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I want to buy the empty lot behind my house.
I would love to buy the empty lot behind my house. Can anyone help me with that? I have cash in hand. Thanks.
Is Portola Highlands area foggy?
I'm considering buying a house in Portola highlands. I visited the open house twice and the weather doesn't seem foggy or wet. But I'm not sure how it is like usually. Any local insights? Thank you very…
Possible Relo: What are the best suburbs/schools near Atlanta? 600-800k
I may be relocating. Because my job will cover the "SE region", I can choose to live in Charlotte, Atlanta, or Miami. We are looking closely at Charlotte but also considering Atlanta Priorities in…
comps for 13 Hillside Way?
This single family house is 3 bedroom 2 bathroom located at 13 Hillside Way. Can you supply comp information for recent sales?
How do I add more filters?
We are looking for a home in the Broomfield area but your filters do not permit us to fine tune our needs. My wife is disabled and we can have no steps and the washer and dryer need to be on the ground…
Are there still Lenders offering 100% Loans with no PMI for Physicians / Dentists ?
I have heard of these kind of loans in the past , Just wondering if they are still available .
Home buying with a loan for primary residence, can I rent out a room?
Hello, I am considering purchasing a home in CA and having it be my primary residence. I am wondering if this precludes me from renting out a room? I would still live in the property and it would be my…
The comps your system used to value my property aren't even close in size, number of beds and baths, etc.! Your valuation is ridiculously
low! My home has 5 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and is twice as large as your closest "comp"! How do I get it changed?
Can I rent to buy a home with the hasa program I have?
I have hasa but my son and I also get SSI. I'm just want a home my family can call our own.
can I get 100% finaincing in florida for physicians?
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What are the cheapest counties or places to buy real estate?
Cheapest home22520 prices compared to los angeles
you had a listing for "land" that was $28K. Had a septic "never used" and power pole in the middle of the lot line and a 40' corner for community
water...can't find it now and will being heading that way sometime this coming week. I live in Nutrioso, AZ. so, it about 200?miles down there. If you can find that, I would like to look at it. Thanks.........Diane…
How do I discontinue notifications from Trulia?
We have purchased a home and no longer require the notifications provided by Trulia, but I do not know how to discontinue the notifications, and cannot find information on the website for doing so. Please…
Is it worth buying If?
I will be relocating to the area of Silsbee Texas. I need to be in driving distance of 30 minutes or less to Evadale, TX. I looked online for rentals and only came up with a couple and don't know…
Looking to invest about $75k (cash) and buy a condo/townhome in Las Vegas, NV. Location: between Strip and Summerlin that can be rented?
Goal: looking for cash flow through rental income and long term appreciation. Near high end amenities a plus.
What can I do if I find out that a seller misrepresented the size of a house I won a bid on?
The house listed 2000 sq ft at $425,000 ($212/ sq ft., 2000 sq ft). The house is only 1800 sq ft. I won the bid at $435,000. This bid was made before knowing the house was only 1800 sq ft.
What do the colors around the photo mean?
Some of the photos have blue or gray around the home and I am not sure if that has any meaning, I asked this question before and never received a response.
Hi, I went to the Armando Montelongo "flip and grow rich seminar" and of course they tried to sell me a $1500 product that I didn't
buy into at that time. I,told the rep that I needed time to do some research. The rep offered me these grand promises that I have doubts about. For this reason, I was hoping there was some advice from…
reply to this emails below only: creationfinance00@gmail.com
We offer Loans atlow interest rate. Interested people should please contact us on reply to this emails below only: creationfinance00@gmail.com
Read the details below about an annoying part of your site.
I sign onto your site and saved a search. When I look at homes in the search list it only allows me to view 2 or 3 homes then it does NOT allow me to view the next home. It asks me to view or download…
Why am I getting info on homes instead of condos?
I keep changing the info to Condos and waterfront but nothing gets changed. Please unsubscribe me.
Are there any RV / Camping place combinations in the greater Show Low area?
I am planning to open a small sized RV / Camping ( 20 place combination) in Show Low and like if there are any already. Thank you all.
Is there a quick way to close on a home?
We will be relocating to this Lumberton or surrounding areas. We will probably not have time to search ahead of time for a home with a realtor. It took me a couple months or so for the process on my last…
Fraud/Scam found on your site
I recently came across a house for sale that looked to good to be true, and of course it was. You have a supposed real estate agent by the name of David Palma (http://www.trulia.com/profile/david-palm…
How do I find owner financing or rent with option to buy?
3 bedroom 2 baths in and around the Falmouth, Bourne area
we wanted out of house deal, they want 5,000 to sign off, we put 500 is escrow, on sep 1, sept 17 we didn't want it .how can they do that?
it;s pending on our house being sold. they want us to buy the house as they couldn't sell it and we could have been bumped , this isn't right
who is to call about bank owned homes?
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