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is there any apartments studio or one bedrooms that take dogs can get letter from doctor he is therapy dog helps with depression?
Hi i am a veteran and am going thru process of of getting dog certified for therapy he helps with depression looking for place between norwood, walpole foxboro,stoughton,canton rental not buying home
Changing jobs before closing
Amberly511, Home Buyer in Washington, DC I'm a nurse and several weeks ago I accepted a new job thinking that I would be starting it a month after closing on a house. However, my closing date has…
Callie and Michael Jones
Hello m name is Callie my husband name is Michael we are looking forward to own our own home. My credit is not so good and since he has not had anything on his credit. We are having a hard time getting…
Can a lender still put a house up for auction if an offer has been made and accepted by the lender in advance of the auction?
the house was listed as a short sale, an offer was made to the owner that was accepted so they would not have to go thru foreclosure, and now the bank is still going to put it up for auction, probably…
what is an average electric bill on a co op in Whiting, preferably a 2 bedroom. Also, hoping for a garage. Thank you
I am looking to purchase, just have to take care of some immediate health issues. I'd like a 2 bed, perhaps 1 1/2 bath, with garage. Just worried about electric bill plus hoa fees. I don't like my house…
Are houses at the bottom of a hill more prone to flooding?
The house in question is on a flat lot but happens to be at the base of hill with houses running up and down on either side.
In Nenana, is there cable/internet/city water/property tax?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3070196502--Nhn-3rd-Ave-Nenana-AK-99760
I'm looking to buy a home with my boyfriend and was wondering what we need to do in order to get a first time home owners loan?
He's worked at his job for 6 months now and he has good credit. I'm a stay at home mom and have no credit.
Looking to buy a home in the cloverleaf,beechmont,Shawnee park ,area worked very hard to clear my credit would like to have an agent to guide me throu
Help with first time home buyer programs down payment assistant how much is an inspection all aspects of home buying trying to buy within the next 30-40 days if possible
what are the prime sections in Studio City, CA?
We've been reviewing the Studio City listings on Trulia and it's hard to tell. We have 2 young childen, i in 1st grade and we want to be in the Carpenter School district of Studio City
Want OUT of a contract for a pre-construction home!
My mother signed on to purchase a pre-construction house that had an open floor plan that would be perfect for my father who is paraplegic. We asked for upgrade cost before contract signing and they…
. is it idea to get a conventional loan on a house that need repairs??
Im looking to buy a home that was originally listed at 90,000 but it r, recently dropped to 69,000. The terms of getting the home are private loan, conventional loan or cash. My realtor recommended that…
post my home for sale
how do i post my home for sale
We backed out of a home before due diligence was up and asked for our Ernest money back, but we never had a agent so we signed a paper to only
represent ourselves but now the sellers agent says we owe him $960 for his time we never signed a contract for him to represent us too can he do that? We're in utah
Is my lease to purchase null and void?
I have a lease to purchase thru an individual who's name is still on the house I make the payments and it was promised that when its paid off I will receive the title but recently he has given power…
Property taxes on new build
When you build a new home in Douglas County NE, once the tax assessment is done do you get a tax bill for the year to date or do you start paying from the time the assessment is done? We have been given…
How do I list property without a home for sale by owner?
I have 33 acres to sell with a stone quarry and timber farming. I would like to list it on trulia and zillow but there seems to be no site for my situation. Please advise
Is it possible to put an offer in on a home after you have a contract on yours but before you have closed?
We were going to take out a home equity line of credit but didn't realize banks won't approve if your home is on the market. We will be paying for the new home with proceeds from the sale of our home.…
what is the property tax rates for 93420 zip code?
1.25% 1.125% or 1% of the new sale price
on a home up for auction, can you tour the home and get specific details about it before the auction?
also when required to put up $2500. in order to bid, do you get the deposit back
Post loan documents
My lender is trying to sell my loan. Their investor is asking for additional Financial documents. Mi required to provide these documents will my loan be in jeopardy if I don't?
I'm doing research to buy my first home and am interesting in a mobile/manufactured home. How do I find the pricing for space rent in the park?
Since I would have to take the rent of space into consideration when looking to buy a mobile/manufactured home, I'd like to know how to get this pricing. Is it available on Trulia or would I have…
Condo Underwater, want to purchase a new home. Options?
My Condo is currently under water, I am interested in actually upgrading to a ranch style house. My credit is in the high 700's right now so my credit is not the issue However, I don't have…
I am looking to purchase a home using an FHA loan program.
I am looking to purchase a home using an FHA loan program. I am married but I am purchasing under my name and credit as the sole purchaser, but want to include my husbands income on the application because…
How dod I get my picture of my house posted on the site. Its showing dirt still.
Let me know how to post my picture. rjlotb@gmail.com
Retirement withdrawal for purpose of purchase of primary residence.
Hello - I am withdrawing money from my retirement plans (401K and 403B) for a down payment on what will eventually be a primary residence in another state. Problem is I'm not sure how long it will…
Offered above asking, now stressed about appraisal.
We recently had an offer accepted on a home. We offered $30k over asking in order to get the house. The appraisal is set for this week and I'm wondering how much I should worry about the appraisal coming…
Is it possible to obtain a mortgage if you are an independent contractor, do you have to be working for a certain amount of years or what's the?
proces Im under a company contracted for a public school system but they consider me as an independent contractor would it be hard for me to obtain a mortgage?
How can we reached PDF to Word Converter ?
This is a new wrinkle in PDF to Word Converter. It won't make you an overnight connoisseur but it will help. To what degree do gents gain incomparable PDF to Word Converter guides? PDF to Word Converter…
why you've got to use a PDF to Word for that ?
I believe it's time they could have spent building up PDF to Word Converter instead of knocking PDF to Word Converter free software down. How can mentors have exceptional PDF to Word Converter htt…
To just like your
would never guess on a know muscle whatsoever let's talk about your job I know you hate these questions on arrested for mass building all generic question the best for mass building and a bit too…
Fat Crusher System Which means you need help obtaining long-tail keywords eh? Well, I do not blame you. It could be a complicated task, particularly when you are new! Nonetheless it crucial that you simply…
Looking for lease option to buy home in auburn wa area
I have good credit' good stable income unable to purchase right now because divorce not finalized. Need good 4 plus bedroom hopefully a rambler in Auburn or Federal Way area soon. Lease with option to…
Future of 5429 Key Bend, Garland
What are the details regarding the expansion of SH190 through this neighborhood? It has been pointed out to me that the target date is sometime in 2020. However, this project has been undergoing study…
I'm an investor looking for small properties,
I'm an investor looking for small properties either in poor condition that need rehab and then can be sold or rented, or small properties already in good shape for a fair price. Optimal size is 3/2 of…
I am a romanian citizen and want to buy a property - single family house - in Las Vegas. What are the procedures?
I have a comnpany in las Vegas for a year now and i want to move in with my family. I am looking to buy a property ina range of 150-300 k depends of the area. I am looking for full consulting in this…
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