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out state investor, found a local contractor. How can I trust him, how can I sure my money will not be stolen.?
Don't ask my why has no agent. My agent's contractor doesn't want to provide detail scope on the rehab project.
What are the prospects in the reagent park neighborhood?Is the area revitalizing?Any information on rental market for investor?
I am looking to invest , any information to help with the decision will be appreciated
Retiring and vacationing in Wrightsville Beach NC. Thoughts?
I am looking to find a vacation home (which I may retire in as well) somewhere in the Southeast US - I love that weather!! I have recently started looking at the Wrightsville Beach area. Anyone know…
I am looking for a 500 sq ft condo on Oahu with an ocean view. I am a veteran and qualify for a VA loan but also could pay cash for 300,000 or less.
I am 65, female and have had 3 skin cancers so looking at the ocean is best for me not swimming in it. I have a younger,58 year old husband. He is very healthy, an artist
Can someone explain to me (as easy as possible) how to read (understand) this info?
Property Taxes and Assessment for 601 Kappock St Year Tax Assessment Market 2014 N/A $2,434,500 $5,410,000 2012 $176,347 N/A N/A
Neighborhoods that allow fences?
Does Ventura Village allow fences? Any neighborhood communities in Venice, Osprey or Sarasota?
We will be relocating to the Phoenix area and are trying to identify the best areas for us to live in.....
We have no kids, 3 dogs and are avid road cyclists, mountain bikers and hikers. We want a large yard for the dogs and preferably be close to a park for them. We also would like to close to all the amenities…
Can I sue my lender for negligence?
Hi there, I know this question has been asked before but I didn't see a similar case. I was trying to buy a condo in Florida. My lender requested that the HOA filled in a questionnaire form and give…
What are the out of pocket closing cost?
I know the appraisal fee is listed on the estimate for closing cost although I have to pay that out of pocket. What other fees are typically paid out of pocket as well?
I'm a Disabled Veteran, living on a fixed Income. I'm also an Ex-Arizona Resident of 14 years. I need a
small piece of Land, an Acre or so, where someone is willing to work with me on terms. As I have traveled all over the State, Im very familar with the various climates, like the difference between Phoenix…
Interested in lender mortgage promotions, rebates, air mile earning, etc
I'm working on finding a lender to pre-qual for a home purchase. I'd like to see what perks are offered for different lending programs to see if I can get a competitive rate/costs and still receive some…
I found the house i want it is a foreclosure but i need to sell my house first.... i want to put in an offer.
i put my house on the market 3 weeks ago there is interest but no offers yet. it is a good price, location, great investment for rental property my agent seems positive it will sell within 90 days, and…
This site set me up as a buyer in somewhere that I have never been.
How do I get my information OFF this site? I would like to be removed completely!
how do I get a picture of my house taken off of your site?
the picture has family members on it. It has to be taken off of your site.
Can seller delay closing date?
Hi, we signed a contract for a property in Springfield in NJ which was supposed to be closed on 12/24/08. On 12/17 we were told by our attorney that there is a judgement against the seller and we can not…
Is there someone who could tell me the names of the owners who have recently bought homes in Sierra Vista?
I would like to know the names of the people who bought homes in Sierra Vista and the addresses in the months of October and November, please. Thanks so much!
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Whether you're uncertain about buying a home in a given location, or increasing the value of your home, get advice from those in the know
Whether you're uncertain about buying a home in a given location, or increasing the value of your home, get advice from those in the know
Want more pictures of this house please.
I live out of state but am interested in this property. Why are there no pictures other than the one posted? I would love to see more of this property.
Looking for a town to live in with an easy commute to NYC and property for horses.
Looking for a town to live in with an easy commute to NYC. Looking in NY, NJ and PA. Looking for property for horses, reasonable taxes and under $600k. Currently in Monmouth County NJ, but taxes and…
i made a comment about a resident question and would like it erased from your comment page
this comment has been on your page since may and i would like it to be erased how do i do that,it is causing repurcusions
I have a growing family that has outgrown our house. We have been unable to sell. Can we refinance in order to make this property rental & buy?
bigger? Our house has been on the market for over a year unsuccessfully. When I bought the house I was single; I am now married with one son, a baby on the way, and three step-children we have shared…
mapping all saved homes
I know you can do this on the android app, but on the desktop is there a way to map all your saved homes?
Can we use va on foreclosure?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3108038313-357-Landfair-Ct-Henderson-NV-89074
What are the HOA'S for theTownhouse communities in Henderson, Lamancha, Green Valley Highlands unit 1 AMD and Bluffs AMD.?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3101951352-2785-Durness-Ct-Henderson-NV-89014
What is the average total monthly utility cost for a 1,000 sq foot house in Denver?
I am trying to figure out an average of monthly utility bills...I am planning to buy an older home in the city of denver, I know bills will vary greatly....but an average idea would be so helpful!
Please remove me from your contacts! I have tried unsuccessfully! I have looked at your site for a relative and no longer care to do so! T
These emails are causing problems! My husband thinks I'm moving! Take me off of your email list! Thank you
how do i claim a home i own?
i own 4 homes i am trying to claim them but do not see how
We put a bid in on property in Kansas in August.
In November, the bank (property was close to going short sale) came back with a counter offer. We accepted and rewrote contract. We didn't ask for anything, however, last week (right before Christmas),…
How do you assign a real estate agent?
I did not get a chance to select the person that I wanted to contact. Just as I was looking and doing a search someone contacted me. I do not want to alienate anyone but I am not satisfied with the service…
I keep getting search results sent to me for cities I'm no longer interested in. I've deleted the saved searches on my profile - yet they
keep coming Please fix your website and tell me how to stop these unnecessary emails. No longer interested in RI or the Albany area (eastern/downstate NY)
What Realtors work with USDA Loans and Home Builders around the Orlando (32822) Area?
Basically my wife and I are in the very early planning stages of home buying. We want to go for a USDA Loan since it has the Zero down, and want to aim for a brand new home. We looked into LGI already,…
Buying a home in Orlando area
Hello, I'm relocating to orlando in the next coming months and seriously looking to buy a home. My job will be in Maitland and we are a small family of three (husband, wife, infant, and three dogs).…
Subdivisions that allow private fencing?
We've been looking at houses in Canton, MI but do any of the subdivisions allow private fencing? Installing a fence is absolutely required since we have dogs, but we prefer to have a 6 ft. private fence.…
Buying home in New Jersey with one hour commute to upper east side?
Looking for a town for a family with a young toddler. We are looking for the following criterias. Please let us know which town you think will best suite us. We are looking to buy in 2015. We are looking…
How do I rate my Realtor on Trulia?
He was listed on Trulia, and I thought I was reviewing him but it just registered me instead.He was a great help with selling my home and buying another.
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