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Question about the current status of Grande Palisades
Did this resort ever open? I know the builder went under. we own a unit at Caribe Cove and I took a drive past GP last month. Just wondering what it's status is. Thanks.
Hi, I'm interested in buying a condo for investment along mainline PA.
Wondering if there are any that allows renters and what w'd the potential ROI w'd be since many have high monthly HOA. Thanks a lot for your responses and time!
Time frame to hear the investors approval or disapproval?
The house my husband and I are trying to buy was first listed as a short sale in March. Someone made an offer, started the whole process, got to August, the bank requested more money and the people walked.…
Offer accepted on a home engineer comes lawyers draw. Up contract. Seller then goes with a higher offer. We match offeR, but no good.
Are we out the 475.00!for engineer fee. Seller agreed to our offer , then while lawyers talk ,they change there minds ..go with higher offer.
How do I find out about scorpions?
Hi, I am in the inpection period on a house that I have made an offer on. It is a flipped house and the owner has never occupied the property and had no knowledge of the scorpion situation. I…
I filed bankruptcy 3 years ago. When could I start the process of a new home purchase if I will be using GI bill?
When I filed bankruptcy on my home 3 years ago, I was not using my GI Bill benefits. I am planning to use my Veteran's Benefits this time however. When would the best time be to start "looking"…
Price per sq foot
Who and what determines what the value per square footage is?
First time home buyers in NY looking at $40K-$50K
Looking for a lender who will help me retain a mortgage loan for 40,000-50,000. It's proving a very hard task and most lenders say I should just pay cash but the truth is I just don't have it.…
2bd townhouse in militias (avenue,pace) great mall area for 590k is it worth to buy now ?
I am planning to buy 2bd townhouse in militias (avenue,pace) area, the price now is around 590's, any thoughts on whether the prices can go down in next 6 months or will it keep increasing ? Is it worth…
Can I possibly get listings for homes in the mountains with sparse neighbors?
We would like a one story home and our private lives as our own with neighbors not too close. Any where in Tennessee near Knoxville or Sevierville. Can you help?
What are documents needed for selling a property (California)?
I am buying a new construction property in Milpitas and I want to make sure that the builder provides me the basic set of documentation that I may need tomorrow for selling my property.Can someone let…
What are the ramifications of buying a house with recent foundation work that is not permitted? Will it be a problem now or when we sell? Thanks!
I asked a question yesterday about buying a home with 1 mo old foundation work and got great answers, but just found out that the work was Not permitted. Can the city fine us? If we try to resell at some…
If paying cash, what percentage should you offer.?
we are looking at a house but it needs a lot of repair, so what percentage of asking price should we offer, being we paying cash?
What are the pros and cons of the same agent being involved as the buyer's and seller's mediator? Our other homes have involved 1 on each side.
Another reason for asking is that much of the communication between parties and closing may be long distance, as we're visiting from another state in lieu of possible purchase, although we've done research…
what is the best way to estimate the cost of cosmetic fixes? e.g. carpeting , external paint, internal
paint, appliances, refinishing pantries, installing tiles in kitchen , replacing internal doors, sliding doors? i know this is generic questions but trying to figure out if to add in 10% or 20% of selling…
What kind of changes can we expect for 2015?
I'm interested in buying a home soon but I don't know when is the best time to buy. So I am turning to you, the professionals, to see what is best and what is in store for homebuyers in 2015. I…
Sheriff Sales and REO listings, what is the timeframe?
Several townhomes in my area have been sold at Sheriff auction to Fannie Mae. What typically happens next? Will they be listed as REO? I know the deeds have to the transferred and whatnot, but I want to…
take pictures of my house off your list.
take pictures of my house off your list.
Cancel my account
need to cancel no longer interested in the 7 day trial
Anyone live at the Acropolis Gardens in Astoria, NY and have problems with BUGS (bedbugs, roaches) or MICE?
Looking to buy in the Acropolis Gardens in Astoria and don't want to get duped... any bug problems, mice / rat problems? Other problems with the apartments?? Thank you!!!!
Live in California, want to retire in WA state
My wife and I currently live in the San Francisco bay area. We presently rent here but after a recent 17% rent increase decided to look at purchasing. However, we got very quickly disheartened with the…
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