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FHA in Huntersville NC 28078 with credit in 600's?
I was recently denied a mortgage after a 4 week process with Allan Tate. Since then my scores have creeped up more and it still seems to be an issue. They are 669, 619 and 599.
I wish to receive no further emails from you
I clicked a link, input my property as it was indicated I would immediately see a summary, next screen told me you could not find my home and in 12 seconds I got a call from a realtor, that being said,…
I have begun the process of looking for a home with Veterans United and chose to have them connect me with a Realtor.
I'm wondering if Realtors who use MLS also use Trulia? And if not would it be okay for me to ask her to show me properties I find here?
emerald lakes - I understand there has been a 40 year inspection of the townhomes in Emerald Lakes and would like to know if a copy of those results a
are available to the public. Where they built in 70 or 80? Do items not meeting codes drive up property taxes or are they handled privately through the board and management of townhouse corp. in assessment.…
Can I get an FHA loan with credit score of 580?
I want to buy a house for the first time, and my credit is poor. I have a 580 credit score. I heard there are FHA loans that I can still get but I will have a higher down payment. Also, I was reading about…
I am receiving emails in regards to homes that are available in the area that I am interested in but when I get email responses back they are from
people that state that they are located out of town or don't want to work with reality. are these scam attempts to get my information?
After agreeing to our offer, we paid for home inspection, but never heard anything from the seller. What should i do???
After putting an offer down on a house, the buyer came to an agreement with our offer. No paperwork was signed. But upon the verbal agreement, we went ahead to have the home inspected prior to signing…
Unwarrantable Condo down payment with lower down payment.
From what I am reading this is a bit of a longshot but I recently ran into an unwarrantable condo that I would be very interested in. The problem is I don't have the 20% down required or even the 10%…
Can persons under 55 years buy homes in 55-plus communities?
If my spouse and I are under 55 but have no children living at home, can we buy property in 55-plus / retirement communities? If not, does this restriction vary from state-to-state? How does the 20 precent…
Seeking $45-55K loan on home worth $140,000 my mother wants to pass to us. FICOs are 643(me) & 607(husband). First time homeowners.
My mother wants to pass her house to us while she is still living for $45,000, (we could add to that for repairs if need be) - the house is valued by Buffalo County Assessor at $117,000 but will appraise…
What is the state of making offers on residential real estate in Santa Cruz County...are there generally full price offers, or more than full price?
Wondering what the buyer is facing in terms of finding a place, speed of which an offer has to be made, pricing on offers and contingencies such as sale of an existing property.
Told we do not qualify for a home loan yet.. Options?
We recently were transferred to Houston and are interested in purchasing a single family home. My employer pays closing costs if we buy within 12 months which we intend to do. Problem is, we need to find…
about home security
I just purchased a home but not ready to move in, the home has not been dewinterize, and heated, i only go there once a week i need help with 3 questions. 1-is it important that the home be dewinterize…
should all homes have downspouts and gutters or eavestrough?
Purchasing a home in Florida but it doesnt have any downspouts or gutters. The home inspector pointed it out so should I have the builder install some?
Who do I go to for help involving a deed correction? The Title company will not correct a typo!
Our Deed was recorded as 14ft. instead of 114 ft. We cannot find anyone to help us get it corrected. We would appreciate help w/ this nightmare!
palm beach co-op
im looking at a private sale in palm beach on the intracoastal. Its a 2br, 2ba co-op about 2k square feet. Its old and unrenovated and would need a facelift in the worst way. It has water views and is…
On the market more than 60 days
I'm instersted in (2) Townhomes that have been on the market for a long time. The first one has been on the market for 74 days, and it states back on the market and it's pretty updated. Listing…
I am looking for a realtor in the Northland/Liberty area that has success in bidding on foreclosure properties, particularly Fannie Mae properties.
We have found 2 properties in the area that are both Fannie Mae properties that we are very interested in taking a look at. We will also need help in securing financing, so if there is a savvy lender…
I am an agent and you have one of my listings under RENT instead of BUY. It is located at 220 E. 11th AVE, JC, TN.
The contact information is someone NOT affiliated with my firm and is giving false information to people who email him. It appears you've been hacked and my property owners are extremely upset.…
What does a "partially elevated" house mean??? Is that STABLE? Are there structural problems?
I'm looking at a house on Sanibel-Captiva Rd. that has been on the market off and on for many years!
Need help, black mold found home inspection
We recently had a home inspection and black mold was found in attic. Our realtor said they would get it professionally removed and vented. The problem is when i asked who was removing the mold, the company…
How will removal of pine trees affect value of condominium?
It is being proposed that 5 large pine trees in front of my condo (located on a busy street) be removed. How will this affect the curb appeal and the value of my unit?
Is it a rent-to-own an option after you were denied for a mortgage due to low score? Or you won't get approved either?
My husband and I were turned down for a mortgage loan due to poor credit, they said is better to get secured credit cards and wait 12 months, but we need a place ASAP. And we've heard about the rent-to-own,…
little time for free register and you could benefit later
Were do I find the property appraiser card
1742 crowned ave groveland fl 34736
It was necessary to file for bankruptcy after my husband died 3 years ago. It will be final around Feb 2015. I checked my credit it was showing 750.
The bankruptcy was showing but 85 payments were showing paid on time and Excellent. After I sell my home, will I be able to get a loan to buy another home. Or is there a time period I need to wait to…
First time home buyer
How does it work?
First time homebuyer question but don't have a realtor yet. Prelim calculations.
My wife and I are looking to buy our first home in Port St. Lucie for $150,000. We would like to do a 5% conventional loan and plan on asking seller for 2-3% closing assistance. I've seen that Insurance…
How do we update the price on your site. We lowered the price with our realtor several weeks ago to $212,900.00 for
150 Bridlewood circle, Lake in the hills, IL 60156 and your site does not reflect these changes.
How do we update the price on your site. We lowered the price with our realtor several weeks ago to $212,900.00 for
150 Bridlewood circle, Lake in the hills, IL 60156 and your site does not reflect these changes.
Do you think the housing prices in San Carlos area will go up in the next few years?
Considering a short sale versus trying to settle my second mortgage. I am currently underwater, but without the second would be at or a little below current market value in the area.
I'm looking for an investment/second home condo in San Diego. What are the neighborhoods I should be looking at? My price range is $200-280k for
1br I'm also interested in foreclosure and short sales. I tend to like newer properties with newer appliances/finishes...
We still are interested in other areas as Fayetteville and Estill Springs or anywhere inbetween, with low crime rate.
We are still looking for the open concept with a detached garage, 3 bedrooms, 1, 1 1/2, or 2 bathrooms. We also prefer to be out in the country a little bit. Also enough room for a fence in the back for…
Does any one know if 6976 Woodbank Dr came back on market or, did not sell at Highest and best on the 14th?
I am just wondering and no one is answering the phone at the listing office. Thank You for your help.
We are wondering if there are any lenders out there who will work with bad credit for a 2nd VA home loan in Madison/Huntsville area.
We really don't want to rent an apartment and will be needing a home soon. Our credit is not good but the income is there. We have $185K that we can use with our VA. This would be a 2nd home loan. ty-…
how do I include yearly expenses in a six month profit an loss statement?
since I have yearly expenses that are paid throughout the year, a six month profit and loss will not accurately reveal all expenses
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