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Is Swillburg the next Southwedge in terms of appreciation?
Everyone saw what happened in the south wedge. Do you think the same thing will happen in Swillburg? The houses are closer together limiting parking and green space, but it is bookended by Brighton and…
First time home buyer. Am I asking for too much?
My husband and myself (both 25)have been renting the past year. I recently moved to America from Canada and we are ready to buy while the market is still kind of low. We have 6 months left on our lease.…
Moving into Exton - Chester Springs Area - Details of good Community with respectable school districts,
We are moving from Delaware and wanted to gets some suggestions on good communities for single family homes around Exton and Chester Springs. We saw few in the Estates at Byer Stations but was not sure…
203k Loan, Can I do the work myself if I don't need money for materials?
I'm trying to purchase a home that needs some minor repairs (but won't quality for a conventional loan). Furnace needs repair, a few new windows, appliances, roof, and just some basic painting a touching…
Hello, I love one of the home's that Trulia uses on the cover of it's home page. I would love to know where this house sits. Is that?
possible? Trulia Hello, I love one of the home's that Trulia uses on the cover of it's home page. I would love to know where this house sits. Is that possible? Trulia
What is the definition of a "bedroom" in Contra Costa County?
One of our rooms is classified currently as a den, though it has door to shut it off from the rest of the home & a closet.
Best places to buy a home in unincorporated Orange County?
Looking for advice about buying a home in unincorporated Orange County north of Carrborro NC. We don't care about the school district but is there more desirable areas of Orange County. Looking to SEMI-RETIRE…
My husband has a job in Providence, RI and I work in Boston. We currently live in Boston, but the commute to Providence for my husband is a bit too
much on a daily basis. What are some areas b/n boston and providence we should look into to live that offer good public transportation to boston and an ok drive to providence? We are both in our 30s…
Finance a House for Foreigners
i am an Egyptian investor , i would like to finance a house in USA , Europe or Dubai , is there an option to do this without having permanent residency in that country ,i don't need the house for…
Foreclosures in southwest Reno?
Are there a lot of Foreclosures in the Southwest area of Reno/ We are looking at buying to rent (for 2years) property in that area, especially the Caughlin ranch area. We both have excellent credit and…
How do the property taxes in kenosha compared to those in Lake County Illinois.?
I found out that in Round Lake they are approx. 3.6%.
Looking for a rental
I need a 3bed in north philly asap natasharomero75@yahoo.com need to move in asap thank you dogs accepted
Hi, my husband & I are finally ready to take the next step in Purchasing our new home. Were tired of renting & moving & ready to settle
into a place that we can call our own. But were not sure where to start. Any help or advice will be appreciated. Thank you.
Am looking to invest in property in Miami, FL. Do any professionals have an opinion on the Little Havana neighbourhood.?
The area has some cheap property, it also looks like there is a lot of development that will be commenced in the near future. The location also seems amazing due to its proximity to Brickell, downtown…
I have been trying to find a realtor for a little over a month....
To get information on renting vs buying in the Lubbock, TX area. I have posted here previously about finding a house for rent. After calling and emailing several offices and agents, I have yet to have…
My husband and I are looking to purchase a home, we found a home we both love in the neighborhood we want and right next to our daughters school..
My husbands credit score is 580 560 589 I don't know mine but I have some student loan issues on mine but is there any lender who can help us get pre qualified with his score? We both work and have…
i want to find the person who bought my grandfathers house when he died.
i want to find out if the owner of my grandfathers house is willing to sell and if so how much
How do you look up records of house sales on the web?
I know that the courts record homes when they sell. Where are those records made available?
Is the Columbine Hills/Knolls area family friendly?
