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I can't afford anything in my area with a house already built on it, but I don't have "all cash" to buy a piece of land to build
on. What do I do? I plan to put a cheap and easy kit-home on it once I own the property.
My neighbor showed interest in buying my home when I mentioned I was going to list it in the spring. Is there anything I should watch out for?
My neighbor purchased a few homes in our development when they went short sale. I mentioned to him we want to list ours (not short sale) in the spring. Is there anything we need to know or be aware of?…
55 Resident Owned Communities in North Fort
Can anyone provide info on which communities have the best reputation?
my home, 62 sherry lane, new oxford pa, was sold in december for $410,000, and you continue not to show this
Plus your estimate is so off of the actual appraised price its ridiculous. The house was listed for 395k, sold over the price and appraised over the price. Where do you get your figures? Realtor.com…
Is it an absolute to pay 20 percent down on a second home?
Looking to move up and buy a home that suits our needs. Currently living in suburbs, mortgage balance is 59,000. House can be rented or sold and also has equity.
FHA loans, can I get one after I sell what I have now?
Can I obtain another FHA loan for my next house when I sell my current house which also has an FHA loan? I want to use some of the profit of the sale to purchase new furniture and add to a rainy day fund.
Private investor to buy home and then lease back to me!
Was just curious if anyone knows of a private Investor in the area who would be willing to purchase a property and lease it or we can pay the mortgage for a term of 1-2 years than we will buy it? We…
Can an 80 year old woman buy a home with FHA?
I only have social security income. I have credit card debt due to son's burial. I am paying that off and otherwise have no other debt.
How can I buy or build a floating home? Where are they docked?
I have been looking at the different options while looking for 'My' new home. I am in Northern California and am curious about the 'floating homes' I see sometimes. These are not boats,…
Need some advise for first time home buyer.. Credit Score at 653..
Credit score for TransUnion is at 653 anyways have a few medical bills nothing serious on report and a gas bill that I am fighting with to take off. Do have a credit card in great standing along with…
down payment and closing cost
How much money will I need at closing to buy a $134,000.00 home I have 650 credit score but my wife has 530 score I have owned a home before and I am planning on going with an fha loan?
My husband and I are planning to retire and move from PA to FL when we can/soon. Our adult married daughter wants us to move with her.
We have lived in the same house for over 40 years and have no idea how to begin the process of selling and moving to a new area. We would need one home that can accommodate 2 families but with privacy.…
Hardship loans if your homeless because of your VA doctors negligence
I'm a disabled veteran first time home buyer I was a proved for a 169000 dollar home lone in ga 7 months ago.But because my VA doctor refused to treat me I was forsed to flee ga and fine treatment…
I am Bonita Hureau with Lang Realty. i have a listing at 414 Seasage unit 0080 that is not showing up on your sight and my landlord wants to know y.
My landlord is inquiring why one of his properties is not coming up on your sight. My email is b.hureau@langrealty.com. Can I give him a reason why?
How can I qualify for a mortgage after a foreclosure?
I moved out of previous home in 2010 after BBC refused to make any changes to our payment. BBC bought our bad Countrywide loan when all went bad in real estate market. Now they are showing a foreclosure…
We are getting an USDA loan and will be closing soon. However, the home needs renovation. Where would I go for a loan like this?
Hawaii does not have lenders that do a renovation loan added to the home loan. We need to stay with USDA as we do not have money to put down.
I'm a first time buyer and I need to know what I need to do to get a home
Is there first time buyers program out there? How much money do I need to put down? Is a foreclosure or short sale home better for me since I'm a first time buyer and I can get a better deal?
Can I use the profit from the sale of my primary residence to purchase a new home for cash?
I have owned (mortgage) my current home for a little over a year. I want to sale, pay off the mortgage and purchase another home in a lower priced market for cash from the profit of the sale. Can I purchase…
Kingrl85@gmail.com Home Buyer in allen, texas I'm a first time buyer and I need to know what I need to get a home
I'm a first time buyer and I need to know what to do? Is there a program out there that help first time buyers? How much money do I need down? Should I look into a foreclosure or short sale home to…
I would like to buy a fixer upper in Savannah a few months before I actually move down but I want to use my 401k as a downpayment.
