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Are there still value purchases in the valley for recent buyers looking to upgrade?
Recently purchased a home in the valley that I have outgrown. There has been some appreciation on my property and I wander if there are options that would allow me to use the equity of the home to purchase…
So me and my wife put a offer on a short sale. the seller accepted the offer and the bank had a BPO done last week and now waiting for a answer.
i looked today and it said it changed from short sale to a pre-foreclosure. Does that mean we are done or do we still have a chance of getting the house. Thanks
The loan I want is more money than an FHA that I qualify for so I want to try and go conventional; however, I had a bankruptcy 2 1/2 years ago...
Although I've had great credit history since my bankruptcy and make great money now I don't qualify because of the bankruptcy. My wife makes about only  of our income but has a great credit score. Is…
investor seeking recommendations
I am thinking about property under 200k. Should be in a crime free area and easy to rent out. I would like recommendations about the areas. Also any one specializes in investors who want to buy and rent…
Finding tenants for a 2-3 bedroom single family home in Teaneck NJ
Q1) Assume I buy a house in Teaneck NJ. In a situation where we might have to relocate to a different city for sometime how easy or difficult is it to find tenants to rent out a 2-3 bedroom single family…
Bought a home 3 days ago seller intentionally did not disclose covered up damages.
I bought a home/ closed 3 days ago. In that short amount of time the bathtub has almost completly had its finish peel away. To expose a rusty tub. Its obvious it was done by the seller and improperly.…
is creek rd bellmawr nj is safe and good place to live there?
what are the local resident opinoion about robbery, house breaking and kidnapping?How is neighbouring?
Does Anyone know how much Berkshire Hatchway ( formerly Prudential) pays to new real estate agent ? what is the commission split between agent/broker?
I know it is negotiated, but I want to know if there is any "start" one?( I am interested in Connecticut market, and just got my license)
Does the selling need to stay for the complete inspection after letting the buyers and inspector inside? Can the inspector lock up the home?
I have 2 appointments and my buyers just scheduled their inspection that conflicts with the other appointment. Can I leave the inspection with the buyers and inspector in the home?
What does buyer to assume c of o mean when buying a home in Detroit, MI with a quit claim deed? How much is a warranty deed?
I'm interested in buying a home in Detroit, MI that is priced under $1,000. The terms of the sale is a QCD and if a warranty deed is wanted I must pay for it myself. They also say buyer to assume…
How do I search for a home that does not require an HOA?
I am OK if the HOA is not mandatory or does not have restrictions to enforce home uniformity. I don't care much for common area benefits. If I wanted those, I'd just buy a condo or townhome.
no real void at this time
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What to do now?
I just received bad news yesterday. The mortgage person that I was working with told me that I am only approved for a $52,000 mortgage. I was not aware before I started this process that I needed to…
How difficult is it to get board approval if the co-op purchase is not a primary residence? I want a co-op to avoid the commute,not looking to sublet.
I have been pre approved by Citi bank, found a few in my range, but lawyer thinks the board will say no. Don't want to waste time,effort,funds on a goose chase.
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Gain energy to feel fresh and healthy
Hastening in order to washroom every other hour in the course of workplace is quite embarrassing. Yet I was weak when i was struggling with serious constipation dilemma. The actual harmful sensations created…
I found a house I like but it's owned by someone outside the U.S.
My realtor thinks this may cause problems but isn't sure, having never dealt with this before. To complicate matters she will be unavailable for a while because she just had a baby. All I can find online…
I AM A FIRST TIME HOME BUYER LOOKING TO PURCHASE A TOWNHOUSE OR CONDO. I FILED BANKRUPTCY almost 2 years ago. I have a stable job a few thousand for
a down payment if needed. What are my options getting a loan for 80k or lower because I need to move and don't want to rent a home for over $1000 a month when I can buy. My income is about $3500 to…
if i build 2000sq to my 1350sq home in Anaheim 92805. does it increase value of my home? will i be able to sale my home according to its value?
if i build 2000sq to my 1350sq home in Anaheim 92805. does it increase value of my home? will i be able to sale my home according to its value?
Advise and information on exactly what a 1031 exchange
I'm getting ready to sell a condo in Burbank and buy a home in Sunland or Shadow Hills
Are there any recommendations for a REPUTABLE (agent?) with expertise in RTO or lease option in St. Johns County?
Example: if a bank-owned property is overpriced for the area or in need of repairs, who does one approach with a lower offer prior to negotiating an RTO?
What is the market up to?
With all the uncertainties in the real estate market right now, what is a good strategy to adopt?
Who doesn't have never consider?
Who doesn't have never consider something but I could do and you know it's a it’s relatively new hobby for me but I have a couple trips planned and I'm also features land and its I Spence…
Home Purchase in New York?
This to and what their I'm outside your little wider than him with the smartest toe touches ready past again idea me stretching at hamstring slimmest Tamil movie against great of wall stretch home important…
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What's the best way to find out about pocket listings?
I am interested in buying a condo in a few specific buildings. It seems like there are a number of brokers who have pocket listings -- how do I find out about these, if they aren't listed on MLS? Do…
Trulia, I've been using you for home searches frequently(Ft.Worth, Texas) and I find very useful information and easy reading.
There's one thing you've got to delete from the searches....The save this house pop up. Absolutely annoying.
Are there many children in Castle Pines Village? Is it a good place to raise a family?
We are very interested in moving to Castle Pines Village (we love the mountain feel with the convenience of being in the metro area). My only real concern is we have a young family (2 kids, 1 and 3 years…
My name is on the mortgage but not on the deed.
3-4 years ago, my husband had me cosign a mortgage on his investment property in Illinois. I was given to understand that this would give me rights on the property. However, I just discovered that my name…
i want a high end short, willing to wait it out
have resources to remodel a large canal home with good bones.
How long does it typically take to receive a contract from the seller's attorney? (in a short sale transaction)
Facts: written offer was verbally approved, had home inspection done and confirmed commitment to go thru with the transaction with the sellers agent ... waiting on seller's attorney to provide the contract.
Need to buy a house, transition our home business and sell our current home. How???
We have a home-based repair business that we have owned for six and a half years. It's in perfect health, and is growing to the point that we need to relocate to be closer to our customers and expand…
Is it possible to get approved for a mortgage when your income comes from social security disability?
My husband credit is not very good, but mine is fine,would a mortgage company be willing to let me get the mortgage on my own with my disability income? I am debt free.
I'm looking to buy a duplex.
Hi, I'm looking to buy a duplex in Indy between 100-150k. Having a hard time finding them on Trulia. Where can I look for some off market deals perhaps? Thanks!
Looking for 2 bed room unit in governor's Pointe to purchase next month. Need Inputs
Looking for 2 bed room unit in governor's Pointe to purchase next month. Need Inputs
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