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How long can a seller hold on to earnest money?
inspection was contingency.. radon high, roof doors and windoes needed repair/ replace seller refused to compensate going on4 weeks since we cxled contract.
Hi, I'm looking at the Chadds Ford, PA, Kennett Square and Delaware options for home buying and really want to reduce taxes and excessive HOA's?ideas?
DE vs. PA, why should I choose one over the other? Are taxes really that bad in PA? I'd like to stay away from condos. Thank you.
Are there any patio homes in Cane Bay, Summerville?
separate sections in the area with smaller lots, but with still all the charm
I came across a rental that was a scam but don't know how to flag it. How do I do that?
2712 W Skyline Pkwy, Duluth MN 55806 is for sale by Century 21 and "for rent" by some jerk on Trulia.
How do I find out property restrictions in Forsyth County?
Hello, I am looking at a 12 acre property between Winston-Salem and Clemmons (not in the city limits of either) that borders a creek. How can I find out the restrictions on what I can do with the property?…
Wanted to advise that someone has accessed my information off of this site. This weekend I sent an email inquiry about a
house, as did my husband and we both received emails back telling us they wanted us to move into their house. Both emails from singlehome16@outlook.com Not sure how to go about reporting this.
My house sold at foreclosure for $33,000 more then I owed the bank.I was only in arrears for this year in tax's (about $4,000)Doc's are
probably another $5,000 so what happens to that other money... and how come I can't seem to get a straight answer on this ...or a closing statement from B/A ? There were no other liens on it.Does…
We are first time home buyers and are planning to use my husband's VA Home Loan or CalVet but my husband has only been at his job for a
year with a 710 credit score and My job for 3 years with a 650 score. We have money for down payment. Will we have a hard time getting approved especially with him just having been at his job for a year?
DR Horton Southshore community build quality
Hi, I'm looking to buy a home within the Soutshore community in Chandler. I've read many bad reviews about DR Horton with their build quality and they seem to have a horrible reputation as a builder.…
Who Pays Closing Costs In Texas?
Who Pays Closing Costs In Texas
Rotten Exterior Window and Door trim
We did a property inspection yesterday, and here are some of the observations from the Inspection Summary Report : ********************** Windows and Trim Unacceptable • Sections of window and…
When is the good time to shop for mortgage lender and lock the rate?
Hi, We have purchase a new home in Northern Virginia, which is going to build and builder told us that the delivery date will be April 26 of this year. I am looking for mortgage rate and the lenders…
how do I know when a home I have saved, has been sold.?
I have mulitiple homes saved and when I look them up, some no longer have prices and the picture is gone but it does not say sold.
Can anyone recommend a good and experienced rehab loan officer? I'll be using a conventional purchase loan with a 20% down payment.
I've been in contact with someone at a Wells Fargo here, but I'm beginning to realize she doesn't know anything about them, just the basics. I have to wait for her to get answers for me, such as, how are…
Has anyone tried Private Money Lenders
Yes i have and i recently bought a home through them with wonderful fixed rates, fast and easy. I just wanna share a few about them because my credit was messed up and couldn't get a loan from the conventional…
I believe this listing is a scam
8835 Mesa Brook Way Elk Grove, CA 95624 (Sheldon North) Pet Friendly Family Friendly $800 Updated 3 days ago For Rent Save Share Fullscreen 8835 Mesa Brook Way, Elk Grove CA 3 bd 2…
Removing my house from listings.
I bought my house 4/3/2013. Could you please remove the pictures and listing. It is 23946 Oakmont Place, West Hills, 91304 Thank you for your help Karin L. Nielsen (owner)
My credit score is a 578 is it possible to get a home loan?
My husband and I are thinking about buying our first home
How long do I have to wait to get another mortgage. I have 30 day lates and I am being told to wait 12 months? Is this true?
630 Credit score / 3.5% Down Payment / Salary 45K Per Yr. w/ great work history. Raleigh NC Area
There has to be another way to get a home without 2 years of tax returns for independent contractor.
We have been homeowners for 15 years. One year ago we moved from TX to KY. My husband went from being a substitute teacher to being roadside assistant, which falls under self-employed even though he works…
Is it possible to get loans on modular homes and raw land from traditional financing?
I would like to buy some raw land to have a modular home place, but don't know where to start with financing.