I can't get to the 401K until I quit and I don't want to quit my job until I have the house fixed up and all ready to go. Is there somehow that I can financed before I move. I don't plan…
I am now USA citizen , my wife Canadian living in USA. Any currency advantage pay in CAd on US properties avoiding current translation rates .?
USA property . Living here 25 years . Tired of bring over $3000 month to USD & loosing 30% . Mortgage in Canadian dollars pay in Cad . Is this possible? Am I seeing a currency advantage ?
I am looking or some very general costs per sq ft for building a simple 3/2 flood zone compliant home on a canal lot.
I know it can vary greatly but think along the lines of a spec home. the location is rated EL10. Thanks
Is anyone familiar with the Kingsberry Acres townhome community in Somerset, NJ?
Why are the list prices significantly lower (approx $90k) than neighboring community Whitehall Manor, which essentially has an identical style? Are these homes rundown? Is the area too close to the less-than-desirable…
Down payment help.
How can I get help with my down payment
Down payment help
I have found my perfect home but short on the down payment.
580 credit score
Can I buy a home 28th a 580 credit score
How do I get my fiance name off the proprietary lease. He is not on the Mortgage that is in my name.
And does the proprietary lease mean that he owns shares to this co op. I want him to move out so I need some advised on how to handle all of this. He keeps telling me to pay him for his shares.
Appraisal lists appliances. Do they have to stay in the home?
seller did not remove appliances before appraisal was completed. Appraisal now lists appliances and includes pictures. Seller's disclosure does not list appliances as staying. Do the appliances have to…
Purchasing a Short Sale with Judgments
I'm in the process of purchasing a short sale home that requires repair. The home is worth well over what I'm paying once it's all fixed. We put an initial offer in about 6 months ago…
Pipe freeze night before closing, discovered after closing
The buyers did a walk through, but the water was turned off. After closing they turn on the water, and apparently a pipe over an unheated garage had frozen and broke, leaving about $2000 in repairs. Seller…
USDA mortgage and in need of a patient agent pleeeeease.
I need to find something safe for my family ASAP. I receive disability so I would not be able to do any other loan except USDA according to the person that duped me for my earnest money and prescription…
How much do I need to put down for a 400K mortgage with 670 FICO and very low debt to income ratio? my income is about 190K
I have a few student loans that were late 4 years ago and that is why my score is so low. My cards are all under 30% of their limits but I have never had a mortgage.
Looking for informatioin on "High Point" condos in Delray Beach, FL - Barwick Ave & Atlantic Ave boundaries.
I am wondering if High Point is a good condo 55 community to live in? I wanted an "outside" professional responses, as I have relatives who live there. I need unbiased, knowledgable opinions. I realize…
Will Las Vegas home prices be eventually affected by a possible (probable?) water shortage in the future?
It's a desert area - with a growing population, where is all the water going to come from?
Looking for a green/eco house to buy near New York
Hi everyone! We are looking to buy a green eco home with solar panels/energy efficient not too far from New York, i am having a hard time finding anything like that around here. Any suggestions? Thank…
Can I go after the seller?
I closed on a home and two days after closing their was rain and the roof was leaking in multiple places. In the BINSR the seller agreed to fix a water leak in the master bedroom. Instead of finding the…
Which are the good areas of NJ that are close to NYC?
We have a 300k budget for a condo or single family home. Hoping for a train commute of 30 minutes to an hour. Looking for a community with great schools and amenities within walking distance.
I am frustrated with your site. I said I want ONLY OAKMONT VILLAGE nothing else. I keep getting homes from your site that are NOT in Oakmon
can the site JUST SEND OAKMONT homes for sale ?? that is all I want. I will come see them immediately (I live in the next county) . my home is already in escrow..... I need a home in OAKMONT…
Is Shadalane Walk Condos a high crime area?
I'm looking at a condo on Shadalane Walk in Ballwin, wondered about the crime in that area?
How can we get our home updated on Trulia? The picture of our home does not reflect the new metal roof that we added in Nov, 2014.
We have also done many updates on the inside that are not reflected in the description.
I'd like to buy an investment property in Albuquerque. Since I will probably be a distant landlord, tell me about good areas to buy in that will
draw reliable renters and what kind of rental management companies are available to help me. Thanks, Kathleen
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