We are looking the Columbine Hills and Columbine Knolls neighborhoods. The borders that we are looking at would be Bowles-Platte Canyon-C-470-Wadsworth. We really like the homes specifically in the…
Young and new to realestate, 577 score
Hi, I've lived in Denver for a bit and need to look for my own place was wondering how realistic it would be to make mortgage payments instead of wasting money on rent. I checked my credit and it's a…
1. We installed corian kitchen countertops about 6 yrs ago in a 24 yr old house. We plan to sell in 3-4 yrs. Should we change to granite?
2. We have a jacuzzi tub in master bathroom. Should be expand the 3'x3' shower stall to 3' x 8' instead?
Are multifamily houses good to buy in Ozone Park?
I was wondering if there is a demand to rent in this town. This is one of the few places that I can afford buying a multifamily house. Also is it a decent neighborhood?
My Name is Leonardo Ceron, I own the property listed on your webpage for rent. However, I am not listing it, nor is the add correct. I have filed a
police report about the situation and would like your web site to remove the add and sanction the person who listed it. if you have any questions you can call me at 678-898-2244 or email ceronlh@live.com
Two homes for sale in Redford
Two homes for sale in Redford 26014 Student 11381 Appleton Please email if interested detroithomesales@gmail.com
Property available for sale in Harper Woods
20509 Washtenaw 3 beds 1 bath 1,200 sqft 2 car garage in a good area. Tenanted paying $900 monthly. If interested, please email detroithomesales@gmail.com
Can you negotiate the prices of a new Ryan home in the villages of dorchester md I went in to buy a home?
they gave me a quote of 358k with the half of options. The rep said they will not drop it any more. i asked to speak to manager and he said he dosent have her number WTF i feel like im talking to a used…
Difference between appraisal and loan contingencies
I am trying to understand the difference between both. If there is an agreement to put 20% on a home with no appraisal contingency and if the bank estimates the home to be of much lower value would the…
Does anyone have opinions on Providence homes and /or Greenland Chase subdivision?
Looking at homes in this area and wondering if anyone knows anything about this builder or about the community. Any advice appreciated.
Buying in Hollywood or Silver lake?
We are buying a new construction single family home; there are two options, one in Hollywood and Gramercy, the other in Silver Lake area, next to Alameda blvd/street; both are of similar price and layout.…
Is applying for a new credit card a bad idea?
I received an offer for a new credit card with 15 months 0% on balance transfers. I'm wondering if I should do this and transfer the balance of a higher interest credit card. I will be mortgage…
Question- I'm interested in selling my home and buying in a different location but I don't think I'll be able to sell my home for
the amount still owed from what I can tell the houses around my area seem like are selling for almost $20k less than what the were originally bought for. I owe $147k and I'm looking at houses around…
Brokers: What do you do to help your Buyer's FIND THE HOUSE they want?
What do you do besides set-up a search in the RMLS service to forward listings to your client? We're talking about the actual discovery of a property. Not all the parts of a transaction that come after…
Kindly delete my account. Thanks
Could you please delete my account. I found a house already and no longer need trulia. Thanks.
Are we liable for a mortgage after chapter 13 discharge?
Stopped paying it to years ago, never surrendered it
Why can't I access my account (tmurphy@tcmrealtor.com)?
Why can't I access my account (tmurphy@tcmrealtor.com)? I can't log in , I can't send a request for a new password as it states I'm not registered but if I try to register it states…
Just a little advice on land buying
We were relocated to Grenada MS because of my Job and both work in Grenada, I just bought a house a month before moving here in another state and have it rented out. We would love to live outside of Grenada,…
I have a listing on your site at 279 Bridle Trail - Beaumont, CA 92223. It states "address not disclosed". Can you please show the address?
on this. The address is listed in my MLS, so not sure why your site wouldn't be showing it. Thank you for your time and help. Vivien
My wife and I are looking to get our kids out of the bad school district here this tax season, and want to buy a house in the Beebe or Cabot area.
I am a 60% service connected Disabled Veteran, and qualify for a VA home loan guarantee, but is there anyone out there (legit) that would finance us with my credit score being 594, due mostly to me having…
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