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What are my options when dealing with BAD 203k consultant?
203k consultant had to do revision on work write up. My lender and i have asked him for it several times over the last three weeks, still he has not sent the revision into my lender. I did not choose…
What is the life expectancy on a mobile home roof?
I'm looking considering the purchase of a mobile home with its original roof - built in 2001. Is there a general rule of thumb or will the Home Inspection Report be the definitive guideline?
I plan on purchasing condo (150K-200K) convenient to UAB what/where are the options with lower HOA/Condo fees? Range? Many thanks
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I got approved for a loan for as a first time home buyer. However, I have to wait until house becomes available in MD and its taking too long.
Is there another way I can see houses that are on the market instead of waiting on an email to come in with houses listed? I want to go see houses in person.
Short sale opinion, please! We put an offer on a short sale on 5/29/08 that was signed by seller in 2-3
days. We learned the 2nd mortgage ok'd the deal by 6/5/08 and the 1st mortgage was 'going along well'. Apparently the 1st mortgage was sold from Capitol 1 to another bank - ? As of today 7/30/08, the…
Should I RENT or BUY?
I am a 22 year old prospective college student, recently employed with a full time decent paying job. I currently live in a rented room but because of my pay increase i was hoping to move into my own place.…
Any 4 bedroom homes in Magnolia Bend. Need at least 2 bedrooms with private baths.
Private rooms needed for elderly parent and caretaker possibly moving in.
can u show me a rental?
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Cannot purchase a home without soon-to-be ex-husband signature...?
I was told that I can not purchase a home in Florida until my divorce is final or else my soon-to-be ex husband will have to sign some forms of paper work in order for me to purchase my home, in which…
I lost information this is janice and im looking for ashley out of lombard office i wrote about my fiance please respond back he wants to buy a fixer
upper but he only works between 30 and 32 hours per week and his credit score is 619 and wanted to secure a fha loan he's looking for someone legitimate trying to buy within the next 3 to 4 months…
Have The Dunes apartments been sold?
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My husband and i are trying to buy our 1st home. He only has a Itin#, and i have bad credit which i think makes it difficult . We don't have to
make a down payment . We wonder if we could ask my brother to be a cosigner but he lives in oklahoma is this possible?
Hi there, Myself, my fiance and our 8 year old daughter are looking to rent a 2-3 bedroom home for around $1000 a month, we have 1 dog, 1 cat..
Does anyone know of any listings that allows a large dog, he is a boxer/shepherd mix, very well trained, neutered, very good behavior. We also have a siamese cat, neutered as well and very well house trained.…
Is it a rent-to-own an option after you were denied for a mortgage due to low score? Or you won't get approved either?
My husband and I were turned down for a mortgage loan due to poor credit, they said is better to get secured credit cards and wait 12 months, but we need a place ASAP. And we've heard about the rent-to-own,…
are there restrictions on unrelated people living in certain zones in Baltimore county or city?
what are they and what are the penalties for restriction violations
is it normal to have house inspections due almost 1 year after closing?
we have an offer on our house but in the offer is that the elec and mech inspections are not due until dec of 2014
Arriving at a Offer
Hi, I am working at making an offer for a townhouse. I am a buyer myself.I wanted some input. My questions are these How does a townhouse compare with single family similar square footage built in…
I need a cottage
May you help me in this matter i need of it so tell me and contact me on this my page given below http://aktiveamadvice.com/
Putting my house on the market on April 15th ..I need to buy a doublewide in the Clearwater area paying cash ..how long does it take to close there .?
I have an agent here in Tn but won't have money to buy until closing ..looking for a good deal under 20 thousand furnished ..
what floor is this on, and by needs everything, what are we talking here?? thanks,alexandra
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Is this a gated community?
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Looking for an investor to buy the house I'm in and rent it back to me until I can secure my own mortgage
2 years ago my husband and I found our dream house we had a per approval letter but the owner a recent widow had it for rent so we moved in and began renting, after we moved in our son was diagnosed with…
Has anybody had success purchasing through HUD's Good Neighbor Next Door program? I am a teacher looking for a home in Milpitas.
I am a first time home buyer and would like to purchase near the school I teach at. It doesn't look like there are a lot of homes available (in HUD's GNND). I want to take advantage of every program…
Whats up with 660 Mchenry Rd, looking at a condo online there.
Something unsaid seems to be lurking in the background. What looks to be drastic cuts in price, apartment rentals advertised......From away & need to do my due diligence before I fly in to commence my…
Best family neighborhoods in Boise?
We are planning to relocate to Boise. Currently live in Lake Havasu Arizona. We have a four year old who will start kindergarten next year. Looking for the safest area of Boise with good schools. I look…
Is it a rent-to-own an option after you were denied for a mortgage due to low score? Or you won't get approved either?
My husband and I were turned down for a mortgage loan due to poor credit, they said is better to get secured credit cards and wait 12 months, but we need a place ASAP. And we've heard about the rent-to-own,…
Would you prefer a part-time REALTOR? Or a full-time REALTOR?
Most Buyers and Sellers PREFER a motivated, knowledgeable FULL-TIME REALTOR.
Do I really need a preapproval before I can go see places w/ a realtor?
I'm in a bind since I do not want to go through a preapproval (and have a hard pull on my credit) if I don't find the right place and decide not to stay. I have excellent credit and last year was approved…
How long is the process from the moment you find the coop you want to the moment you can move in?
My current lease is up end of April and I am still deciding whether to stay or move out of NY. Also, do agents work differently w/ coops or are they fully paid by the seller as well?
Is anyone looking to relocate to Commerce, West Bloomfield, Troy, Novi, Farmington Hills or Northville, Michigan?
If so I have the experience to make it happen and have successfully done so.
Should you get an inspection for a COOP?
I've only done the house process, but never a coop, just wondering if we need to do an inspection. Also does maintenance cover when things happen to the apartment , ie. problems w/ plumbing, electrical?…
Looking for a lease to own home
Does anyone know of any lease to purchase homes in Panama City Beach area? Wanting to find something ASAP
What would happen if a buyer couldnt refinance a seller financed mortgage by the end of loan term?
I am in the process of buying a condo in CA with a seller financed mortgage for one year. The reason this is being offered is because the seller owns 80% of the building and therefore banks wouldnt risk…
Should i pay for inspection before making an offer on REO? If a house is foreclosed to lender for $500,000, does it mean that the bank paid $500,000
at the auction? It's relisted at $550,000 but the comps prepared by a REA posted ~425,000 -$450,000. What's an reasonable offer?
Los Altos remodeling, adding 700 sf on a 2100 sf house. how much will be property tax increase?
I am considering remodeling my house in los altos. My house is 2100 sf. I am considering to add a master bed room suite, remodel the kitchen and change the internal layout. It will add ~700 sf . I heard…
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