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Looking for private invester to lease opt or a high risk lender in the St Joseph MO area
I have 10% down and have low score due to passing cash for numerous years. Will be able to re fi after 12 to 18 months
Looking to invest in student housing.
Where is the best locations to invest in student housing that you can rent out by the room. Thank you.
Can an HOA refuse to approve a sale based on info they try to collect from the buyer?
Is this Florida HOA violating any laws with their application / approval process for a new home BUYER? We are in the process of purchasing a unit/Condo within an HOA in Florida.. The HOA needs to…
Buyers loan fell through after requested repairs done???
Thanks in advance for reading this.My agent insisted on spending $1500 on repairs the buyers requested after a home inspection.I asked my agent is she sure this contract is good with HER lender and she…
Approval of not approved
What is the minimum requirement to qualify for a loan. I am going through a divorce. All debt will be paid but my name will still be on the main loan for the house that my wife is keeping and will stay…
Why can't I search in 18 cities?
I typed in Deerfield Il. and I want to add 17 more cities. Gurnee, Niles and Evanston to name a few, are not available to add to the search.
Can Trulia please remember the homes I've looked at, but dismissed?
I'm constantly on the lookout for a better place to live, and visit the Trulia site about once a week. But each time the site doesn't remember the homes I've already looked at previously,…
I have a credit score of 609 and would like to get a home loan, is that possible?
I already got one thing removed from my credit and letters from two others on my report since they last ran it. Also, I would rather it be no money down, I'll take a little higher interest rate if…
Seller refuses to extension days before closing
We are days away from closing on a new home. Our current purchase agreement is set to expire on Friday, November 16th, but we're likely to need until Monday, November 19th or Tuesday, November 20th…
Can my husband get pre approved for home loan in TX while he lives and works in AZ?
I am moving closer to family and won't have a job but he can't move yet bc of work that he's been at for 8 years, are we able to do this? We also want to put down 6k. Would that help at…
Is the market in Greenwood, SC increasing especially in the Gatewood community?
They've drained the lake and it looks like a giant mudpie. How can I put my home for sale under these circumstances. The home is beautiful and on the lake overlooking this mess.
I have important questions to ask about the housing market in Greenwood, SC., 29646
We have had an abundance of rain, and flooding. There are homes here in Gatewood that have been on the market for 100 days or more. Are market values going to go up in the coming months?
Why does the SS process take so long and how can we speed it up?(we are the buyers)
We have been working on a Sort sale in Alvarado since Oct.2012 and were told we could close before Jan 2013. That being said we are still waiting and still have not had any luck closing. After putting…
What to do if you see a house you're interested in, but have to sell yours to have the money to buy it?
There is a house I'm interested in but I have to sell my house to have the money to purchase the house. What can I do? Is there any way I can act on the new house?
Should I avoid flipping a condo with an HOA that does not accept FHA financing and where there are a high number of rentals and delinquent payments.?
Not sure of the rental percentage but I know its fairly high. Lets assume I fix it up nice and the price is right and the surrounding area is not bad. Should I avoid this investment because of the bad…
How 3d animation process works?
Intice a 3D design company in dubai that offers services in 3d design, interior design, interior decor, interior designs & 3d rendering. http://www.inticeuae.com/
I am interested in a vacant house next door to my son and need some advice on how to approach the owner with an offer.
There were renters in the house before that. The owner started renovating in April but 6 months later it is still down to the sub floors and walls. He has not been around the property for several months.…
I live in Manhattan. I make around 3-4K/month net, also bonuses around 20-30k end of year. I have 15k atm cash.
My rent is great only $500 net a month good location. I do want to buy a started studio/1br around 300-400k either Manhattan or Hoboken areas. Should I stay renting and save more or do sthing? Credit…
Looking to Move to Colorado - Is Boulder the right place to look
if I want this house (http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/1275-Eagle-Glen-Dr-Unit-300_Steamboat-Springs_CO_80487_M10782-51176) for approximately $1.5-$1.8, mountain living, but relatively…
The wife and are interested in becoming first time home owners. We have $4000 down payment, the range we're looking at is 115000-130000
My question is will more money be needed? Any advice on whom to go to? We have a credit score of 756
i am looking for a place on the west side , since all my family and doctors are their?
an apartment that has 24 hour service but also very safe!
I am a non-US resident with SSN. Looking for a house to buy nearby L.A
I am a non-US resident with SSN. Looking for a house to buy nearby L.A...Can come up with 20-25K in cash, and pay 500-600USD monthly installments. I am willing to transfer the deed after the last payment…
Our mortgage balance is 52k...need new roof and eventually New car...want to use equity we have in home...best value of home 120k...mortgage we have
Will be up in 2022....payment for mortgage now 1000..trying to avoid higher payment. Should we refinance for new mortgage or do home equity line?
Hello I'm buying a home in Michigan the seller wants to stay in the home 60 days after close I think it's called a rent back. My question
is what are our rights as a buyer as to access to the property? We have to pack up a three bedroom home and give notice for our rental home so we want to store things on the property of the home we are…
Our mortgage balance is 52k...need new roof and eventually New car...want to use equity we have in home...best value of home 120k...mortgage we have
Will be up in 2022....payment for mortgage now 1000..trying to avoid higher payment. Should we refinance for new mortgage or do home equity line?
Want to convert loft to a room.
I am planning to buy a house which has two stories and on second story have a loft. By just simply adding a wall it will become a bedroom as it is between two rooms, I want to know what would it take to…
Broker is representing both seller and our daughter in law, how do we know she is being fairly served.
already we have had to have 3 extentions to cover issues with the title, septic and funding. We had a cancellation and new purchase agreement. Now our mortgage broker has resubmitted loan app to new lender,…
How do I find rent to own homes? Who do I need to talk to about finding one?
All I see on my site is homes for sale I'm confused ?
first time home owner qualifications (???)
Having gone from NO credit score, not bad/slow, just NONE, up to 707 in 6 months with now having 2 CC's, personal checking act., a personal loan, 2 savings act's with perfect credit at this point,…
I notice near the bottom of each real estate listing is a pie chart that sections out the individual monthly cost items for the house.
My question is: Can I take this monthly amount shown for property taxes and multiply it times twelve to arrive at what the annual property taxes would be for the listed house? For example: one listing…
A supervisor needs to contact me IMMEDIATELY. I have owned my home now for 1 year and it is still listed for sale on your website. I have had 4 "interested" buyers drive by my home and ask…
How do I know what kinds of repairs/upgrades require permits in Hammond?
How do I find a licensed electrician to determine the cost to fix repairs in a Home Inspection?
wife and I are on ssd is it possible to get a morgage in tampa florida ?
need some one who has the knowledge of a program to help
What are the best sources for a down payment grant in Florida?
I am trying to buy a fixer-upper in NW Florida. I want to go with FHA financing and a small 203 K loan. I want to save my cash for moving cost etc.
Issues in home loan approval with the 5406-T form
I'm a first time homebuyer reaching the end of the homebuying process and I have recieved a letter from the IRS saying that I need to fill out another form 5406T because my address was different on my…
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