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What are you seeing in your marketplace?
Our market is showing great signs of recovery from the recession. Market activity has picked up and properties are selling.
Mortgage company in pa!
Need a mortgage company in Pennsylvania that does quick preapprovals. Please help!
I WANT TO BPO WORKS (experians in bpo data entry)..... plaese sent the orders this email:- chrk207@gmail.com
I WANT TO BPO WORKS (experians in bpo data entry)..... plaese sent the orders this email:- chrk207@gmail.com charges cost can be discount them............................hurry to the contact…
What are the crime rates?
how is Parchester Village Neigborhood? is this a safe place to live for a first time homebuyer married with 1 child? how often do crimes occured? what is the police responds time? this is a safe area to…
The bank has not met closing date yet after almost 7 mos they have been able to close yet. Do I have any right as of now. I wait and wait. Help
Bank tells me not to move they wante to stay. But after almost 7 mos they still have not closed yet. Do I have any rights.
Why does it seem there is something funny going on with the listing agents when I try to buy foreclosures and short sales in FL?
I have been trying to buy Foreclosures and short sales in FL I have the hunch there is some funny business going on. Half the time the house is under contract immediately upon it being listed. Many…
i am looking for a rent2own for waxahachie area 3/4bdrm with some space, my credit is bad but have lexington law firm working on it.
my credit is bad due to military moving around, i was living in waxahachie while i was out process from the army in nov 2011.but i loved the area so i am wanting to move and live the rest of my life there.i…
Can you offer less on a foreclosure?
We are looking for a second home in Lake City. We are looking for at least 2 acres and at least 1600 SF although 1800 would be optimal. I have been pre-approved for 80,000. I see several foreclosures…
How are houses right next to a cemetery perceived?
I'm interested in a house whose backyard abuds a large cemetery, which is open, well-kept, and very quiet (no druggies or drunks). It makes the property very quiet and the lot feels bigger due to…
do first time home buyers really get loans with 0 down or is that a rumor? Looking into owning a home but do not know the first thing about it (scary)
Where can I seek honest advice about what I need to do to prepare myself so that I am able to buy smart????
I'm looking for an active 55 and over community in the Plano, Frisco area. I have looked at Frisco Lakes, by
Del Webb. I really liked it, but was wondering if anyone has heard good or bad things about the community. I will be selling my home in Massachusetts in order to hopefully buy a place in Texas (looking…
Why is it so funky setting up an account on this site???
My profile completion went from 90% down to 70% after following the instructions!
How can you tell how well an agent understands the neighborhood you're looking at buying in?
My wife and I are moving from LA to the Bay Area. We both have limited experience with the area and need some real guidance when it comes to picking an area to move into. The Bay is just so unique and…
sewer lateral inspection we did not know, in Oakland
Hello we are in process to buy a house in Oakland. The loan already has been sent to Title. But our agent just told us we need to have sewer lateral inspection before close and will cost $4500. I…
What is the difference between homepath renovation program & Homes Style Renovation Program?
I am planning to buy 4 Units Under these programs and live in one of them but I need to know the difference between these 2 programs & also I like to verify if I can buy a maximum of 10 Units under…
Lenders/Banks that finance homes foreigners in the US ?
Im trying to buy a home in the Houston area, with 30% down.
Does anyone know COOP's or CONDOS that will accept below 20% down like 10%. Thanks!
I am going through NACA in Atlanta my closing dat was July 13th and UW still have not cleared me to close and I am afraid I will lose the house .
I've been with NACA since 2010. My frist counselor went MIA for 8 months after he said he was sending my file for qualification. After complaing and writing letter I got a new counselor who updated my…
I am purchasing a home that I have been renting and is for sale by owner. What do I need to watch for.?
The home I am living in is for sale by owner and we have the price well below market value. What do I need to be aware of if we are not using an agent to write up the contracts?
Is a tax reassessment reliable for home value?
House I am looking at has just been reassessed and is valued 25 K less than they are asking for. In all of my reading, tax value is a reliable indicator of value of the home. If home is valued more, why…
Hello- I seek an agent for help with a house purchase in the Oneonta area, including Remlap, Locust Fork, Springville, and Ashville.
My wife has kin on Pine Mountain and we plan an retiring there in 2 to 8 years. We would like to rent the place until then. The house should: -have 2-3 bedrooms -be off heavily traveled roads -be…
Lottery Schools - odds of getting in?
What are the odds of getting into lottery schools like Millikin? I tried searching but they do not seem to disclose that information. Is there a place to find how many applications were received and accepted…
Can a condo Board enforce a rental cap Rule if it was never voted on and is not in the declaration?
I live in a large condo building in 60642. I am attempting to rent out my unit but the Management/Board has told me that we are at the 30% rental cap. There is not amendment in the declaration and no…
Condo/townhouse w/low hoa's
We are looking for a condo/townhouse, with low hoa's, nice pool, nicely appointed area as a 2nd/vacation home. Any community meet this criteria?
How & where do I apply for a Florida first time homebuyer assistance program and/or a FHA loan?
I am looking to purchase a home(first time) in the Doral area(33178 area code)...I am a single mother of one child and I looking for an fha loan/dpa or small down/no down....how does this work? I need…
"AS IS" what does it really mean?
Purchased a 2 bedroom condo "as is". Upon final walk through saw a lot of drywall repairs that we're not seen as renters had so much junk. How do we proceed without losing our earnest money deposit Thanks
Mortgage rates: Any advice on what's the best deal? Good credit, 10 percent down and total of around $220k.
Also, any idea what bank does not charge mortgage insurance due to just the 10% down?
Can I purchase a home in redemption for someone else and put the title in my name?
I want to purchase a property that has already been foreclosed on and is in the redemption period. It is my understanding that the house/property can not be purchased or sold during the redemption process.…
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How do I go about buying my first home?
Hello. I have just recently gotten married. I am 35 and never concidered buying a house. I have never even worried about my credit till now. On credit. com my credit score is 634, and on credit karma my…
Diaz_enrique, Home Buyer in Hollywood, FL Hello All! I am purchasing a home with my brother in law, he is a current home owner and will not be
living in this new property. I will be occupying the new property and he would place me on the title along with him. However, I would not be listed as a co-borrower on the financing... So my question…
loan headed to underwriting
The property I'm trying to buy passed the inspection and I got the re-occupancy certificate. The title company released all the documents to the lender last Wednesday .I was pre-approved and the lender…
mortgage home offer letter
we need to write our own home offer
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