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Anyone have any experience with Evershine Properties?
They have a few homes in morrisville and cary for rent, but aren't responding to emails, or the information seems vague and a bit fishy.
stand alone sr.housing
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Your site isn't working properly. My first search was Florahome, FL. The search is stuck there.
I can put in any city and it goes back to Florahome, however I can put in zip code.
why do people all sale houses on summit Driveway?
I recently want to buy a house in a area for investment purpose. I found one in 9 summit drive way in new city, NY, the price is fine, the house is nice, rent it out don't seems a big problem. There…
Is there a LOCAL phone # for Deutsche Bank National Trust in Florida? I am in the Deland, Fl. area and am looking to find some information on property
42007 Cherry Ave. Deland, Fl is what I am interested in and would like a contact number locally. Is it through a Real Estate agent or Deutsche Bank directly, Thank you for your time, Renee…
How do I find a list of REO properties for sale in Thibodaux?
I have cash to purchase and cash to fix the property. I am a first time buyer as well.
Where would be the best location to raise a family in Thibodaux?
Best Schools | Friendly Neighbors | Quiet Neighbors | Less Crimes
Ok been leasing option to buy house been her 2 and half years. Got notice from lawyer saying house going up for forecloser. Landlord said no I m not
be hind except late fees. They don't close on late fees. Can I try to get the home before it foreclose on from bank or no
Would I be at a disadvantage trying to purchase a home with a FHA loan?
I live in Los Angeles, CA and would like to purchase my first home but I don't have the 20% down payment, I've learned that FHA loans typically require something like 3% down. We have excellent…
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What You Don't Know About multivitamin supplement May Shock You?
Don't get me wrong, this has it's place. I discovered it hasn't gotten them happy and like my spouse always says, "Build a better Telovite and the world will beat a path to your door."…
What is normal review for it ??
Looking to buy a house with my significant other in the Madison, Indiana area next summer (2015), but need advice.
We will have no debt by this time, but not much of a down payment either. My credit score is the low 700s and his is low 600s. Our monthly gross income is $3,858. The problem is he filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy…
is it common that the seller pays commission to both seller agent and buyer agent?
my buyer is also a realtor and now in closing costs says she gets a commission too
Best locations on the water to own/dock your yacht
Price is no issue, looking for luxurious areas to buy a home that can dock an 80 foot boat. Trying to get out of the city but still within an hour drive to Newton.
Many real estate condos in Florida are depressed, 30 to 45%(Miami, Palm Beach, Naples, to mention a few). In
Longboat Key I see little change in the asking price. What discount could one expect in Longboat Key present market in the Gulf of Mexico Dr? Thanks MD
Who are the best lenders out there? Under contract on a condo -- PLEASE HELP!
If anyone has recommendations on lenders that can lend with 20% down or less on a condo, please let me know. Thanks.
Repair negotiations
If a buyer requests repairs after the home inspection and during the contingency period, and the seller rejects all repairs, does the buyer only have the option to accept/deny, or could they counter? I…
I can pay cash for some land near Hugo, MN to build. I would like to get a real picture of how much new construction will cost after I own the land.
We've been looking at floor plans of two story homes with an unfinished basement and middle of the line upgrades (you know, nice but not extravagant) that run about 2600-3200 sq feet including the…
1)Is discount carpet denver are good professionals to hire for flooring installation service at Denver?
I want to buy a second hand house at Denver city and that house flooring condition is very bad so I want to do flooring installation and for that I have to hire a professional so someone suggested me…
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How much of a down payment do banks typically want to see when purchasing an apartment building?
I intend to live in the building, but there are 6 units (so I don't think it qualifies for a FHA loan). The rental income is enough to cover property taxes, debt service, and still have some left…
What's important and what's nitpicking?
My agent managed to secure a great price for the condo I wanted, now it's down to all the details (like HOA finances) and forms. I'm seeing a lack of attention that seems sloppy to me (from both my and…
Hello, I am thinking about purchasing a home in the next 3-5 years but I have less than ideal credit.
I have dealt with identity theft twice and I just checked my credit and its currently 530. I make about 52k a year and want to improve my credit to atleast 800 but have no idea where to start. Some of…
After the appraisal from my lender's preferred appraiser, my LTV is currently 77%. But lender wants 75% to remove PMI.Is this correct as per HPA?
Act? We bought the home with 10% down payment and PMI. Currently after appraisal, the LTV is less than 77%. But lender is refusing to remove PMI, because they want the LTV to be 75%. Is this correct, I…
What are my chances of qualifying for mortgage ?
I graduated collage 2 years ago with a degree in Architecture. I had the same job for the past 2 years. Currently making $55k/Year Credit Score 760 Current debt: $250/month student loan payment $350/month…
Hi! I am on straight commission. I got this new job 3 months ago. I have a large downpayment (30%), great score, etc. How do I get a home loan?
I attempted to search for a condo already this past summer, but was working as a substitute teacher and had no income during summer months. Therefore I had to suspend my search until I find another job…
Can I be on the title if I'm not on the loan? I am providing the downpayment and covering all expenses, but can't qualify due to identity
theft. My parents will qualify for the loan, using their good credit. I am putting 20% down, paying all inspection and closing costs, etc. My parents will live in the home and cover monthly mortgage…
Does insurance carry over to your new home?
I am a first time buyer and I would really like to know if the home insurance I have right now is going to carry to the new home we are starting to build or if we need to look at getting a new plan for…
How can I get an agent who works with ITIN Numbers for a Home loan?
Hello, I'm triying to find a loan an agent who works with ITIN number instead of the social security number please let me know of anyone doing this type of loan process.
If a house is 330,000, what should be the offer price at 94541 area?
If a house is 330,000, what should be the offer price at 94541 area?
Is appraisal contingency necessary, if loan contingency is in place?
If I waive the appraisal contingency, and appraisal comes in low, wouldn't I be able to say that loan can't go through and back out without losing my deposit? Can I therefore submit offer without an appraisal…
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