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What happens when mortgage bank underwriter makes mistake and fails to execute commitment letter?
I am in a contract to purchase a Manhattan Condo apartment. The condo building has multiple problems against Fannie/Feddie guideline so I got declined by most of major banks. However, a small bank provided…
No Permit for Mostly Finished Basement at 1255 Beacon Hill XING - ML#5222726, and Tax ID#21-5640-1035-147..Your thoughts if u were my realtor?
Beautiful looking home 1255 Beacon Hill XING, with a ML#5222726, and Tax ID#21-5640-1035-147...From disclosure (a few months ago) the basement, though mostly finished, was done without permit. Are there…
How are the property taxes?
Add some detail about your question
We are looking to re-locate to Lehigh in the near future.
Looking at Trulia with our requirements, my question is this: Why don't the Realtors stick to a standard square footage. Reading descriptions, we get either total "under roof" or "under air", but no distinction.…
Waterfront Lake Hamilton property in Hot Springs AR
What should be per sq foot price in Hot Springs AR for lake hamilton water front property? Any difference in price for old vs new home on lake front? I have seen few properties and price variation…
Found a home we liked and the day after we saw it it ended up going under contract. I wanted to put an offer in. How often do contracts fail?
Is it worth putting in a back up offer in case something goes wrong so ours is in. Also so if there is a problem they at least know we are interested? What's the percentage of contracts falling through?…
Anyone know why so many homes are for sale on Shoni Drive? I believe they currently have 7 homes for sale
Their was a home that sold last month at a very low price 173k I believe it was close to 2300 sq ft. Some of these homes have been on the market for a while and have had a few price changes. Is something…
I found a home I like, but don't know anything about a mortgage...
I am hoping to move to Longview this summer, and found a home I am hoping to get, but I know nothing about mortgaging a house. Can anyone help me?
Handicap accessible housing in Des Moines Iowa.
Anxiously searching for a home for my elderly, handicapped father. Veteran after nearly 30 years as a Marine, he has become paralyzed from a stroke he had almost two years ago. Currently, we are in the…
Hi! Looking for apartment to buy. Any area where short-term rentals are OK.?
Vacation home. Ability to rent it out. Budget up to 500K. NYC, Miami preferably.
Does anyone have active listings of FHA approved condos? I cant seem to find any. I found a few, but they are no more availabilities. Z
Lease to purchase home in Clearwater fl
We are in the process of fixing our credit, we went to Navy Federal credit union and they explained there are some debts that had to be paid before we were able to get home loan. It wasn't a great deal…
School districts
Where is the best place to get good, unbiased, and objective information about schools in south jersey?
Beatufull Strong Budy With Elite Test 360?
Beatufull Strong Budy With Elite Test 360. http://whatiselitetest360.com/
Is Us Good Place To Live?
Would be responsible for about at that okay so it's only about 10 percent this is where it gets a little bit okay but I'm going to try and boil it down um the fiery produces items and the…
Fannie Mae wants to charge me Re-entry key lock change for 125 dollars. is this legal ?
I am closing on a condo. and fannie mae want to charge me 125 dollars for Re-entry key lock change. Is this legal ? Why 125 dollars, isn't it a rip off ? any suggestion. Thanks
1 missed payment
can I still get a home loan even with 1 late payment. my credit score is still above 640
Looking for a house or condo to rent with the option to buy or on a land contract.
I'm in the IT field and interested in relocating to Detroit for the IT job market. I'm looking for a one to two bedroom house or condo in Detroit to rent with the option to buy or on land contract. I…
Help Me Searching A Park In Mexico?
That plate of sushi and how to unlock this life-changing doorway for me and will for you I'm also going to give you the key to the number one factor in attracting beautiful women regardless of your…
Help Me Searching A Park In Mexico?
That plate of sushi and how to unlock this life-changing doorway for me and will for you I'm also going to give you the key to the number one factor in attracting beautiful women regardless of your…
Does square footage trump condition when pricing?
We are selling a totally remodeled 1900 sq foot home and are wondering if we can price it along side homes in older condition that are 2400 sq feet.
Help Me Searching A Park In Mexico?
You can probably bet it's for rich Piano so rich Piano welcome to muscle science and application of a storm and I'm so happy to be here I love doing interviews love the motivate inspire people…
We were supposed to close in a week when I found out that the inspection from our homeowners insurance failed with a bad roof.
It was not found in the regular inspection because the roof was covered with snow and the inspector could not get on roof. The seller hasn't decided yet if she will we replace the roof. We will backout…
What is the best strategy for bidding on a foreclosed home?
Tax records show $175k is owed. Do we start at $175k or higher? Comps show the house could sell for $197k. It is listed at $224k.
Looking to purchase a home in a year. What's the first step in preparing?
Currently rebuilding credit to purchase our first home!
San Mateo County Realtors: Does anyone have any single family home rentals coming available and/or currently available accepting large dog?
Need a single family rental ASAP under $3000 a month in Belmont, Burlingame, Foster City, San Carlos or San Mateo (no Shoreview area). Exhausted all options in searching (Zillow, Trulia, Craigslist, Ebay…
Can I continue to rent out my FHA loan house if I move out 10 months after I purchased it?
I was offered a good job 2 hours away and want to take it, but I know I'm supposed to owner occupy my FHA house for 1 year before moving out. I've had roommates the entire 10 months I have owned the house…
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