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How do I buy a home when I have mine to sell?
I am considering selling my manufactured home on 5 acres. This is my first home. I want to relocate to New England. How do you like time it so that I can buy one home and sell my current one without…
I am from NYC and thinking of moving to Portsmouth. I have visited a few times and I think it is a good fit for my family. We have 2 teenagers.
I want. to rent in the downtown area so that we can walk to town. I would appreciate any feedback on the way of life. I am considering the area vs the suburbs near NYC because I really like city life.…
First time homebuy high DTI decent credit
I'm looking to purchase my first home, however I have a high DTI due to student loans. My credit is decent and I was told I'm approvable for a mortgage but because of my DTI it wouldn't be anything that…
very poor credit and not much for a down payment.can I still rent to own??
I have a stable job as a truck driver,have 3 children so we need a house.since my credit is poor and have little money for a down payment can I still get a house? like rent to own?
Buying a second home
Hello We are a single income family that has a smaller home in Chandler. We are looking to move up in size in Chandler itself and want to get advice/tips on acquiring a second mortgage loan. We…
What's the best way to get a For Sale by Owner to come to the negotiating table? Home is overpriced, needs a ton of work, but we love it &
want it. This home is in our preferred location, size lot, everything, but needs a ton of work (very outdated & needs more beds/baths for lg family). The work is doable at $100K but we don't…
How does purchasing under the market value affect a mortgage and down payment?
If you are purchasing from family and are purchasing the home for almost 50k under tax value, then does that make financing any easier? I've heard various rumors, but I'm planning to buy a family property…
How is the relationship between a buyer and buyer agents work?
How is the relationship between a buyer and buyer agents work? If I have a buyer's agent, I assume I am required to go through him when I want to make an offer on a property that I found myself; is that…
where is the best area to live in or around indianapolis? We are looking to buy a house.
we are very focused on good schools and only live in areas with good schoole. Have a 4th grader.
I am looking for the best mortgage program for teachers. Would anyone have a recommendation?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3032744415-135-Ocean-Pkwy-14H-Brooklyn-NY-11218
How to remove open dispute or bypass it on equifax?
My mortgage banker told me to open a dispute on my equifax to remove a judgement that wasn't mine. I did. But now I can not be approved for a mortgage with an open dispute. I want to either close my open…
when I inquire on my house it shows the house to my left, not mine. My house is 817 Benson Ct. North Aurora, IL 60542 and is two-story brick house
How can I get the search picture changed? I am looking to possibly sell my home soon and would like the correct one to be displayed.
Difference between "Pending" or "In Escrow" vs. SOLD
My home is pending with an offer accepted, waiting for inspection, appraisal, and for the buyers to secure their loan. My realtor added a SOLD sign to the front of the house. I specifically asked her…
Can I buy a house with out social security number in Houston?
Hi me and my husband want to buy a house, but neither of us have a social security number. Whatever own a townhome.. Pay taxes and everything.! Do we have a chance!?
Investment property in Orlando
Hi I am looking for investment single family home/apartment in Orlando area (Price range of $110,000 - 150,000) which has potential rental return of $800-$1000 per month. Prompt response will be highly…
Which is better to buy, a townhome or a traditional individual house with a yard? Which will hold its value more?
I'm wondering what the trends are in purchasing these different kinds of homes. What are most people interested in, the convenience of a townhome or the stability and individuality of a traditional…
How do I delete listings?
I get inquires to homes that are rented. If I could delete them, I could avoid that annoyance.
Anyone have any creative ideas to generate web page hits?
I am trying to find ways to drive traffic to my site. Any ideas? I am currently posting to Craigslist. Any other ideas? my site is www.HanksHomesBG.com Hoping to hear of some creative ideas you guys have…
Pros and Cons of buying a manufactured home in a 55 plus community
I would appreciate hearing the Pros and Cons of buying a manufactured home in a 55 plus community. It seems attractive to live in such a community but I don't know enough about the pros and cons. Will…
How do I get a mortgage if I do not live nor work in the states but can afford one?
I would like to buy a home for my daughter who lives in the states. How do I go about it?
Objective is to earn rent between $1.2K-1.5K/m. Property should be newer & @Neighborhood where its easy to get a tenant How much investment needed?
Want to invest in rental property around Plano,Richardson,Frisco or Irving. As I stated conditions are 1. Rent should be between 1200 to 1500 2. Property should be newer 3. Resell should be relatively…
Options for a five year mortgage loan of <$50,000 for student with a fellowship?
Graduate student with a fellowship award that updates annually so cannot "prove income" three years out, which caused rejection from one lender already. Can put 20% down on a property and looking…
203k after forelosure and bankruptcy
Am I eligible? Leader said fha said no.
Point me in the direction of a good lender! or Realtor???
I am looking to buy my 1st home by February/March 2014, I have a lot of questions!
Are there any investor friendly Real Estate Agents in Hartford and/or New Haven Counties?
I am an experienced fix and flip investor and former broker. I will not be wasting your time. I need houses this week.
What obligation do I have to my real estate broker if I found a place on my own and the seller is a friend who doesn't want to use a broker?
I recently signed a disclosure stating that my real estate broker would be working for my interests. She informed me that this was not an agreement, but a disclosure. A friend of a friend is interested…
I just read an article that as of last month (Jan 2014), Florida leads the States in foreclosures........still.
This is not a good thing even for someone wanting to buy. Suppose one wants to buy in a 58 condo with HOA. That could mean the fees go up for some to make up for fees not being collected by others.
I am looking for REO properties in and around Brockton. Can someone help?
I am a RE investor looking to purchase multiple under valued homes so I can fixed them up and turn them over for profit. If I can partner with a strong agent to help me acquire these homes I will give…
how do I find lease-option houses in 85020, 85028, and 85032?
I need to move right away, need help now
looking for a lot foresport,ny
i am looking on snowbird lake for a building lot on the water side lot size does not matter anybody want to sell???
we put an offer on a house and had a counter offer by the seller. we then were told a realtor also was interested in the house and wanted to bid.
we were told by the listing agent that they would accept bids from both parties and the one who bid the highest would get the property. We bid $7,000 higher than the realtor who was bidding and we still…
Short sold our home two years ago. We are looking at another home and are able to put 20 % down. We cannot find financing other than hard money.
A friend is willing to carry the home for two years, question how do we finance the home at the end of the two years and not have to put another 20% down?
I am interested in the property: 640 Hibbs Rd, Lockbourne, Ohio 43137
I have been told that it has been in contract since December. Is that because of things that need fixed, or that the people trying to buy it - hasnt been able to finance it. How long is it allowed to be…
How can I get approved for a loan when divorce has caused issues with my credit?
My ex-husband was supposed to take my name off of 2 properties we owned. One was recently foreclosed on and the other is delinquent and he has filed chapter 13 bankruptcy. My credit is great but these…
What are the up and coming areas in East Miramar, Pembroke Pines, West Hollywood area?
I will be living in the above area for 3 years. Looking to buy a property for investment purposes, buy low, sell high, etc. Not looking for my dream home. Thinking $125K with an emphasis on a good deal.…
how do I remove an ad for my rental?
My property has been rented.
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