Is there more of a demand for Condo/Townhomes or Single Family homes in Gainesville?
I really want a SFH, but our budget at this time only allows a Condo. Should we keep renting in an area we don't love, saving when we can (even though our rent is high) to get the house we want in 3 years?…
Can we say FRAUD? Why is there no other way to report fraudulent listings. I've found at least at dozen in the last 4 months
1044 Rowland Ave, Lsited here by David at 700/month but Zillow has it at1400 Interior pix are diff as well (http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/1044-Rowland-Ave-Columbus-OH-43228/71972458_zpid/) Can…
2710 Silent Rain Dr #- SI2710 HERE IS THE ADDRESS
My account should not be active. I was simply attempting to determine an approximate value of my property. You could not do that and told me I was
being referred to a local broker. I never asked you to do that PERIOD. Remove me from any lists you have at the time being. If I choose to contact you again I will, however, I can tell you that I dislike…
how do we report fraudulent activity?
we have a house thats listed at $1800 Monthly and weve been receiving calls that its listed for $1000!! please help!
Do you have to put 20% down when you buy a condo in Parkchester?
Additionally what is included in the service fee and what is the service fee?
how do we report fraudulent activity?
we have a house thats listed at $1800 Monthly and weve been receiving calls that its listed for $1000!! please help!
Hello, I found a spec home I wanted to buy. Possible to lower base price or option incentives?
Hi, I found a a spec home in chandler area i wanted to buy. I found this home through with my realtor. However, she's not willing to help with the negotiation saying "its impossible to negotiate in…
I am talking with a realtor (Not Signed with her yet) about pricing my home.
CMA has been done and I might be interested in one of her listing. She is trying to help me come up with a listing price based off of the CMA and also how much equity I can get out of my house if sold.…
Hello, I am trying to work with our seller on a listing. The filter for Mobile/Manufacture does not show there home. I need your help with this.
Another mobile/manufactured home appears and 15 Jensen Court only comes up when the address is keyed in specifically. That does not help promote the listing. Can you help remedy this. My office 860.793.0281,…
What is cost to rebuild a home in Stafford Texas?
Home @ 1841 sq ft. 3 bedroom, 2 bath
Are the "Ads" for rentals and/or purchasing homes researched by anybody within your company before being released to the public?
I have run across 5 postings that were SCAMS within the last 3 months.. That's a huge percentage of fraud within your website...
M/H. This is not a mobile home and you are RUINING my ability to sell my home! We just listed this home, and it comes up on the computer with a mobile home!!!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE TO REMOVE YOUR LISTING…
brackish water area in fl
looking for rural area to live near brackish water in fl. maybe grant, fl
I purchase my home from a family member & 1yr later received bills from city (9,000 in fines) & county (over 5,000 unpaid taxes).
I was not made aware of this from the family member nor the attorney. Attorney said I need to sue family member, family member wont talk to me and city said sue attorney. What should I do?
Im interested in the sarasota area. Looking for a condo under 150K with reasonable assoc dues. Close proximity to beach, good rental potential if I
choose to rent on occassion. What parts of town are considered the best or most desireable that I should narrow my search to
I inadvertently responded to an email which I thought was from Trulia regarding an inquiry I made regarding 7816 N Haven in Portland, OR.
The email was from greathome2015@gmail.com. They knew my name, email address and the property address for which I had inquired. Is this fraud or normal procedure?
When I ask for "more information" about a property on Trulia, this "lead" is given to three agents and my phone rings off the hook! Why?
I just want to hear back from one agent not three or more. The agents don't seem to know that they aren't the only one who has been given the lead, and they keep calling me. What should I do?
We want new construction ranch, have no land and do not want HOA in MD what can we do?
We are trying to find land for 2 yrs that isn't swamp and not in a Home Owners Association and a ranch style home also difficult to find that financed you would think we were committing a crime very…
I rent in Sunnyvale and want to buy a house in South Bay, CALIFORNIA
I rent in Sunnyvale, $1400/month, and want to buy a house in South Bay, CALIFORNIA
Can FHA loan be done on a second home in a different city?
I bought my first house with FHA loan and decide to rent it and move to a different city and buy a 2nd home can I be consider for FHA loan in that city
Buying a home with a state tax lien
I have excellent credit, but now I have a state tax lien in California (I'm on a payment plan tho) will I be able to buy a house when I'm done with the plan?
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