Pa?
4br 3ba many many upgrades, aggressive sellers
Appraisal value lower than offer
We just found out the appraisal value of the apt we're trying to buy is $25K less than our offer. Can we negotiate a lower selling price even though we're already in contract?
How long is a wells fargo short sale process?
We put in an offer on a Wells fargo home (for short sale) it was approved 3 weeks ago from the buyer...but we have still heard nothing as of today from the bank...just wondering how long this process is.…
are there any rent to own homes here in enid?
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Building a new home, how does the lot get purchased?
I have been looking at building a new home in a development. These homes all include the lot as part of the sell. What if I want to build a new home on a lot that is being sold by a real estate agency?…
Are the Hancock Ave cross Grand Blvd relatively safe area?
I am researching for my property investment
how far is it from LA by car?
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Why are not washer and dryer locations noted in home listings?
My wife and i are thinking of moving to the COOS BAY area when I retire. One of the things we would like to know, in the searches, is where the clothes washer and dryer are located. She and I have bad…
As a buyer, can I still back out of my contract unscathed?
We used the standard Florida Realtors purchase agreement and submitted an offer on a house which both the seller and bank accepted. My realtor then submitted a cancellation letter before the inspection…
Still looking for a 1bedroom in a great areas private .house.havent had luck with brokers due to my no credit.
Most brokers haven't been able to close a deal with owners because I'm young and noone will grant me an opportunity to prove myself,because im young...moving out my mothers house with no credit.yet in…
Should I buy a house with known asbestos (covered)?
I liked a house but it was built in the 50s. In the disclosure there was a mention of asbestos in the tiles underneath the carpet of the family room in the basement. The disclosure said no effort was made…
How soon after filing bankruptcy can i get a home loan?
First time homebuyer, bakruptcy filed 1 year ago
As a buyer, can I structure my contract so that I only pay xxx dollars above appraisal value?
I want to structure an agreement that says the seller must accept my offer of xxx dollars above appraisal value. Is there a way the buyer can lock in the seller with wording like this? I just don't want…
Client ready to buy
My clients are looking for a seller carry in La jolla, Del Mar, rancho Santa Fe or santaluz. Etc. They are looking to put a Maximum down of 400-500k and a seller carry 36-60 months or longer if your…
Thinking about carrying a loan for a family member on the sale of my home. Would I keep the abstract/title in my name until paid?
Also that would mean I would have to keep the insurance and taxes in my name also, correct?
I and I would likde to see a video tour of this home though I know it has been purchase
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3112577623-35-Laurel-Ln-Wilmot-NH-03287
Looking to sell an impecable half of twin on Kurtz Street. Open house is July 22 from 1 to 3 pm. Price just lowered to $134,900. Come see us.
Anyone looking for a 4 bedroom home in Catasauqua, right off of Howertown Road. At this time, many forecasters are suggesting this is a great time to buy. Do you agree?
New mortgage requirements, debt ratio
There's a new article in CNN about debt to income ratio. What is the requirement for a second home? http://money.cnn.com/2013/12/04/real_estate/mortgage-rules/index.html?iid=HP_LN
Does it hurt your chances to have an offer accepted by the seller if you submit an offer without a realtor?
Do sellers tend to frown upon buyers who aren't represented by a realtor?
Did you know some postings you submit are scams?
I happen to live at the location I'm informing you about. I've lived here for 23 years. I'm in good standing with the resident manager 'Mr. Hiinckle'. There's no such apt available that they're trying…
where to buy as an investment property in USA?
hi we are thinking to purchase an investment property mainly for vacation rentals and eventually some thing that we can live in in our retirement . Since we are Canadian I was wondering if there is any…
What is the water situation in Arizona, particularly in Surprise? We are out of state and don't know much about the area.
Is water a big problem in Arizona? What would an average utility bill run for a month? Looking to retire in a few years and would be happy to get your feedback. Any drawbacks? We can retire in 3 years,…
can a buyer back out of contract 6 days before closing... reason being his furniture doesnt fit???
my house was under contract as an as it property.20k under assesed value.. reason for that was we were not using a real estate agent((big mistake))..i figured i would sell my house slightly under the appraised…
Housing bubble 2 in Metro Detroit? Could prices skyrocket and become as high as LA, Boston, NYC, Washington D.C., etc... in the next 1-2 years?
I already got a my house and paid for it in cash and am all set. Thank god. The fear of rising prices no longer applies to me. I plan to stay at my place for the rest of my life while being reent and mortgage…
Is the FHA 203K consultant paid out of pocket for all inspections or is it included in the loan?
I am in the process of seeking a FHA 203K loan. I wanted to know are all of the fees for the FHA 203k consultant out of pocket? I know the first fee for him to come out to do the initial feasibility report…
Will this disqualify me for a fha mortgage loan?
My fiance and I are trying to buy our first home. My credit scores are 662/667/640 and my fiance's middle score is 600, but I have a collection that is about 4 years old and afraid it will lower my credit…
I am looking for a min 3b 2.5b, home with yard for pet under 150k range. We prefer Chesapeake but open for South VA near Norfolk area.
Like privacy so don't really want close/stacked type housing areas/communities but can be close to Naval base (max 30miles)
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