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USDA loan only can be used if property is FHA approved?
I was told by realtors that I can only use a USDA loan if the property is FHA approved. Is this true? The property is in a usda eligable area. If this is true there are only 5 eligable condo associations…
my house is located on golf course with a wonderful view and back yard that goes all the way to the 19th green(no golf ball problem) but I don't
belie believe that trulia adds this in to the price estimate. 2428 prairie dunes Clermont florida 34711
is a verbal agreement on a price legally binding?
I made an offer and was given verbal acceptance. Now, 2 days later being told best and highest, already knowing another offer was made AFTER the verbal agreement.
My parents built this home at 26 south street in 1955 when I was ten. is it possible to see a picture and the lot? I would love to see what it looks l
my grandparents built the house beside it and I was told it was torn down to make driveway for nebs.
Well Capping Before Closing?
My buyer is closing on a lender-owned home on May 10. The listing agent/seller said that there was NO well uncapped/or capped on the property, but when the buyers and I had our inspection, we discovered…
Simple question: Is it more common for the buyer or seller to pay for a well inspection?
For a well inspection, is it more common that the buyer or seller would pay for it?
how do I just look at townhouses within 10 miles of roseville?
I am looking for a one level townhouse with at least1 plus bedroom and 1 plus bath
how many homes are on mildred lane?
Add some detail about your question
Pulling out of escrow after the 17th day and after home inspection?
We are 22 days into escrow and had home inspection. We haven't had appraisal yet and gave a $5,000 deposit. We just found out that the area the house is in has had 4 shooting in the last year, which…
How valuable is road frontage?
I am on a house hunt. Several interesting properties do not have any road frontage. They provide a driveway usually along the property line of an adjoining property. These homes are attractive both…
How to fire my broker?
Broker not showing my house, not doing what I ask, not returning my phone calls.
Can sellers lie about receiving other offers?
I submitted a bid today on a home that's been on the market for about 3 weeks and supposedly has had no other offers. We bid about 10k under asking price. So the seller responds with a multiple…
We are being taxed out of our home. What steps can we take to avoid losing our home due to property taxes?
We have tried refi, didn't work out. Does a fast sale ding your credit history?
can a 15 year mortgage be granted to a 62 year old ?
half of the purchase price will be available on the property
Flood zones and crime rates
Where are the floods zones and low crime rates located in Las Vegas nv. Perspectively
Need FHA loan specialist in NY?
I'm in upstate NY looking to apply and have conversation with an FHA loan specialist but currently talking to one in TN. How do I go more local? I've even tried looking up ones just I'm…
My family and I live in both sides of a duplex that we own. We are going to purchase a home and are not sure if we should list the duplex or do a FSBO
A FSBO would save us money, and we need to realize as much as possible out of this sale. Also, with income/investment property, what are your various opinions about selling as is, or making repairs, etc.…
is an eviction legal on a lease purchase contract in Oklahoma?
Lease purchase contract signed in 2008, seller has filed a forcible entry and detainer. I question the legality due to the oklahoma landlord tenant act does not cover a sales contract. Shouldnt he take…
When is the right time to buy a home?
How much money should you save for a down payment on a 200,000 home?
commercial and private property realtor
Looking for a GREAT agent who can help us buy a home that fits our needs, in the school zones we want to live in AS WELL as help us find a business property to rent that are in GOOD proximity as not to…
Is right to own a home there?
Dear, I am a doctor from Saudi Arabia and I'm interested to buy a house in Orlando, Fl. and I would like to ask you if my right to own a home there, and what are the conditions for it. Thank you Dr.…
What is all the cost to buy a house in California?
Can any body give me all the closing costs.
woodland park, NJ
Does Woodland Park, NJ have a good school system?
May have to replace garage. Is house worth buying?
Currently under contract for a remodeled house...which turned out to have so many issues during our inspection that we stopped halfway through, thinking we'd just walk away. Seller suggested he'd make…
I just bought an established business and generates $10,000 per month. How soon I can get home mortgage?
Hi I just bought an established store and am currently making $10,000 profit per month. This income is consistent and the previous owner had it for tens of years. My question is, how soon I can get…
How do I delete my ad?
This was an apartment ad.
How do you tell if a house on the market was a meth house?
Is there a required inspection for meth when a house is put up for sale to protect the buyer
Agents, Thoughts on remodeling with a service like Bath Fitter?
Have a small bathroom that needs remodeling where a one piece is needed. Question is, what are your thoughts on a molded bath model like bath fitter vs. something else.
If I offer to buy this house payable in cash, can I or should I expect a price reduction?
-- This question is about this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1061658977-Single-Family-Home-Cleveland-TX-77327
Are Short Sales REALLY that scary of a process? & how can you speed up the process to Sell a Home in Short Sale Status, if the BUYER wants the home?
With the understanding that it's no longer truly up to the home owner in short sale, but, it's up to the bank, how can you speed up the process of getting an offer, looked at by the bank to avoid the scary…
If you bought one of them, can you put an RV or Trailer on vacant lots for the summer?
Those empty lots look like an amazing price point, maybe fun to buy and set a trailer on for a couple weeks at a time. However, I am not sure what the codes are for 'camping' on your own land.
VA question about conditions conducive to termites.
Hello! Really needing some help. I saw a home today. My realtor right away started pointing out things he felt were drawbacks that were minor and don't bother me, especially in my price point. The things…
Can you tell me what order an agent needs to list your house?
I need details on what order to list your house. Profession photos, open house, brokers open, decide if you want to limit the time (all offers in by) and why would an agent suggest that. If the house…
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