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"Live with the principles of a good life because as ye sow, so ye reap. In life you will reap in accordance with how and what you create." -Dr. Charles Davis
water level rise
would like to buy a beach front home but am concerned about the prediction of 39 inches over the next 80 years... and if true... what will property value be in 25 years when the worry really hits? Any…
why can I no longer pull up my tab of saved homes?
I have been following the property for months. Now that I am ready to make appointment to go see them, I can no longer access my list.
What % below asking price is about right to offer on a home in Southern Shores, NC. It will be a rental home.
It never was before, so certain things, like a pool need to be added for rental appeal. We need to take this into consideration in the pricing arena.
Home buyer rebate
Hi, I am looking for an agent that gives home buyer rebate back to the buyer. If you know someone who may be able to help, let me know.
Looking for advice on reducing buyer's agent commission
My wife and I are interested in purchasing a house that is for sale in our neighborhood. It is a new house (2008); our neighbor is transferring jobs. We know the house, neighborhood, etc. What, of course,…
TRULIA: immediately remove my email and that 'sign on' category you created without my request or approval. ceal_h@yahoo.com 3/3/15
TRULIA: immediately remove my email and that 'sign on' category you created without my request or approval. ceal_h@yahoo.com 3/3/15
What can you do to compare Eye Serums?
Lenders credit is the amount of the credit a percent of the higher interest rate they are charging
Paper work shows 3,500 given to me then they total some figures up add it to the pay off of the house and add the 3,500 to that and show a credit for 2,400 should the credit be the same amount as the…
Within Your 20S? Ways To Keep Your
Advantages of Data Center Colocation Services?
http://www.dfbv.net Data center locations is big advantage for every business group as every company spends a lot of money to maintain employee and the work station still when we require to relocate…
Now and down I will be looking forward making?
Now and down I will be looking forward making up a little bit more toward the pads who endured Maximizer I'll you know that one thing you know be by your here solid going to go to you native are think…
Supplement For Make Fit Happen Every Day?
Those dumbbells up Scandia active rest again because feet moving twenty seconds and I was the last one of those exercise in that group which means we're moving on to a second group this and we're…
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How to boost up sex drive?
Nitro Focus NO3
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Get More Size With These Muscle Building Tips
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palm beach co-op
im looking at a private sale in palm beach on the intracoastal. Its a 2br, 2ba co-op about 2k square feet. Its old and unrenovated and would need a facelift in the worst way. It has water views and is…
How do i edit my listing?
how do i change my listing? When i posted it was right and for some reason it changed on its own, Its all wrong.
How much should I offer the buyer?
What much should I offer on a home that I want to purchase when I heard that the couple that saw the house after me is also putting in a bid. I don't want to lose the house.
I plan to buy a winter home in Florida in '11. What is the best time of year to buy? I'm in no rush & am a cash buyer. Should I wait?
I'll be looking on the East Coast: Delray, Boynton, Boca . I will not need to occupy the home until next fall. I am wondering if inventory goes up after the rental season ends and if Sellers become…
Buying a home with an outdoor hot tub. Worth the money?
I put an offer in on a short sale property and had it accepted by the sellers. They want to sell their outdoor hot tub outside of closing. It is easily a $5,000 hot tub they want $1,500 for. I am inclined…
Are the realtors disclosing that the area surrounding this house is owned by the landfill?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1042159338-3507-Columbiana-Rd-New-Springfield-OH-44443
Evergreen Valley option areas, how do they work?
Does anyone know how the Mt. Pleasant - Evergreen Valley and Silver Creek - Evergreen Valley option areas work? I tried googling for the answer but couldn't find anything, just some stuff back in 2006…
Contract price plus repairs are higher then appraised value
Im currently under contract on a home with a sales price that we'd though reflected needed repairs (hvac, plumbing, water heater etc.). The appraisal, while higher then the sale price is lower then the…
Seller switching the deal after signing contract?
Seller advertised a house with "excellent bones". I put down earnest money, DD fee, and then paid 1250 for inspections and appraisal. We agreed to price, and signed a contract. Inspection…
What options does a person with poor credit have at the end of a land contract?
