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I never asked for Trulia to send me information on homes that more than exceeds the amount I told them..Please remove those 200-300-thousand dollar h
homes from your emails to me...I originally asked for much lower priced homes - manufactured/and regular "stick-built" homes that were in good condition, 2 bed rooms, and 2 showers/bathrooms...thanks…
What type of loan would I need?
I applied for a loan but was told I was not able to receive the amount I was seeking as I missed the cut off buy $100 (student loan) due to my debt to income ratio. I have a credit score of 740 and make…
How to find the right realtor?
My husband and I are looking to purchase our first home in the Northern, KY area and are interested in taking advantage of a USDA home loan. We are both from Ohio and currently live in Michigan so we aren't…
My husband and I have poor credit. We are looking at a house that costs about 300,000. Would any bank loan us money?
Our credit scores are between 609-640 due to significant student loans, however we both have decent salaries (together we make approximately 155,000). We also have 15,000 saved for a down and costs.
Looking for a nice, welcoming, scenic neighbourhood in or within short drive from Carlsbad.
I am moving from Toronto, Canada to San Diego and looking to buy a house. I have been in Carlsbad twice but both trips were very short. I am visiting this Feb again, but this time I'd like to start…
Paid cash for everything now its coming back to bite me...
I am a 25 year old that is looking to take a step forward and purchase a house. I have had a good job for the last five years that make pretty good money at. The problem that I am running into is that…
Flood Zones and Flood Insurance
Should I buy a house in a flood zone? The house has never been flooded.
So many Problem arise when yo want to do anything new?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2VaPNMMuLM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Syrd6q_LxcM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbX6U5rll-4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rykMSP6DiG8 http://www.y…
Looking to buy a house in $500K range
My wife and I have started looking for a second home for our family of four. We currently live in a 1750 sq. ft. home in Hillsboro near Quatama train station and have outgrown it. We plan on renting…
Lenders in chicagoland (porfolio or otherwise) for purchase, only 20 months after foreclosure.
Obviously FHA and conventional loans are out, so any lenders that will lend to someone after 20 months the forclosure case closed? low 700's credit rating, and after selling my fiance's current home we…
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This is the second time all my saved homes have disappeared. First when you went to the boards, and today all the boards I had built have disappeared
Is this a temporary glitch or do I need to drop Trulia for redfin or Zillow? Frustrating to take time to save homes then just have it all disappear. thanks
what's the average rental comission in EB? what does it cover?
If I only need someone to do the listing and backgroundchecking part, how much I shlould pay?
Where is the the best place to find REO packages for Tampa, FL?
I need a package of 50 single family homes, or multi-family units or commercial units, or any of the combination above.
I'm looking a lender that will do a FHA Construction-to-Perm Loan in North Carolina.
I've called around to a few banks in the local area and they either won't or have never heard of such a loan. After doing some research I know the product exists, just not sure if it's…
My house at 200 South 7th Street Lompoc, CA 93436 does have the correct information. I have edited the facts several times yet your site doesn't
reflect the changes. My house picture on your site is not a frontal picture but a picture of the alley and fence. Please fix! Thanks
If a seller doesn't sign an addendum.
We received a call from our realtor last night telling us that an addendum in our contract for a home we are buying was left unsigned by the sellers. The addendum was in regard to the non-realty items…
how do I delete a board on trulia?
I created a board for a town i'm no longer interested in looking at. How can I delete a board? thanks!
Search "Filter" criteria not working
In my search filter I put pool, but a number of returns do not have pools. any thoughts on what I may be doing wrong? Thanks
Someone is using my cell phone number on a property they are trying to rent out. I keep getting calls about the rental and have personal contacted
the person responsible for the post but they have yet to take it down. Is there anything I can do to get my phone number off there page. The house is for rent in FLORIDA and I'm in maine
Is there a snowbird-friendly realtor who would help us find a single-family home with rental investment potential in the Daytona area?
We are here for the week at Seven Seas Resort. Thanks, Lucy Andrews lucy_andrews@hotmail.com
Can my wife and I use our 401k to put a down payment on a owner financing home.?
We have about 10000 to put down for a owner financing home. We live in Ga and want to know if this is possible
First time home buyer tax break in Ashburn, VA?
