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How would we buy a home with my father in law's money used as a downpayment?
My husband and I are currently renting (have owned successfully in the past, but have moved to a small resort town with an inflated housing market). We are interested in purchasing a house that is a little…
Rent vs Buying ? condo in Franklin, TN 37064?
I can pay 250,000 cash. I may want to sale in 3 or 4 years or possibly keep as rental.
We are looking to buy multi-family property (owner-occupancy) around Philadelphia suburbs. Any inputs on good locality and property taxes appreciated?
We just moved to Philly 6 months ago, and have found stable jobs,myself in center city and my wife in Berwyn,PA Priorities: Budget
I have a credit score of 624, i am looking at a forclosure that is listed at 139,900.
I have a credit score of 624, i am looking at a forclosure that is listed at 139,900. We are in love with this home. They require that i go through a certin lender due to it being a bank owend home. Is…
I have been in escrow for 4 wks and working diligently with my mortgage broker on my loan. Appraisal came in $20k above purchase price, pmi company
approved, all docs into uw. I received a call from the broker informing me that the uw said my dti was to high. How do you get this far in the process and this happens? My broker said not to worry he is…
How often does Trulia update data??
My current Trulia listing is ONLY for a small adjacent piece of wooded property, NOT my home or the lot on which it sits. This demonstrates some real haphazard data collection and has me wondering about…
Is it hard to sell a home with industrial power lines/tower near the home?
The industrial tower in probably about 200 ft from the home. Power lines run across the property maybe 80ft from the home. There is a pool and not much of a yard. About 15 ft from the pool two lines run…
About what is the price of electricity for a home 1800 square feet, built 1895?
Actual house on 209 SE 2nd St, but former owner had Alzheimer's. Just want some idea.
If you were going to buy a house in California in the San Francisco Bay Area right now, what city would it be in, at what price range, and why?
I see a lot of activity in the market, and some cities I show up to have multiple people looking at the properties at the same time I'm there, and the agents tell me they are receiving multiple offers.…
What is required in the way of disclosure when a licensed real estate agent makes a bid on a house to buy the house for themselves?
What is required in the way of disclosure when a licensed real estate agent makes a bid on a house to buy the house for themselves? Also, is it typical for the agent to represent themselves in the transaction…
How long should I wait to apply for a home loan as a 1099 Contractor?
I have a bit of a different situation as I work for a small company but earn a guaranteed salary as a 1099 contractor. I am never paid less than my salary, but I still fall under the same rules of paying…
Find an Investor?
We are a family of six which includes 4 young kids. We are currently staying with family since our landlord sold the house we were in. We have found a home interested in but we just don't have the…
Home failed fha requirements. Repairs done as requested via appraiser and lender. Appraiser fails it again and requests more repairs. Same appraiser
passed it in worse conditions 7 years ago. And it passed 7 months ago by a different appraiser. What can I do as the buyer to get it approved? If appraiser is being ignorant:(
How many years of tax transcripts is necessary for a FHA home loan?
How many years of tax transcripts is necessary for a FHA home loan? Also, is it my responsibility to request them or will it be at my expense?
Should I make an offer if the estimated sq. ft. is way different from county record?
I am looking at a house that claims to be 2200 sq. ft. However, according to county record, it's only 1300 sq. ft. The reason, according to the listing agent, is that the 2nd floor was an expansion…
would you buy a 3 BR condo? or 3 BR single home?
what are the ros and ocns of owning either a condo or single home? i heard suzy orman say that buying a condo is the WORST investment ever. any thoughts on this? thanks!
How do we figure out how much home insurance to buy?
As 1st time home buyers, we don't want to get too much insurance or too little. How do we know we are getting enough? We live in CA. Any advise is greatly appreciated!
Buying to rent for 3-4yrs before moving
Hello I currently live in the Bay area, CA. We have decided to leave here within the next 4-5 years due to the cost of living and not being able to find somewhere affordable to live. With 900sq ft…
Does having original roof, A/C ect on a 14 yr old home in FL change the value?