The Land Contract Seller is demanding refinance within 60 days or the land contract can be renewed at twice the current monthly payment. I'm trying to find resources to help in this situation, can you…
Should I play music when showing my house?
I've been to open houses where the seller played some music through an ipod and speaker. It seemed kind of tacky and distracting. I thought they had the volume too loud as they were trying to use…
What do you consider hot investment areas/ pockets in Nashville for 2015?
-Areas poised for big growth in the coming years -Strong rental AND rental rate potential Thanks in advance for your answers.
Do appliances come with the home when buying?
Do appliances like Air Conditioners, refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, etc come with the house or the buyer has to pay in extra for them? And at what rate should the appliances be sold? Are there any rules…
How likely is it that a FHA loan will pay for over listing price?
If a buyer bids at 20k over listing price, how likely is it that their fha loan will go for the bid price? I know the appraisal will determine some, but let;s say the appraisal comes in at 10k over listing…
Looking to Purchase a Home -Currently out of state
Hi All, My parents are seeking to purchase a home within the Orlando area but they currently live in NJ. They currently own a 3 family home for the past 18yrs, they only have a few more years until the…
Approximately how much would it cost to build a 3 story rowhome w/roof deck on a lot in south philly. Ex. MLS#6430131 (1430 Dickinson Street) Phila PA
The house would have moderate finishes. I see new construction listed in that neighborhood for 300k and up. I wonder how much profit they are possible making. I know that really depends on the cost of…
I'm a first time home buyer in WA state. I'm looking for ANY kind of Down Payment Assistance.
I am already pre approved for an FHA loan @ 4% fixed for 30 years Currently, I'm looking at a 3.5% down payment on a loan of $230,000 Unfortunately, I don't have that kind of money and would really like…
I had gone through the entire refinance process with a lender. I had made the loan writer aware of my switching from w-2 employee to 1099 employee .
I was told this was no problem because of my excellent credit score and payment history. The appraisal came in $ 30,000 higher than expected and the process continued. I received a final GFE and closing…
How do I find rent to own homes in my area?
We walked from a home about a year ago by choice - the bank refused to work with us. We love where we are renting now, but I do realize the money doesn't go towards anything. Saving up a huge down payment…
Im looking for a lender who will refinance a Log home, I owe $280 paid $430,000 on 8/2013 it is 2760 sq ft on 5 acres with a 3 car shop horse barn.
Not looking to pull out money just looking to get out of the loan im in.... This is a primary residence.
Purchasing a vacation condo in Wildwood Crest.
If I own my primary home outright, does it make sense to get a mortgage on my primary house to pay cash for the condo, or just get a mortgage for the condo? Does a home equity loan on primary home even…
How to delete a rental listing.?
I have deleted my rental listing several times and have been told I will receive an email to confirm i am the listing person but the email never comes. I am still getting inquiries please delete this.…
Did the definition of a single family home change or did a condo become a SINGLE FAMILY HOME? Your site filters are useless makes it a pain to use.
YOU need to review real estate listing to be under the proper filter. WHY should I ask for a particular type of property if the listing uses every key word just so they can have their property show up,…
Looking to buy a short sale home for a rental investment and looking for a short sale specialist
I am looking for an agent who's going to help me purchase a short sale in the NW suburbs.
Voiding contract
If we go past closing date contract and seller blames buyers underwriters and refuses extension while waiting for loan to get back from USDA final step, is there anything buyer can do?
Has anyone experienced or seen success flipping fixer-upper homes in this market?
With $300K to invest is this the right area to take on low to moderate rehab homes?
Please take down ad http://www.trulia.com/rental/3185955825-32-Comiso-Irvine-CA-92614. This is a scam posting.
Please take down ad http://www.trulia.com/rental/3185955825-32-Comiso-Irvine-CA-92614. This is a scam posting.
I am looking to buy a house in Belford. What is the neighborhood like?
I notice some houses are in zone X. What is Zone X compared to Zone AE? Is buying in a flood zone just a bad idea or is it okay as long as you can afford the flood insurance? I saw one house that was…
My home is listed on your site and it is all old news. How do I change the details.?
My home is listed on your site and it is all old news. How do I change the details.
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