A co-work, who has since left my firm, mentioned that he bought a few years back in Ashburn and there was a first time home buyer break - I believe on taxes. Does anyone have any details? I've searched…
I recently went to look at condos with realtor nothing had been signed. while there I saw a sign for sale by owner. we looked at it although it was
out of my budget. The next day I went back alone made an offer to seller and the accepted. am I under any obligation to the realtor.? Thank you
How should I begin the process of purchasing a home?
Hello all. I would like to purchase a home by the end of 2014 or in 2015. I have a credit score of 660 via TransUnion but I don't know my other scores. I'm currently attempting raise my score (hopefully…
Can I buy a house with 560 credit score?
I have a credit score of 560 but the income is good and can afford mortgage payments. I'm currently renting because of my score. Few of my friends bought a buy house with the same credit score but…
Hi im recently married and me and my husband is looking to rent to buy a house we are first time buyers with a family of 5
I have a 560 credit score and mi husband has a 690 can someone help us get started
are their still lenders who will finance a manufactured home?
i found a home on some property that fits my needs perfectly but i was told that its very difficult to get a bank to finance a manufactured home.
Me and my wife are planning to buy a home, currently we are making a combined 75k gross.
I am still going to school and once i do graduate i'l be making 70 which would double our income. What kind of home could we afford? I've heard about the graduated mortage how would we go about to get…
i had problems in the past with my credit, i have been recovering since two years to now, do i have chance to buy a house?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3103402505-12416-Millridge-Pines-Ct-Houston-TX-77070?ecampaign=con_day_openhmsrch_bk&eurl=www.trulia.com/property/3103…
Got a question for the experts. Need helping with getting a mortgage with a low credit score around 550.
Currently, my family (wife, 2 daughters, and myself) live with a friend and his wife. We all share the bills and have never been late on the house payments. We were doing a contract for deed and now that…
Question about getting a HELOC with bad credit (540) on a property fully paid for.
I own 2/3 of an estate with a partner who owns the remainder. The property is around around $285,000 currently. Both they, and I, would like to buy out their share of the property. The property is an income…
Recently Engaged. Fiance with bad credit. Mortgage with one income. Need Advice
Hello All, Both my fiancé and I have finally gotten on out feet with jobs we love. I work as an Accountant and he is a Electrician. We are looking to buy a home in a year or so. One complication…
Relocating with Packers Movers in Noida
The most used and the favorite part of a home is the kitchen space. Bedroom, drawing room they all can differ from one person to another but cooking area is something that runs with an entire and common…
All About Proficient Removal Companies Services in Delhi, the National Capital City of India
Going through Delhi to be able to somewhere else continues to be produced simple as well as easy through specialized transferring organizations or maybe packers and movers within Delhi. There are numerous…
Information on Licensed Movers & Packers Services in Delhi
Going via Delhi to be able to someplace else have been manufactured simple and also even with the aid of specialized transferring firms or even packers and also movers with Delhi. There are lots of skillful…
Info About Certified Movers & Packers Services in Delhi, the National Capital City of India
Transferring by Delhi for you to somewhere else has been made quick in addition to clean with the aid of specialized shifting companies or packers along with movers in Delhi. There are many proficient…
Authentic Relocation Services of Noida Movers and Packers Company
Providing and also relocating is actually effortless while using specialized switching firms. There are several skilled moving organizations working in area Noida. These people support individuals of their…
Effective Multiple Level Packing for Fragile
Click This Webpage: http://www.shiftingsolutions.in/packers-and-movers-mumbai.html http://www.shiftingsolutions.in/packers-and-movers-hyderabad.html http://www.shiftingsolutions.in/packers-and-move…
I own a new duplex I built in 2011 and I'd like to update my info, my address is 53004 Pokiwai Pl Hauula Hi 96717. I updated my info on another home
I own in Hawaii on My Zillow which is 78 & 78A Kaneohe Bay Dr Kailua Hi 96734 and I'd like to do the same with Trulia.
How can I update my homes info? My address is 53004 Pokiwai Pl Hauula Hi 97617. It a new duplex, and I have updated my other Hawaii home 78&78A
Kaneohe Bay Dr Kailua Hi 96734 on My Zillow and I'd like to update my info on this property also. Please inform me as to how this may be achieved. jerrykringel@yahoo.com
Just How To Convert Pdf Files?
In case you are an engineer or a, you should be extremely acquainted with dxf format, it is a record format employed by AutoDesk pc-assisted design (CAD) documents. It's like the DWG format, but is less…
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