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I am looking at a home to purchase that has been foreclosed on by Ocwen. Will they pay closing costs and concessions to fix it up.?
It has been in their hands since April 2014. They recently dropped the price from 92k to 85k but has been on the market nearly 6 months. It is trashed, it needs new carpets, all appliances since they are…
Trees in the backyard
Thanks for providing valuable information on this forum. We looked at a house and liked it. But noticed that there are trees nearer to the house. Not that big but fairly grown up. My worry is with the…
Mortgage Approval Question.
I had a bankruptcy, which included a foreclosure, discharged in Jan of 2010. I have repaired my credit to the point where I have a 670 credit score. I have also been employed with the same company for…
I'd like to buy an investment property in Albuquerque. Since I will probably be a distant landlord, tell me about good areas to buy in that will
draw reliable renters and what kind of rental management companies are available to help me. Thanks, Kathleen
Home or Town home near Beadle Middle and Millard West High School
I am looking for 2000 plus year built house, 3-4 bedroom, preferably ranch or split entry style and price range $150 to $170.
Can you make a purchase offer contingent upon financing approval on a foreclosure?
I have clients with a pre-qual letter, but the listing agent states they cannot make the contract contingent upon recieving financing approval. Of course it is not in the buyer's best interest to remove…
are these properties usda qualifiably?
do you have any listings for usda properties
Are the condos at 5400 W 34th St W, VA approved?
I'm buying a condo at this location.
Hi, My FICO score is 650-750, depending on the bureau. I had a bankruptcy filing and an eviction judgment both over ten yrs old...they do not
show on credit report. But they do come up in background check of court documents. The bankruptcy application i withdrew before my first court date came up on that. it was to stop a pre-foreclosure…
Can I have 2 USDA loans?
I am looking to buy my second home. My first home was purchased in Nicholasville, KY in Jan 2013 with a USDA guaranteed loan. I would like to purchase a property in Wilmore, KY for below market value…
Jersey City Realtor for Multi Family
I am seeking advice from a local Jersey City realtor with a strong knowledge of multi family homes. I am a first time home buyer/investor and want guidance.
I am single person with a household income of 85k. Are there any programs that assist with down payments.?
I am single person with a household income of 85k. I am interested in buying a co-op. Co-op is 315k and wants 10% down. I don't have 31k. I wanted to know if there are programs that assist with down payments.…
1st time mortgage and business loan ?
Can a business loan affect a personal home mortgage decision ? I'm currently in the process of obtaining a personal Home mortgage in the amount of $555,000. At the same time my business in…
Why are your values wrong for my home and homes that have sold in my neighborhood?
There is no home shown where by house has been for over 2years and other comparables are blank showing $0 price.
How long does it take to get from the north side of Lake Conroe to The Woodlands in morning traffic?
From Bentwater on Lake Conroe to I-45 & The Woodlands Parkway took us 27 minutes at 7:00 on a Friday morning....and we stopped for donuts!
Hi my name is Patty' my Husband Bob & I are looking for a nice litte place in canon city area
we want a sweet little place that might be walking dis' to a cute cafe where one might like a little conversation and coffee, we are in the mit's of selling our home here in Kingman AZ. we are from Las…
Jersey City Realtor for Multi Family
I am seeking advice from a local Jersey City realtor with a strong knowledge of multi family homes. I am a first time home buyer/investor and want guidance.
How can I Purchase a home an an American expatriate?
I live overseas as an American citizen expatriate.I would like to purchase a home in the USA before I actually move back...I have heard that I will have to purchase as an investor...what are the rates?…
lien info 54 wa trophy lane media pa
Add some detail about your question
Is it easier or harder to help buyers find their home now that they can search the internet themselves?
My thoughts are that they get information over load a bit. I get a lot of "well what about this one or that one?" And then when I pull up the listing, there is something about the house that…
My boyfriend & I would like to buy a house soon. We would like to know how likely we are to qualify and what loan amount it would be?
Net Combined Monthly Income: $3,888 Net Combined Yearly Income: $46,655 Gross Combined Yearly Income: $68,800 Monthly Expenses (Including utilities & food): $2650 Savings: $30,000 in stocks Debt…
How much will a bank approve me for?
I make about 50,000 yearly in wages. I am over my sister's social security benefits and have been for years. She is an adult but is disabled and lives with me. She gets close to 1600 a month. So altogether…
Are PA home prices going to stabilize in 2014?
Will the crazy 2013 kind of market continue in 2014 for PA home market? Will there still be multiple offers and cash buyers?
Is Bay Area housing too bloated to appreciate further ?
Hello, there is a great discussion on investing in Bay Area versus other recovering nearby cities like Salinas. Here is the HTML for this forum at Redfin. Is Bay Area market too bloated to appreciate further…
Why am I no longer receiving emails from Trulia suggesting properties, providing updates, etc. ?
I have a number of houses I have saved from my searches and always enjoyed receiving suggested additional listings for my review.
I am trying to build a new home, and am debating whether or not to put a basement in.
The home is the biggest and most expensive floor plan available in the subdivision, so adding a basement will definitely make it even more expensive. Is it true that building the most expensive floor…
We have been trying to sell our house since the last week in June, we have lowered the price but still no offers. We've put in a lot of up
grades inside and the outside has zero scape up front, both sides and a new sod back yard. Any ideas?
Does anyone know where I can get any grants or assistance for single mom and first time home buyer? Thank you!
I am looking to buy in the Orlando 32817 area. I currently live in Orlando 32839 area.
looking for lease with option or owner financing single family home in NW Chicago area suburbs only....got $ for down and make decent $ .
had foreclosure and cleared in bankruptcy 3 years now. anyway to get a home? I don't want stories and fake deals and fees from companies
Trulia says go to profile to change password but can not find this option. Trulia should better improve their website.
Trulia says go to profile to change password but can not find this option. Trulia should better improve their website.
stop finding forclosures?
Is there any way to STOP the search results from showing forclosures?
What does it mean when the status of your USDA file is on Conditional Commitment?
I have checked on the status of my file. My file was submitted on Oct 2nd and when I checked my status it shows files that were submitted on that date was in conditional commitment. What does that mean??
I am considering moving to Boca with my daughter that is 6 yrs old. I want an area with young children and good schools.
I have a place in Boca West but find the crowd abit elderly. I would want a community with children. Do young families live in The Woodfield Hunt club.
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