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Outrageous legal fee when closing a house.
We recently bought a single family house and in the process of closing it. During the mortgage application, we found out we'll be charged for over 3600 for the legal fee - which includes $650 fee…
on a rent to own home who's responsible for the homeowners insurance? and can i be evicted for not supplying it
my landlord said i am to carry insurance on the home and that i am to pay property taxes but my name is not on the deed yet so how am i responsible if the home is not mine?
need a dog friendly, at least 1 bed, 1 bath duplex or house now under 800.00 month for rent, asap needs immediately76020
No apartment in Azle, but a house or duplex under 800 that allows 20lb dog, for rent. need asap
Please remove my house information from your website.
Hi , I am the owner of 82 Nehring Avenue, Staten Island NY 10314. Please remove all the pictures and detail information of my house from the website. Thank you!
We have just been given 6 mos to move out of the Rental property we are in.
Considering the high cost of Rent in this county, we would much prefer to buy. My credit is getting better, but I have no savings for money down. Is there any one out there that can work with us to get…
Top elementary schools and good commute..where to move?
Hello, we are currently living in North Brunswick. We have 5 yr old and we are looking to move to 10point school system. We work in city and in jersey as well so good commute system is important. Our budget…
Considering Moving to Austin: Want To Find A Place With Good Schools That Isn't Full of Conservative Zealots
My family is considering moving to Austin, but want to avoid a mistake made with our last move. We currently live in Douglas County, CO (a far-right leaning county), and since moving there, the local…
Please remove my house information from your website.
Hi , I am the owner of 82 Nehring Avenue, Staten Island NY 10314. Please remove all the pictures and detail information of my house from the website. Thank you!
How to get tenants with no lease out of a house I am closing on soon?
I am supposed to close on a house at the end of the month. The current owners rent out one floor to someone whose lease expired in May, but they are still not out. The seller is not especially motivated…
Ques. for Hi-NET-WORTH BUYERS ONLY, Please. NO AGENTS: I am putting together a new program for H-N-W Buyers who bought/plan to buy in NYC
Would you want to help us help you and others like you? If so, please tell me what services you would like if you were to buy here in NYC, or what you could imagine would like best: what info and treatment…
You're next be or how often you renew?
You're next be or how often you renew your home what you're getting your body called you I'm hungry feed me you eat when you grew you know it doesn't it doesn't change now your body will still tell.
When buying a home with cash (mortgage free) can a seller deny a sell?
When buying a home with cash can a seller deny a sell? Looking to buy in FL and I made a cash offer on a home (at the advertised cost) and the seller declined my offer. The seller made no explanation for…
Want to buy a home
We are interested in buying our first home. My husband credit score is 598 on transunion and 587 on equifax. We have 1 year one our lease and we are hoping to get ready to purchase by the end of the year.…
Where to buy first home?
We are interested in buying our first home soon. We are looking at the Germantown/Schnitzelburg or Shelby Park neighborhoods. But, we want a home that is going to appreciate in value. How will these neighborhoods…
how Well, I hope you want my unique gift ideas for children??
With Holiday developing, it's time for you to get ready. At the same time, while the reward is entertaining, why don't you it's a "Brain Booster" surprise in the time? For…
If repairs were done behind walls prior to purchasing a home and only come to light after I sell it what is my liability?
I recently sold my home and the new owner is renovating for a flip. During the renovation it was discovered that a wall in the basement (cinderblock) had been repaired. I did not notice this when I replaced…
your daily diet and including these?
Synagen Iq My name is Charlene and that I publish under my name that is real. I am a retired nurse, and I discovered I could write once I was in faculty. One of the points I had todo for my two classes…
You can attempt to do this from your family room
You can attempt to do this from your family room. This isn't a secret formula. Its time to stop wasting your hard earn money in purchasing Game Features simply download our hack tool from below and…
how do i delete pictures and information on the internet that were previously posted for rental property?
I posted pictures for 7727 31st street e sarasota florida but they appear on the internet as i google the address so i would like to remove information regarding previous posting.
Approved for a house $125,000 range.
We were just approved for a house up to $125,000 and we are having a difficult time looking as we are not sure what the different housing types are that we can look at? Would love a helpful realtor? In…
How can I find out what the last selling price was for this home I'm renting?
the address is 10201 SE Bristol Lane, Happy Valley, OR 97086
how can I win master in equity bid?
can I negotiate the opening bid
You have my home on your site from three years ago , the home is no longer for sale and they have tried to rob me twice already, You are showing every
everything of value in the home , I would like you to take it down please ASAP the Address is ( 7410 Gathering Court , Kissimmiee Florida 34747... Please send me a email to me at ( ptmes4179@aol.com )…
money just to rent a crap home?
money just to rent a crap home? http://www.quora.com/Full-Episode-Teen-Wolf-Season-5-Episode-9-Online-S05E09-1 https://www.drupalcampwi.org/full-watch-teen-wolf-season-5-episode-9-online-s05e09
Buying Land to build your dream house.
I am interesting in buying land to build my house in the RTP area. or at least 5-20 miles away. I need to know if it will be cheaper to build the house than buying directly from a builder. I do…
Open Permit on Property in Florida -- What now?
We were due to close on Thursday and learned yesterday that this will not happen due to an open permit on the property. The property appraiser's website it shows two permits, one is closed. The other…
FOR ALL BUYERS of multi-million dollar homes.
If there were a special program for buyers like you, seeking $8 million homes in Manhattan, please tell us what you would want for services from your Exclusive Buyer Broker in a special program designed…
Can I get a loan?
Long story short...getting divorced soon, haven't worked in 16 years, will be depending on and getting alimony and child support in the amount of approx. 40K a year plus another 9,200 in Fed &…
Is anybody else having trouble with google maps and street views?
I want to look at houses and neighborhoods, and it is impossible with the new maps!
I have a 685 credit score , want to buy home with VA Loan in San Antonio, TX 78258 zipcode. I want to use my VA loan. Would it be possible to get?
approved between $230,000-250,000 for a home in stone oak area, zipcode 78258? Or what would my score need to be to afford this amount? My lease is almost up in 4 months, would like to buy before end of…
Qualifying for a loan & buying my first house
My husband and I are looking to purchase our first house and have a credit score of above 760. We will be putting a 20% downpayment, and are looking at a house between 130,000 and 150,000. Would a 15yr…
IS IT possible to get charged for two city taxes we are trying to purchase a home at first they told us it was going to pay bexar taxes and now that we are closing they said we have to pay bexar taxes…
Has anyone bought a Rausch Coleman home? Are they cheaply made? I cant find a lot of solid reviews on them.
What I can find is a few reviews of people saying their homes basically fell apart after they moved in. Is this to be expected from this builder or were these a few isolated incidents?
what is my best option for a loan with no down payment?
i need to buy a home soon, i have ok credit but less than 10,000 down
Purchasing property in Newburgh, NY
Does anyone have any opinion on purchasing city owned property in Newburgh, NY? Thanks in advance. Cosme Marley
Question regarding the Terms of Possession of my new purchase
I am a buyer and my escrow is closing and recording on the 11th of June. Do I have to wait until the "COE Extension date" of the 16th of June before I can take possession?
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