I've looked at homes some at least 10 to 15k over priced. I've also just looked at a 2nd home where the roof is 14 yr old and was patched when it was leaking in two different areas. It's obvious the roof…
Looking for advice on homes in Plano area
We are looking for a home in or near Plano. I will be working on Headquarters Dr in Plano. Details: Budget: $600k-$900k 4Br/ 3BA Pool 1/3 acre lot not cookie cutter Older 80's-90's…
First time buyer looking for residential investment property in South Bay Area
I am first time buyer approved for my VA Loan. I'm looking for my first home/property investment in the Santa Clara County area. Something around 350k. Preferably within striking distance of Cupertino.…
The buyer's repair list containing serveral items. Some of the items are like "needs to be repaired"; some items that just state "noted".
I am selling my current home. The buyer's repair list containing serveral items. Some of the items are like "needs to be repaired". However there are some items that just state noted. For example:…
Smotret online Rio 2 hd
Do you find you are reading the Agent2Agent section more because of all the spam in the Q & A section?
A solution is so easy. Yet, here I am 5 1/2 pages into spam before finding the first question.
Saturday, April 19, five and 1/2 full pages of spam before finding the first question. Post your SPAM and while you still can.
We are looking to buy a 1 b/r with a den/office/loft and 2 bath condo/townhouse. Our max budget is $50k. We would prefer not a manufactured home.
Is there anything out there on the west side of Portland (Beaverton, Tigard, Tualatin, Wilsonville) or in the St. Helens/Scappoose area? We might even look at Vancouver if in the right area.
Average asking vs selling price
Seeking the average difference in percent between price aske and price sold for real estate in this location
How long does it typically take to close on a FHA mortgage?
Considering that I have over a 660 credit score and about $118k income combined with my wife. I also have a 5% down payment and closing costs.
Is it a good area between anderson mill and 620 on the south side of 183 at Austin?
I am planning to buy a house and I am feeling the area I mentioned is good so I need some advice. Thanks.
Mortgage for high income, 40% down payment, no debt, but poor credit and short US credit/tax history/only one trade line
I am looking for advice on where to go to obtain a mortgage with the characteristics above. Basically, are there lenders which will care less about the history portion of the application and more about…
Home buyer needing help
ive been looking for my first home for a little over 3 months. my search hasnt been good. out of about 10 houses there was only 1 that was nice. my pre aprroval loan amount isnt High about 260K. but that…
Any suggestions for a first time buyer with lower income in St.Paul?
Im purchasing my first home, the mortgage company who has preapproved my loan says that I will qualify for fha and recieve down payment assitance. She informed me that I will be coming out of pocket on…
Is it normal for Ryland sales person to demand to run a soft credit report on a buyer? My realtor provided the rep with my preapproval letter.
The sales person at Ryland told me that one end unit was available. However, I was in the office when I heard the person tell another buyer a middle unit was available. I'm wondering if I want to buy from…
Why is Trulia not giving out the info anymore. You pull up the home you want to see and the next thing that pops up is the agent that wants your info.
You cant see any pics unless you fill out stuff for the listing agent. What is with this? I am just looking and do not want an agent calling me for each house a just glance at?
I was recently scammed from an ad you ran for a house at 603 Main , Grass Valley, the claimed owner wanted my info. I gave it, he said I was approved
And that I should send a western union moneygram to Nigeria and he would then send the keys to said house. Too many red flags. You need to know about this.
I am looking for single home in the height, can be single with out restriction that can be used for commercial, little shop, atelier and office.
Can be metal or victoria wooden in good condition. Price between 100K-300K How can I enter for this specific search?
If there is an escrow dispute between the buyer and seller, where does the buyer go to file a claim for the return of their deposit?
The title company (which is the SELLERs title company) is very vague on what to do for the dispute. Does someone file a claim with the clerk of courts? Would someone file with the State of Florida…
What is the process to Rent to Own a Double Wide Trailer or three to four bedroom house?
My Fiance and I are looking to move but we want it to be permanent. We arent too worried about the location, we are still in the process of figuring that one out. ( I guess when we find the right home…
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